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  1. this is a great looking holden, dont see them anymore sadly
  2. that would be a nice upgrade to a modern car but man, any silvia, skyline, nissan rwd, jdm from the 90's and eraly 2000's is a thing of rarity now. edit: Just found this.. I remember seeing it years ago with the plate FUGTIV. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2826375880
  3. These things are an absolute hoon to skid around in.. cant believe u had 4 type x’s thats madness
  4. how does one go about finding one of these hidden gems
  5. qube

    E61 Wagon Project

    completely different beast the 550..
  6. qube

    E61 Wagon Project

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/530i/listing/2826332355 here's a nice one
  7. The "325I M" plate is not a legal NZ manufactured plate, will need to be re-made to be 100% legit. But does seem like the owner has had it for a long time as it was first registered to the car on 1993! Hogg & Swan - trademe user goeuro - have consistently had numerous E30's for sale in the past, none quite as good as this though. On the original sales brochure under extras it says "Superb Performance" lol! Only 2 owners!! (3 incl dealer) It is so nice but 40k is 40k.. a lot of money for one of these.. (i'll probably be laughing at this post 5 years later when its $65k)
  8. considering everywhere is miles from anywhere else, I dont see any other way you could do it. On my wlg-akl trip I had the cruise control on from hamilton to akl and it was too easy.
  9. Cruise control on open road is a joy. Makes it so easy
  10. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    yea this aint happening lol
  11. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    The problem is that we know environmental influence is huge to a child's upbringing (even young adults and adults too). These social media platforms are literally taking advantage of human nature and the natural tendencies that people have to seek out approval and likes. Comparing themselves to the unreal and fake-ness that is prevalent in these social media accounts. It is just not real. Instagram -> I.G. -> Instant Gratification. The dopamine you get from these sources is massive and just like a drug addict you will get withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit it after experiencing it, and you cannot not experience it because it is literally everywhere and justified as a necessity by so many businesses and peers as a means to communicate etc. Sheep will sheep, yes, but it is literally turning potential non-sheep into sheep and not giving them a fighting chance to un-sheep. (lol hope this makes sense)
  12. qube

    E46 M3

    if anyone wants an M3, they will need to compromise in certain areas at the very least. in some cases its going for a higher mileage example, or going for a different colour other than first choice, or one that has been re-registered for whatever reason. This one has probably been tracked and it is what it is. Its the owner's choice to do with it how they want and to sell it to the next interested person is their prerogative. If it has been maintained whilst being tracked then I dont personally see any reason its any worse off than other examples. Like I said earlier, being a 2005, sunroof, black with red interior, lower kms etc make it a nice candidate for my boxes being ticked and if I had to compromise on possible tracking history then so be it. Anyone who doesnt want to touch a tracked car can and will find something else and that is their choice, just like it is yours to make a comment about your old beloved car - so no judgement there. Only issue I see is if people take it to a personal level and create drama, thus causing a bad reputation for the forum that we all use so lets just keep it civil and move on. Keep the comments civilized guys. And on topic lol.
  13. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    I genuinely worry for the younger generation, basically the teenagers of now, with things like tiktok and instagram giving them a false representation of reality and standards. rubbish article but https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/melbourne-mums-heartbreak-at-10-year-olds-reaction-to-using-tiktok-for-a-week/HEOKDFDHVJBDR73AJUHXUWRNBQ/
  14. qube

    E46 M3

    the samsonas one is in the gold E46 that was previously owned by a member, i know it was listed for sale around 40k not sure if it sold
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