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  1. Hawk HPS pads are good for spirited street driving. I think 16's are the right size, but it's really a personal preference thing. Hmmm, the whirring is probably it attempting to engage the ac pump? (so something wrong with the system) Or does the sound occur if you have the fan on low speed as well? (in which case, it's probably the fan rubbing on something) Coilovers I'd suggest driving some others to see if you can find a setup that you like, and then attempt to copy that directly. I have moved to an H&R setup with Bilstein's, which I find the sweet spot for me, but some people are fine with even stiffer springs. The race series guys are correct, and the stock brakes are fine. I think even the E30 series in Aus runs stock brakes, and they run 325i's. I've personally found them to be fine when I take mine out on the track with race pads and race fluid, though I start getting inconsistent after about 4-5 laps, which is likely just a me and my poor driving. That said, for that purpose I'm looking at upgrading the fronts to a larger disc for the heat, but staying 4 stud.
  2. I recently redid my insurance on my 24V touring up to 25k, given there have been a number of decent looking cars around the 18k mark. And as above, a look of people wanting 10-15k for their 320i sedans, or 15-20k for 325i's autos.
  3. My advise is to think about what you want to achieve with the car, be it a certain look, or performance goal. Then choose what wheels and size tyres you want to run, and go from there. You should also take note of what your current cert plate states in terms of maintaining legality for insurance purposes, but if you're considering coilovers and a 5stud, then you'd be looking to recert anyway. - Retrofit AC --This is quite an involved processes, and requires a heater core swap from an AC equipped car, along with some extra wiring. - Coilovers vs spring/shocks -- I think coilovers are great if you're wanting to achieve a specific ride height or are tracking it, otherwise springs/shocks are the way to go - 5 stud conversion -- You can get the caster right if you use the E36 M3 Evo arms up the front, but my understanding is that some of the other parts for the swap you can no longer buy new. -- And I believe it's with the non M3 options that have issues with getting the caster correct. -- Still recommend you figure out your final goals for the car first.
  4. Yeah, you won't end up with too many spares from that kit. Most likely -Engine Coolant Recovery Tank -Engine Coolant Recovery Tank Hose I've tried to fit in the viscous fan, but even with the thinner E36 rad I would only have had a few mm of clearance.
  5. The oil cap looks standard for one that hasn't been replaced. Probably best to get a leak down test done before you throw a new rad in there. In terms of radiators, since you've got a fl expansion tank, you should be able to run a 6 cylinder rad off an e36. Most common upgrade is the e36 Z3M radiator which is a bit thicker, though if your swap somehow has a viscous fan that might case fitment issues. In terms of hoses, I think I used e36 stuff for everything but the heater core pipes, and the overflow bottle, which I think are stock e30 ones, or a mixture.
  6. I use DTC-60's on my car when I take it to the track, then swap back to street pads. Fluid is definitely a must as well. Setup seems to perform well enough, though rotors definitely take a beating.
  7. Yeah, I saw those ones go up for sale, and wondered how much a new set would be. And 3k isn't too bad, though you'll also need to throw in centre caps and tyres. But at least they won't need to be refurbished.
  8. nick496


    While a little on the high side for an e36, it does have the good mods done to it. Buy the e36. If an e30 with your specs pops up, for the same price as the e36, you'd have to fight 10 other people for it.
  9. Yeah, you're right Sammo, I recall there being discussions about such a swap given the chassis also had the same engine from factory, so might not require hoops. But couldn't find anything to back that up. I'd say expect to put them in, but chat to your certifier about it.
  10. Granted, it's a little different. But did it in the E30. As MM says, unlikely to be picked up by anyone who doesn't know what they're looking for. It says BMW on the engine cover still. But I'm done it the right way, to avoid any potential legal issues, which is as KwS says: Providing you can use the driveshaft etc out of the donor, shouldn't be too much of a hassle to get it all certed.
  11. Yes. I think I want some sway bars. Will have a better look tonight and flick you a pm.
  12. From what I could tell, OBD2 was standard on bmws on later e36s in the USA. I had a 2000 318ti, still didn't have OBD2. Just good old OBD1 which is the round plug in the engine bay.
  13. I personally wouldn't be looking at a low KMs E36 320i for 13k, especially if you're wanting to then just manual swap it. Better off buying something like this https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2985237483?bof=8Z9MJgwM Which is already manual, has the larger engine, and looks like it's been looked after a bit.
  14. I'm assuming these are what you're referring to? https://www.umnitza.com/browse-by-car-model/bmw/3-series/e30/projector30-153.html Couldn't find too many other people running them in the E30 online, so don't think you'll see many people running them over here in NZ.
  15. Not too bad. @S3RIES Let me know if you are going to place an order, and I'll join in to combine shipping.
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