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  1. I think it depends on if you're looking to replace an aging car anyway, because you will take a while to realise any savings if you have to purchase a newer (and likely more expensive) car. 2 Cars seems to be the way to go if you have space. But if you're locked down to a single car a hybrid if you do mostly around town and a few long distance, or a diesel if your commute is long enough to actually warm it up each day.
  2. Ended up getting a leaf, and it's the perfect around town vehicle for me. E30 for out of town weekend trips (if its not on stands). Went and had a look at hybrids with a mate the other week, as he wants something that can go the distance. The most interesting one we looked at was a Nissan note. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3199079352 Which was basically a leaf power train, but instead of having a battery, it had a 3 cylinder petrol producing electricity for the electric motor to drive the wheels.
  3. Just the panel is rusting again. After getting all the rust removed. I would suggest glancing your eye down the cassette tray when you've pulled the sunroof out to see if there is anything there. Mine seems to be fine.
  4. Or actually rust free. Split my sunroof, got it acid dipped, and painted 2 years ago, it's already rusting between the 2 sheets again, as well as on the tabs. And this is on a car that spends most of its life in a garage. Not sure if I'll bother to go through the process again, something like this is probably the way to go. https://www.highline-motorsports.com/product-page/e30-sunroof
  5. The official requirements are here: https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_07-2016_Drive-shaft_Safety-loop_Requirements.pdf Basically, if you've only done a manual swap, and used factory parts for it, you shouldn't require driveshaft hoops. "Interchangeable drive-shafts: In the case of a vehicle which has had a bolt-in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) model variant engine or transmission conversion, or a bolt-in OEM model variant turbocharger/supercharger addition, a driveshaft safety-loop is not required provided that documented proof is provided by the vehicle manufacturer or their agent, verifying that all drive-shaft components are identical between the two vehicles, and that the drive-shaft remains unmodified."
  6. Depends on the E30 Would need to put a mattress down in the touring, as there is a rear bar right where my back curves, which doesn't make for a comfortable sleep.
  7. Yeah, I don't know if it's any more cost effective if you're not doing the work yourself. The difference being that at least you know that the gaskets etc have been refreshed while you've done the swap. The struggle is of course at the moment finding a decent example of a 2 door, 318 auto or 325i manual.
  8. It's easy enough to draw the line in the sand about if you need to certify it or not That will determine if you do it before the cert or after.
  9. I did the swap myself in my E30 about 5 years ago, and it cost me around 6k including the cert. Mine was manual to begin with. Prices these days for most of the parts have gone up, so ballparking maybe 10? Don't forget the exhaust. If you're not handy with a welder, that can get pricey.
  10. nick496

    Recaros for E30

    Dunno if this link will work, but found some racaros for sale: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/147078040937173/
  11. It's a Sparco Evo II. But it's a fixed back, so probably won't be what you're after anyway? Are you just after some more fabric in your bolsters? Yes, well it depends on if you think you'll be able to travel further before Christmas and if you want comfier seats before then.
  12. I've got a sparco seat that I drive down to Taupo with in my e30. I actually find it pretty comfortable for the 2 and a bit hours, as I fit in there nice and snuggly. It's just the getting out at the end of the trip haha. Maybe take advantage of the lack of traffic and go for a drive to see if they really are uncomfortable after a couple of hours?
  13. Shh you I painted my wheels a Honda colour too, NH583M, and they look ok. They don't seem particular close to 30 year old basket weave silver, but they are indeed a silver colour.
  14. Yeah, that's closer to the price I paid recently to get my wheels dipped at Advanced Chrome Platers. They also spun up the wheels, and found 2 of them weren't quite round, and fixed that as well.
  15. @E28E30I believe it was. Here's a very old thread of it for sale back in 2011: Note the panels are all the same shade of red, all the factory options are still there. Classic wee car.
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