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  1. My E36 has the same key. Try this... Infra-red key reprogamming instructions.pdf
  2. jom

    new purchase

    Seatbelt chime - drives me batty too. On the E36 I removed the connector to the chime (above the driver's footwell) and on our old 96 Honda CRV I desoldered the speaker from the circuit board. I guess software driven cars are more difficult to hack....
  3. I claim insanity. I had a pilot's licence before a driving one. Still scan all the instruments, keep looking around, check the altitude.....
  4. jom

    E36 328 oil capacity

    Find someone with an ordinary 328 and try their dipstick. Otherwise you'll need to find where Alpina hid the other 3l.
  5. Shame they don't teach that anymore. Now it's brake in the middle of the road randomly, turn and indicate (optional) at the same time. And Mirror comes before signal (or it used to). Another loss to the Art of Driving.....
  6. I was only giving the historical perspective. Gearless cars have superseded the requirement - although I'm impressed if you can change gear and indicate at the same time. Re the brake cylinder - renew the brake crossbar bushes on a Mk I Golf GTI. The brakes are fantastic! ...for 3 months or so....
  7. It used to depend on RHD/LHD. The indicator stalk was on the opposite side to the gearlever, so for RHD drive cars it was on the right. UK cars changed to "align" with the EC - so it was the in the wrong place. Trying to change gear and indicate with the same hand at the same time became difficult (there was already a problem with foot operated dipswitches and using the clutch at the same time - but I digress). So when we drive LHD country sourced cars, the manufacturers don't bother to change the indicator position over. (Not that long ago they didn't even change the wipers, or the position of the brake cylinder either - like on the E30.) We'd be used to this if the Japanese hadn't continued the correct way on their cars - indicators on the right...
  8. Is that Paul Ardern's old car that he had at BMW Wellington? It was almost completely rebuilt 10 or so years ago. At that time it was probably the best in the country.
  9. I know the controls were tight, I owned some. Interestingly pistols were not banned in Northern Ireland. What I was getting at is that governments always knee-jerk in the direction of the biggest lobby. We nned to be completely on-side with the rulemakers to avoid these reactions. They come out of left field after an incident and nobody is properly prepared to argue the case.
  10. Just to put things in perspective, it was Dunblane that triggered (sic) the complete removal of pistols in the UK, even though the guy illegally owned rifles. If we want to maintain a realistic firearms community in NZ we need to support the police 100% - or as has been suggested, get an independent licensing authority. The police have proved several times that they just can't do it.
  11. Even better is a multi-way plug with only two contacts connected. It can look like a diagnostic outlet.
  12. Here's what the BMW NZ Owners book for the E36 says
  13. Every Mini I had was fitted with the obligatory seat bracket extenders and the drop bracket for the steering column (Les Leston, I think). It wasn't safe for me to drive otherwise....
  14. E36's are OBD1until 1996 - usually with the M50 engine, OBDII came with the 328i M52.... - usually... I have seen a hybrid 2.8 with OBD I, no idea if it was factory or not....
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