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2005 E90 Aftermarket Radio/Headunit install

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New to the forum and was just after some advice, I have just purchased a 2005 BMW 320i E90, nice low Km and really enjoying the car but would like to upgrade the head unit to an aftermarket head unit with reverse camera, did a little research and sounds like it can be a bit complex, I have figured out I have the Basic package when it comes to the factory radio, I also have no steering wheel controls and also no reverse sensor and no iDrive and no logic 7, I was wanting to know as I don't have any of these features can I just wire in  a aftermarket headunit like normal or do I still need to get an expensive wiring harness (can-bus)? Any help would be great!

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save yourself the trouble and sell the car asap and buy something else. the 320i model is plagued with engine problems and is a guaranteed money pit.

to answer your original question, you can install whatever aftermarket unit you like but to be honest none of them are excellent, some better than others and usually cost $1000+ to do it properly. 

basic package stereo sounds pretty bad, at least hi-fi or logic 7 is nice but expensive to retrofit unless you can DIY with online guides and find the part from wreckers and you still will need to have the gear to code and program it - again, not worth the trouble.

you will end up spending more money on it than taking the money you paid for the car and getting something better/newer like a facelift better spec'ed 325i for example.

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