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  1. Plug and play screen replacement is the way to go. There’s no way to justify the cost of a CIC or NBT retrofit any longer. Even a Carplay/Android Auto interface box would be a better solution.
  2. Hi Matt. I do yeah, somewhere in my closet of goodies lol. Welcome to it if you want it.
  3. Can be changed but only with coding and programming.
  4. Can confirm that BMW no longer do Connected Drive region changes. Had a discussion with CD Customer Care about that this week. It’s only taken BMW 2 years to transfer the connected drive on our X5 to my CD portal, and it’s actually quite useless since the remote services like locking etc only work maybe once every 5 tries RTTI is no longer available.
  5. Dension gateway is a good option for audio and calls. Personally I’d replace it with an Android powered unit. Plug and play and also totally reversible. Something like THIS
  6. What model and year are you after mate?
  7. We have an investment opportunity and need to free up some cash, and given the state of the 2nd hand car market I'm putting feelers out for our 2015 X5. Current market value is between $54,000 and $65,000. The petrol V8 of the F15 generation is very rare on our roads. All the comfort and practicality of an SUV with the road manners of a sports car. It goes from 0-100 in 4.8s with an incredible exhaust note. Being a N63TU engine it also doesn't suffer from the many issues that plagued the early N68 V8 mills. Fuel economy is rather good all things considered. As my daily driver from One Tree Hill to Ponsonby in peak traffic my combined average fuel economy is around13l/100km. On the open road you can easily get down below 10l/100km. Factory options include: Exclusive Nappa leather Mokka Brown Design Pure Excellence package Brushed aluminium running boards 7-seat package Comfort seats with memory Bang & Olufsen stereo Heads-up display Surround view cameras Comfort access Rear passenger window blinds Adaptive LED headlights with high-beam assist Automatic park assist for parallel parking Panoramic sunroof (dual pane and both pop-up. This feature was removed on later models) Adaptive suspension Soft-close automatic doors NZ navigation and voice command Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto New WOF and up to date service records (Auckland City BMW). Current mileage is 109xxx. Finance can be arranged through MTF at very competitive rates.
  8. Hi folks, My boss is getting a new car so his wife's 116i is up for sale. I know this car quite well and it's in excellent nik so I figured I'd post a link here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/116i/listing/2986811285?bof=pDb2D8dO
  9. $39,000 - 102xxx-km 650i Convertible in stunning black sapphire metallic. UK Import with full, up to date service history. Came to NZ in June 2013. Full specs in the build sheet photos. No expense has been spare in maintaining this car (which, as a matter of interest, has not been expensive in my 3 years of ownership). Balance of Autosure warranty available for transfer at buyer's cost. Some feature highlights: * full colour head up display * heated seats * surround view camera * dynamic drive package * soft close automatic doors Some service/maintenance items that have been replaced: * upper and lower turbo coolant lines * radiator and auxiliary water pump * control arm bushes * all ignition coils and plugs (preventative maintenance) * one fuel injector Notable upgrades: * iDrive upgrade to newer generation (fully integrated, factory upgrade with no adapters or hacks) * Old style matte iDrive display upgraded to later model glass display (brand new, OEM display) * Wireless Apple Car play and Android Auto * Massage electric lumbar support added * Orange ambient lighting replaced with selectable RGB lighting Selling because we have the 6er, X5 and a company car so one of the Bimmers has to go. Since we have two big dogs the 6er is the only choice.
  10. A couple of weeks ago there was a post about ambient lighting updates available to the F12/F13/F06. Long story short, without significant wiring and software updates there is no way to get multi-colour ambient lighting in our cars. This got me thinking about what options we had other than sticking aftermarket LED strips over the existing optics. I found THESE on amazon. The thing that stuck out was that you could use the existing optics with the new light units. This is the result: Obviously the photos from my phone are enhanced so I did some manual adjustments to more closely simulate what it looks like in real life, and this is the result: The result is not crazy bright or garish at all. I attached the supplied LED drivers to the factory optic strips. Running the connecting wires into the car was a wee bit of a challenge since there is no wire tunnel through eh door harness. I overcame this by running them out the bottom of the door, under the rocker panel covers, illuminate sill plate and up into the car under the weather seal. Pretty clean, invisible install. I added footwell lighting front and back using the supplied fibre optic cables. The optics are hidden under the trim panels and the rear seat bench so they are not directly visible. Pretty happy with the result. Took a fair few hours to do but I did remove the seats to properly hide the fibre optic cables for the the footwell lighting. The cables are all routed to the armrest storage. The setup for the app was seamless and works as expected.
  11. Hey folks! Finally pulled the trigger and got two of these units from AliExpress for the X5 and 650i. Both cars are equipped with iDrive NBT. Installation was simple enough. Cable management was tricky due to the way the MOST cable has no play. Simply removing the MOST cable from the cable sleeve solved this. Once It had more play everything fir neatly behind the head unit. I routed the WiFi cable up along the LVDS cable and stuck the antenna to the back of the display. Package Content Installed and working The unit started right up after everything was connected. I was worried when I saw the mic and AUX connectors in the included harness, but neither of those are required since the audio is routed directly to head unit (albeit still through the aux channel) and uses the car's built-in mic. I figured that the harness is made to fit pretty much any car's hardware configuration, which is a nice touch. As with most of these units, Android Auto out of the box does not utilise the new widescreen layout. This is easily fixed with a custom firmware (Courtesy of Firefly1337 on the F30 forum). Flashing it takes a minute and comes with several tweaks, most notable of which is the widescreen Android Auto implementation. Since it uses the AUX channel the track info etc does not display on the cluster or HUD, nor do the track up/down show but you can set the unit to allow the audio wheel to navigate the display which is the next best thing. After the initial setup, the Android Auto starts up in under a minute after getting into the car. No need to connect the phone with USB.
  12. The paint underneath is 99% new ?
  13. Took three days but the result is most excellent!
  14. Today we decided to unwrap the X5. The wrap was applied to the car when new and is starting to come away. Paint underneath looks showroom new ? Paint is Mineral Silver Metallic A14
  15. Hey dude. You may just need a combox module for media ? I have one sitting on my shelf from my old iDrive system. Post the last 7 digits of your vin and I'll check if we can do a retrofit ?
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