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  1. still looks fantastic. if you read the plate backwards its kind of like E46MDG
  2. Very hard to gauge a good market value because there isnt anything to compare it with by going off what it owes us including all the repairs and time spent I would say $11k ono.
  3. Saw a nice F11 wagon pop up and thought it might be a good modern replacement for our family wagon. Just putting this up here if anyone is looking for a nice E61 touring. Wont be going on trademe unless I decide to seriously sell it but it depends if the F11 wagon stays available long enough. 2009 530i E61 LCI M Sport Space Grey Metallic N52b30 straight 6 engine 3L NA Automatic with the newer shifter style 164,xxx kms Black leather interior with heated seats Panoramic sunroof with drainage hole issue and tailgate wiring issue all sorted also Engine oil and filter service done recently Trans fluid service done (BM Workshop receipt included) Engine mounts (left + right), trans mounts, oil pan gasket, drive belt idler pulley, belt tensioner, serpentine belt, valve cover gasket, valvetronic gasket, cam cover gasket all done. Tinted windows all round Towbar (detachable hook style) Very well optioned example being LCI has the LED taillights etc It does have some minor cosmetic marks on the outside, interior very tidy and mechanically runs well Michelin PS4 tyres on the front plenty of tread left, rears are nothing special Roofbars not included Would be happy to hear thoughts on what it would be worth. Hard to price it because its probably one of the better ones compared to the ones I see for sale but it also has done a bit more kms than most.
  4. qube

    WTB: style 68 rims

    Fair enough. You could also consider some E9x or similar wheels which would have a slightly wider fitment with offset in the 30s as these style 68's tend to sit quite tucked in the guards.
  5. qube

    WTB: style 68 rims

  6. So, the remote locking/unlocking function on our key fob has decided to stop working for our Gen 2 Mini (R55). I have already replaced the battery in it and it worked perfectly after that for a while and since then the car has been off the road for a couple weeks getting some work done (car battery disconnected for a while during this time) and since then it hasnt worked. Does someone have the ICOM tool and software and knowledge to try diagnose/fix this issue for me? Dealers want an inspection fee and might try to tell me the receiver is faulty and take my arm as payment.. Thanks!
  7. qube

    E46 330ci Manual

    when will the mods stop? haha
  8. qube

    E46 330i Touring

    nice, love the xenon light upgrade and good on you for going the extra mile with the chrome bulbs (no egg yolk) @Sammo take note
  9. Saw a silver e28 with the plate “M5 ISH” parked by the mt wellington/southdown southbound motorway in the flush median. Maybe he was having some trouble with the car looked exactly like @BM WORLD ‘s one?
  10. Let me know if u want to order anything to combine shipping. Gonna place an order sometime next week for Rockauto.
  11. Agreed. Sometimes u might wana grab the same part but diff brand that costs a few dollars more because it will come from the same warehouse as the rest of your order. Its a bit of mucking around because the shipping warehouses change depending on the whats in your cart.
  12. Anyone have these handy by any chance? Just trying to source a bit quicker than ordering from overseas. I have tried BM workshop parts but they didnt have the hose in stock. 11157501567 Crankcase Vent Valve 11151247903 PCV Hose
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