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  1. That's odd. I'm running 245/40/17 PS4s on the back on the same wheels with no problem on a 97 coupe (standard springs). Is yours lowered?
  2. When was the last time anyone saw an imperial nut/bolt? On my ride on lawnmower - made in the US, Briggs and Stratton motor etc.
  3. Past experience with polyurethane resin castings of model cars shows that air bubbles are difficult to remove, even with a vacuum. You need to get the resin as mobile as possible, and a 4 minute cure time doesn't help. Would heating the resin make it more fluid? Or maybe look for a resin with a longer cure time?
  4. You won't need a guibo if it's an auto box. I spent ages looking for mine....
  5. If You're doing the autobox, make sure that you drain the torque converter too. I'd advise using synthetic trans fluid.
  6. Occupancy sensor is blue/white.
  7. Brilliant, thanks Dave. To the point and pictures too! I already have one rack inner, so I'll buy another one and machine the grooves. Now where was that 2mm ball nose cutter...?
  8. Apparently they are the wrong length
  9. My 328i Coupe has just failed a WoF for "worn tie rod" on the right hand side. It isn't worn, but the rack teeth are worn around the straight ahead position. I have tried to source a good E36 rack, but there don't seem to be any guaranteed ones available. so - E46 racks are more plentiful, but then I need to machine grooves in the inner E36 tie rod for pressure equalisation between the rack boots. Lots of info on the web about doing it ("took it to my local machine shop") but I can't find the details of what to do anywhere. I can cut the slots on my own mill if I could only find a diagram. Can anyone help?
  10. But not for us in Whanganui! half an hour door to door....
  11. jom

    328 CI

    I've had two, both fell off over bumps (Wairarapa road and Manfield kerbs) and after repairing them, refitting, changing the hanging points etc. I gave up. I still have the bits in front of the wheels as they aren't so vulnerable. It doesn't seem to make any difference without the undertray. There is a company in the States that makes a full width undertray in aluminium ($150US last time I looked) but shipping would be a problem...
  12. On my E36 I tried standard and M46 M3 mounts - neither lasted. Fitted a set of mounts with replaceable centres from Turner motorsport. They're still going after 100k... (with Koni sports shocks, too).
  13. jom

    Koni Bump Stops E36

    Either way, you need them for a warrant....
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