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  1. yep, saw that one, its a nice one with very modest kms and fair price tag. I guess the medit of the kia and hyundai is you get an almost new car for similar money to an older euro. Some of those newer subarus are quite nice too!
  2. whats up with these odd wheel choices..? do they not make decent wheel designs in a spec that fits widebody or something..? man, that engine bay... niceee
  3. Yep, I think you're right on the money. N55 is a good engine, and the new B series engines are awesome too. Any details on the X3 you went to see? What other cars are you considering? The obvious ones that come to mind are the Q3, Tiguan, Mazda CX range, Kias and Hyundais.
  4. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    1m wide doorways sounds like a great idea!
  5. qube


    this is not FB
  6. The spec and asking price is a good indication of whether its minimal rust or a major rust bucket. I don’t think there is any E30 that is rust free unless we are talking about some 25k+ price tag.
  7. Fair enough, it certainly looks very tidy and will be a very nice modern car. I think you would have a better idea on preference after test driving both the x1 and the x3. for the similar or less money than the x1 you could get a very nice x3 35i with low kms but it will be an older year car like 2012~ There are some nice x3's for sale at the moment for 20-22k..
  8. Is the x1 the silver one? If so, its non msport? The B48 is relatively new but it is so widely used in a lot of new bmw models as well as the Mini Cooper S JCW. It was a very nice 4 pot engine from my experience with the slightly lower kW version in the Cooper S non JCW.
  9. Bit of a price diff between the f48 x1 and a pfl f25 x3. way more performance out of the 35i x3 but the b48 in the x1 is a great engine also. The x1 will definitely be a bit smaller when sitting inside but newer tech which could be nice. both great cars anyway.
  10. I definitely would like it more with black or grey/silver wheels over the gold/bronze. Also the taillights are ugly to me..
  11. Awesome cars, rate them highly. the 35i N55 model is awesome, doesnt use as much petrol as you think. 10-11km/L from my experience. Usual N55 engine issue - charge pipe. But otherwise all good. keep up oil change intervals and should be fine. definitely get the Msport varient and stick with the pre LCI for best value cuz like nick said, the premium of $10-15k for the facelift is not worth it imo. I too would definitely buy again if I was in the market for a sporty suv.
  12. Having owned multiple E91 325i and E87 130i all msport varients, I would say that the E91 definitely feels like a much heavier car with firmer/heavier steering. Non msport varients without the sports suspension usually makes the car feel a bit like a boat on corners under any kind of load but would say on normal roads its comfortable enough, especially if running 16/17" wheels. The 130's steering/suspension is definitely way more "hyper active and darty" as Jacko mentions above. A bit jumpy but I would put that down to the chassis and increased power.
  13. qube


    It was a ZHP shift knob (Follow the “For Sale” thread so you get email alerts)
  14. seems like its gone to a good home
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