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  1. Abs pump solenoids? Or check brake sensors first
  2. Its one of those weird cases where its a rare car being M4Comp + Manual so in theory should hold value well but at the same times there is a smaller market of people who are looking for a manual so might just take time to find the right buyer. If you dont really need it then doesnt hurt to put up a listing with a price and gauge interest. It may take a week or may take 6 months. Until then its got a spot in the garage.
  3. I think these look pretty good. The facelift ones are a bit nicer but not worth the price premium. The X4 facelift version is nice too. Upgrade path not obvious with this one. The next model up for the X3 is a huge diff in price, but it is really nice! Lexus NX300, UX250h, Jaguar F Pace, kia sportage, hyundai sante fe? also hyunday ioniq 5 and kia ev6!
  4. I have a set of wheels listed for sale here: I have run the same spec wheels (not these exact wheels) on my previous M135i without spacers and it was a huge improvement over the standard 7.5/8 wheels. These wheels can run the size you are wanting (235/40 and 255/35) without any fitment issues as far as I know. They will also work well to transfer over your exist 225/40 and 245/35 until you use up the MPSS. The fronts will fit very nicely, the rears could do with a 10mm spacer but still looks much better than stock. Finding flush fitting wheels that sit on the guard will prove difficult unless you are willing to spend some serious coin ($3-4000?) for a set of wheels to be imported from overseas like APEX or similar.
  5. Consider acid dipping or media blasting to remove the paint. Then get it painted rather than powder coat if you want a shiny finish (especially if you want it a gunmetal metallic type of colour)
  6. Had a set of mint BBS RKs in the same fitment sitting around for over a year that wouldnt sell for 1k. Ended up giving them away for like 700. Now worth moonbeams?
  7. I found the 135 to be quite “jumpy” with the power it has combined with the shorter wheelbase, makes it quite a (potentially) dangerous little rocket car. It just means that it should be in the hands of a capable/careful driver who knows how to drive to the conditions and not push it beyond it’s limits because its not going to be very forgiving. The 130 wheelbase may be similar but with more weight and less power it is definitely easier to manage. An E9x 325i is a totally different car to the E87 130i. Ive owned the wagon E91, and coupe E92 and driven the E90 sedan and vert E93 all with the N52b25.
  8. qube

    E46 M3

    New plate
  9. Both 130i and 135i are fun and awesome cars, in different ways. 130i - more versatile, 4 doors, bigger boot space, can rev high, NA engine, great handling, awesome around town and twisties 135i - subjectively looks cooler imo, great if you usually drive alone or with 1 other person, faster, turbo spooling sounds, also handles great, amazing performance if you are chasing quick 0-100 or off the line speeds
  10. honestly, stick with the 35i. Its a hoot. sure, the 30d is faster, better on fuel, lasts longer per tank, cheaper, and arguably better, but its also usually 50% more expensive and pretty hard to find one. If anything you can consider the 20d but I would take a 35i over the 20d personally. If I was to spend this kind of money on car again in the future it would be the facelift X3 or X4 in 35i. I think they are fantastic mid sized SUV's that does everything.
  11. E46 coupe on 18” Mpars
  12. Had an F25 X3 35i xDrive, absolutely loved it. As you said very similar to the M135i since same N55. Performance is amazing despite the weight. The one I drove for a few months was not M Sport so suspension/body roll was the biggest letdown in corners but for normal daily use it was comfortable and very adequate. You will enjoy it if you liked the m135.
  13. I have a set of wheels that are not needed if anyone is looking for a nice set of factory BMW alloys to suit a 3 series (also some 1 series) Genuine Style 400M which are off the F30/F31 3 series and F32/F36 4 series 18x8J ET34 front with 225/45/18 Alventi Zeta - Near New 18x8.5J ET47 rear with 255/40/18 Good Year Eagle F1 - Need to confirm but useable condition Wheels are professionally painted a gunmetal grey with almost no kerb damage If you are fitting to an older chassis like the E3x or E9x or E87/E81 etc then you will need to step down a size on tyres anyway Thinking around $1000 Happy to consider offers
  14. Cars running spacers need to be certified so more hassle than its worth usually. You run the risk of insurance refusal in the case of an accident etc. Also, no way to verify the legitimacy of the JWL/VIA/forged stampings on the wheels if they are not identifiable to a certain brand and model of wheel so I would assume it is just fake alloy with fake stamping.
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