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E36 fog light rewire to power CCFL without Parklight switched on.

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Hopefully, this makes sense...

Question about the fog light switch on the dash. I want to wire halo ccfl to light up without having the park/daylight switch on. Planning to use factory fog light switch as an off an on for the relay powering my CCFL. 

All the wiring at the back of the plug is yellow coding. 

The fog lights by factory don’t turn on unless park light is on. Can I cut the wires at the back of the plug for the fog light switch and wire in an ACC this then feeds as the on switch for my relay?

I assume one of the yellow wires also turn on the fog light warning on the cluster.

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Get yourself a wiring diagram for your car so you can get the right connector terminal numbers.  All you need to do is move the fog light wire from the light switch and connect it to the supply wire going into the light switch.  This bypasses the light switch.  Ensure that the light switch supply is "hot in run and start" and not "hot all the time".

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