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E30 Air Conditioning System

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Feeling the heat?

I have for sale an air conditioning system out of an M20 engine car.  Not sure what or if anything different is required for a 4 cylinder.  What you see in the pictures is what you get.  The only other part not pictured but included is the dashboard air conditioning switch.  Not 100% sure all the wiring is there, because it's hard to tell what is included in a standard loom, and what is air con specific.


I'm in Hamilton but planning a trip to Auckland in a couple of weeks if that helps with delivery.











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Is this out of a pre or face-lift? 

Was it working prior to removal? 

What conditions are the lines in? 

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Hi Nick.

Pretty sure it will be out of a PFL.  Are there any differences between PFL and FL configurations?  I can check the accessible items against my FL car if required.  I bought the unit as a spare for my car, but my air con seems to be working well since it's re-gas and it's just taking up space in my shed.

Yes, it was working prior to removal.

Lines appear to be in good condition.

You're welcome to have a look.  Send me a PM for my number if you're interested.


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