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NBT retrofit with LCI screen - Pre-LCI F12

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Hi gang,

So after my stint with the android screen replacement, and the subsequent discovery that (a) it was not suited to the convertible owing to extreme glare and (b) I managed to crack my original iDrive screen, I decided to embark on an NBT retrofit. My insurance is kind enough to pick up the tab since I put the claim through them and the NBT retrofit costs half of what just a replacement CIC screen costs.

Why NBT and not EVO? This was a tough decision, but ultimately I chose to go with NBT since EVO would mean losing my HUD. There would also be some issues with regards to the screen since a modified F15 screen would be supplied. The NBT kit would allow me to retain the HUD, but I was unhappy with being supplied the older-looking display (plastic frames with no glass). Bimmer Retrofit were unable to source an LCI display (they didn't even know you got those). Here's a rundown of the screens:


Notice how the NBT EVO screen shape is just slightly different. Either way, even when comparing these to, say, an X5's NBT display it's clear that no other model's display would fit given how wide the original CIC display trim was designed to be. The mounting is also different to most every other BMW (two screws on the bottom, two screws on the back plate and two screws along the top)

So, I managed to find a supplier who sells the glass LCI screens brand new, and mine arrived today. US$299 is a steal:



I hooked it up to our F15 X5 to make sure it works, and it does. 100%.

I'll keep this thread updated with the retrofit progress. LINK to display supplier.

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