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  1. You could potentially get it. it would cost $200 for turn it into a styled plate like a europlate or $150 for a slim plate (this changes it into a personalised plate able to be sold or kept) and then go to vtnz to get it taken off and replaced for a new govt issue for $25. Then the owner of the car/plate can sell it to you.
  2. That sounds fantastic dude!
  3. I guess I need to do it now since surely no one wants a trombone!
  4. https://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=634752 I wouldnt be worried about it. BMW Edition seems to refer to trim and styling and not mechanical parts.
  5. Not sure if “BMW edition” is a thing. It probably isn’t. What information did you want to know? Post up the vin/number plate if you don’t mind sharing. it is a late facelift model 1 series E82 coupe, with a 3L straight 6 non turbo engine. Quite rare in NZ, could be a AUS stat write off import maybe.
  6. Does anyone have any info or experience stories with hybrids or phev?
  7. qube

    WTB BMW Plate

    Close enough hahaha
  8. This is all interesting stuff about the coal powering the EVs etc. Does anyone have much experience or knowledge on hybrids? (Not necessarily BMW, could be like a Toyota or Lexus hybrid for example)
  9. Sorry, I did take it as a joke but you are right, it is definitely a viable option for some. Unfortunately I drive long distance to and from work every day about 70 kms return but aside from that I do a fair bit of driving in weekends and sometimes evenings which all require a vehicle so for me not an option. I would use public transport to and from work if I could but its not only expensive, but takes a long time due to the transfer from bus to train vice versa, it would take me twice as long if not more, as driving.
  10. With petrol prices expected to continue rising, are people considering alternative vehicles? Maybe a cheaper to run daily or complete change to an electric or hybrid or maybe a diesel instead of petrol bmw? Curious to hear everyones thoughts if anyone has made a move or planning or thinking about it. Not many good bmw hybrid options, maybe something diesel, or possibly alternative brands? Side question - thoughts on running 91 on bmws? Something economic but newish like a 116/320 or similar, not a performance or sports model or anything.
  11. Getting pretty off topic into the realms of personal opinions on a controversial matter. back to the OP, huge diff between an e91 and f31 but you obviously pay the price difference up front. In the long run the f31 might end up being the better and cheaper car. It would be my pick any day. if you have the money for a f chassis wagon definitely go for that. If you want a lower buying price then an e91 is still a great car/bmw and just get things fixed as you go.
  12. qube

    KwS's E36 318ti

    Great little cars. I really miss our one (that was written off due to attempted theft).
  13. Pretty stink situation, was also in one myself with a recent purchase. Paint and panel condition worse than photos and descriptions suggested. Had to get the car transported to me rather than picking up due to lockdowns. If i had picked up i would have tried to renegotiate the price. had send a polite email about it and got no response. As expected, my problem now..
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