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  1. Thats pretty expensive.. i think i normally pay about $220. If i diy it costs me $60ish in film haha
  2. Ive done my own tints multiple times and when i do it at home dust specs are almost inevitable. I have also exclusively used FM7 at times when i cant be bothered and they have always done a perfect job. One time they messed up a couple which they found out themselves on the final inspection and asked if i was happy to wait for them to re apply it or i can come back another time since it already took a couple hours and would need another hour. if its in a super noticeable position or if it bothers you at least go back and talk to them. Dont settle for substandard service!
  3. You can get them without the drive head unit and instead the cubby hole
  4. very nice wheels, an original spec option for the E46 clubsport model. Interesting that its a rep but looks very good. those offsets are perfect for a nice flush fitment. shouldnt rub at all.
  5. Im not a fan of my one tbh. Although it does work, its hard to pull the fault codes in one go. You need to go into each module and check one by one. Would look for something else more convenient.
  6. I have the second one but got it for way cheaper than that thru ali
  7. qube

    WTB - E30 Coupe

    there was a tidy coupe 1991 318i auto for like 6500 but didnt last long i guess, cant find it now
  8. Here are the only two photos i have on hand at the moment
  9. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    This reminds me of a time when I was cruising along SH1 in auckland and a concrete mixer truck had the flap come loose and started dropping dried up concrete bits all behind him. unlucky for me because I was sandwiched between the truck and a car on both the left and right and took massive hits to the windscreen and front cracking both headlights, windscreen and denting the bonnet. Couldnt even get the rego plate to report his ass cuz the plate was covered in concrete and illegible. surprise surprise..
  10. I would be very cautious.. looks dodgy to me but..
  11. I have a set of msport 17s with near new pirellis listed for $800. Happy to take less
  12. Not aware of any owners on here that are selling. Trademe best bet. i know of an f25 x3 35i (same engine) if you want to consider that?
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