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Deposit on X3

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Hi all

I have placed a deposit on a 2010 BMW X3 2.5Si LCi and am going to purchase, subject to viewing this week. Can someone tell me exactly what the LCi facelift included for this car?


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Hi Richard, and welcome.  Recommended for all BMWs:  a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) from a BMW Specialist or BMW Dealer.  The standard offerings from AA or VTNZ etc just don't cut it, they don't know what to look for with these vehicles.

As to the changes, I think the biggest one was 6speed trans from 5 speed... and the 'n' series motors over the early M54-powered units.


here's some links that should be fun, though you'll need to consider they're from differing markets.  Hope that helps. 




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