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  1. qube

    E46 330i Touring

    saw ya driving thru the mt vic tunnel the other day. looked great!
  2. ^ depends on the brand of the disk and pads. I just priced up 4 Brembo ceramic pads and 4 Brembo UV coated rotors and it comes to about $500 landed in NZ
  3. mr nobody drinking too much mt difficulty wines it seems..
  4. Literally just got these put on and realised its the wrong size. Should have checked properly my rookie mistake. Have done 20 kms on them essentially like brand new. RRP: $1216 Yours for $1000 pick up or add shipping
  5. thats so messed up.. and its crazy because its such a model specific part. will probably end up on a 116i with 20" rimz
  6. qube

    18" or 19" wheels

    Sorry rear offset too low and too much $ for a style I’m not that fond of anyway. good price though in general..
  7. looking for something like 18x8 or 18x8.5 front et35-40 18x9 or 18x9.5 rear et40-45 something from a f30 might work or any bbs wheels OR 19x8-8.5 et35-40 19x8.5-9.5 et 40-50
  8. Thats not the real price so if youre interested pm me gotta take into account all the tm low ball offers hence the high price.
  9. Haha whoops. Rookie mistake while listing it from my phone. its actually a v6
  10. Its mine. Just taking advantage of the free listing day for tm
  11. more like 1988 Rust Bucket, comes with a free cup holder and bbs reps
  12. I think it has something to do with the curvature of the sidewall profile in relation to the width of the tyre and the rim. for example if the width of a tyre is wide but the rim is narrower you get a sidewall shape that is greater at the tyre tread than it is at the mounting point on the rim. whereas if you have a taller sidewall profile, you allow for the sidewall to bulge and curve evenly so its more balanced (if that makes sense) red - 235 45 blue - 235 40
  13. Im surprised the tyre shop allowed the fitting of non regulation size tyre on the rim.
  14. you're running these wheels right? http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/269 in which case its a 7.5" front so the 235 will look very "bulgy" NZTA tyre/wheel size guide screenshot:
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