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  1. She’s almost here. 1 week to port arrival, and then on to dealership handover on the 30th! Attached:
  2. 100% on this. There is no reason for the end-user to be poking around under the bonnet. Though it can be opened, it's not recommended. As for charging, absolutely need to have at least a 32a plug installed since charging through regular 3-pin would be pointless. BMW for the moment are supplying the iX with a wallbox, portable charger and a type 2 cable.
  3. Ah right. So I had similar issues with my 6-er when I replaced CIC idrive with NBT. It could be that this was a hardware swap to NBT Evo and the antenna was not connected to the correct port on the head unit. I recall that on CIC cars the swap to EVO would require new antenna amps etc, but for EVO to ID5 the swap whould be straight forward. It could also be a coding issue on the head unit. Maybe reach out to the guys at AutoGravity and ask them to run a diagnostic. They are very knowledgable on the topic.
  4. Based on the production date from the VIN it should be equipped with iDrive NBT-EVO ID4 (which as the regular text based menu). If yours has the tile based menu then it has been upgraded. Retrofits from ID4 to ID5 could be done on some units without hardware changes but the Hardware suffered as a result since the ID4 units have less RAM than the ID5/6 units, resulting in frequent reboots. You can check which maps database is installed from the Navigation Settings menus. If it's still on the UK maps then a simple map update should do the trick. You should also be able to tell the raw position from one of the Nav settings screens which will tell you if the GPS is functional.
  5. She's on her way! My SA let me know today that the ETA in New Zealand is May 25th
  6. So BMW, Porsche and VW are all shutting down production in coming days due to supply constraints of wiring harnesses sourced from Ukraine. Incredible how far reaching Putin's was actually is. It does feel like I have all the car gods on my side though. My car has completed production and been handed over to carrier for shipping (status 182) well ahead of the original production date of 9/3/22.
  7. Depends on if you want it. Sam at Auckland City asked me how up to date on the progress I want to be and he is delivering those updates regularly.
  8. Order update: car was in status 152 - Paint Shop when my SA updated me yesterday. It's getting real now hahaha
  9. There’s a fair bit of technology behind the grille area, and size wise its about 1/3 narrower than the x5 grille while being only around 1/3 taller.
  10. Like pretty much everywhere else the design of the iX is polarising in the NZ market with most of the attention being on the grille. So today I did a wee but of photoshop work taking the current x5 grille to the iX and also creating one sans any grille at all. I dislike both of those options but figured it would make for good conversation.
  11. Got the call today from my SA advising that my order is in production Looking at a mid-may delivery and will be one of the very first customer cars on the road here. Guess it's time to change my profile pic. My final order spec: iX Xdrive40 Msport Exterior Trim Mineral White Metallic Paint Titanium Bronze Individual Exterior Trim Amido Leather Interior World Clear & Bold Crystal Trim Elements Enhancement Pack (Laser Lights, Soft Close Doors, Eclipse Electrochromic Pano Roof) Ventilated Seats 22" Bi-colour 1020 wheels Side note, if anyone knows of someone looking to buy an EV SAV my e-tron is up for grabs (mates rates to Bimmersport folks)
  12. Not even close. Many of the LCI models are getting the same display setup. At least 3, 4, X5 and 7 series have been confirmed or spied with the new setup. And yep, the seats are incredibly comfortable.
  13. Had a look at the Castanea chestnut red interior again yesterday but think I’ll stick to the dark interior I ordered.
  14. BMW Hamilton has my exact order spec on their demonstrator so I took a quick roadtrip there this morning. Seeing it in my spec in the flesh has got the excitement going just a bit hahaha.
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