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E36 Check Control/ temperature indicator/clock

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I stripped down my check control unit to fix the pixel display, and removed the display frame at the same time by desoldering the 3 tags that connect to the main PCB. (These tags are for the backlights on the display). Now I've re-assembled it the lights don't work... I've resoldered, checked the lights are actually working (12V across the tags) but no backlights when its powered by the in car connector. Any ideas?

PS  have got most pixels working, but I didnt realise that the film connector is supposed to be soldered to the board - mine isn't! A repair kit, including the special soldering iron bit and silicon strip, is on it's way from Aliexpress.

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I've fixed the backlight problem. What happens is when the missing display pixels get "fixed" with strips of tape over the board connector, the display is bent upwards for access. The lighting connections are beefy metal tags, and bending them can separate the pads from the tracks on the board. I had desoldered them and done a really tidy resoldering job - to the pad. Previously there was a big blob of solder, which of course I removed.... Now it has solder going on to the track as well.

So, now on to the film connector....

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