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E90 325 iDrive update

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Hi all.

I'm looking at buying a 3 series E90 and some have the iDrive system and some do not.

They are Japan imports so the iDrive ones have Japan maps for the nav and the reset of the system is in Japanese and the radio of course is in the wrong frequency.

My question is, is there a bolt in replacement system that works for RHD E90's that has Bluetooth, Navigation and any other controls the iDrive normally has? Also must integrate with the steering wheel controls and any other systems the original Japanese system did.

I have seen things like this:

But they seem pretty pricey and I'm no 100% if they work with Japanese imports?




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I've just installed a similar unit in my 1'er, they'll all pretty much clones. Don't pay that amount though...they're in perpetual sale at Avin for US$329. https://avinusa.com/gps-multimedia-systems/bmw/3-and-4-series.html

Now, I'm not recommending Avin 100% because they sent me the wrong unit but they have been responsive to support requests and did send me the correct unit that I swapped in yesterday and it seems fine.

My car is a Japanese import and I replaced the existing CCC 6.5" screen. It uses the existing iDrive controller although mine is 1 button so I can't speak to multi-button iDrive (CIC) units.

To be honest, except for the hassle of exchange I'm pretty happy. Navigation with offline maps (or tethered or with a SIM) works flawlessly and BT for music and calls seems fine. Make sure you add the external mic to the bundle. The screen itself is awesome.

Others have had positive experience with different brands and Alibaba specials so I'd base my decision on price and support expectations, they seem to be the only differentiators.

Happy to answer any questions I can.

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