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  1. nick496

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah otherwise they'll want you to get thicker hubs.
  2. Sold already. Not surprising at that price.
  3. I'd imagine you'd be looking at either an e36 or e46 m3 clutch and flywheel. More likely to depend on the gearbox and the input shaft to determine the spline count. I'll let someone else weigh in with more details.
  4. These guys https://www.brintechcustoms.com.au/all-products/n52-headers
  5. nick496

    Quick rant thread.

    Everyone knows the road to 0 means the road to 0km/h. Because if no one is driving there won't be any car accidents.
  6. Welcome. Looks to be a tidy catch, and the m40 motor while low on power was pretty reliable for me, was a nice engaging experience in a manual.
  7. I ended up grabbing it. Everything is about what you'd expect for a minimally maintained BMW. Has oil leaks from the valve cover, gearbox is a bit funny to shift into, intake boot is duct taped up to seal a split. Will uncover more once the weather fines up. Plan to check the compression, and the gearbox it has, as the vin decoder returns it as an auto. However it does have working cruise control, so its likely been done correctly.
  8. I've found that with the supercheap auto brake spanners they skip. But my regular teng spanners don't have that issue.
  9. I will point out it was free listing on trademe yesterday. So a lot of posts with not a great amount of detail, using photos that they just had last saved on their phone. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817963700 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817926469 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817651796 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817605041 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817545174 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3817426883 https://www.trademe.co.nz/3816869395
  10. nick496

    E46 330i Touring

    Would pay to double check your key works in the door if you haven't already. Found that one out the hard way once....
  11. nick496

    E30 M42 Swap

    Pretty sure it's just the engine mounts from your old m40 go onto the m42. No subframe swapping required. Not that you can easily swap the front subframes.
  12. Yeah, if someone could enlighten me on why this one is so much, I get the dog leg box is pretty rare, and it's tidy, but didn't think it would be that desirable.
  13. nick496

    Quick rant thread.

    Same way they prove a driveshaft has been modified professionally. Show a recent receipt for the part/work. I guess that receipt should also not come from pick a part.
  14. Yeah, sounds like you'd be in for a minimum of a starter and new battery to at least see if it can get cranking again. But seems odd he's not willing to at least throw that much into it considering how much manual 130i's are currently, and he's done a few deals with cars previously. Worst case though something has grenaded in the bellhousing, and you're in for a gearbox + motor replacement. I would have thought replacing a clutch slave would require the gearbox to come off, and then someone misplace the trigger wire for the starter... but I've seen stranger things happen.
  15. Yeah, I do it the gjm way on stock cars. Just drive them onto blocks, and there is enough space to reach all the way back to the drain plug. On the E30 I have to drive it onto blocks, then put the jack under it, put it on stands and then I'm good to go. And as M3AN says, if you're wanting to do more than just oil changes, the jack and stands give you way more options.
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