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e46 330i exhaust suggestions

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I drive a e46 330i. The car is great but I wanted it to sound a bit louder. I decided to purchase a smaller / straight through muffler and had it welded on. It sounds great on the outside and would often pop and crackle when slowing down however it is literally impossible to daily drive as between 2k to 2.8k rpm it drones really badly inside the car and I can barely hear myself. 

Is there any suggestions of what I should do to to make my car sound similar / louder than stock but heavily cut down on the drone? I went to the muffler shop and they said there was not much room to put on another resonator or muffler. They suggested to my to put the OEM muffler back on and replace the cats with either a straight through pipe or resonator (probably should take out the cats since i've got 230k kms) 

Note: I'm not really a big fan of the "raspy" sound, wanting more of a deeper sound. Also - not wanting to break the bank with a full exhaust system. 


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I had the same issue on my E46, but i landed up sound deadening the boot, was cheaper and worked great. Also, try get some deadening above the muffler, between the heat shield and chassis.

Another option would be to remove the new muffler and fill it with that metal sponge stuff you use to clean pots and pans 🙂 

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