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Wheel Fitment For 130i

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Hi guys,

I'm looking at getting some wheels for my 130i and would like to know if I would run into any issues (clearance/rubbing/etc.)

Car currently running:

Suspension: Stock M-Sport

Front: 7,5x18 et49 225/40 18

Rear: 8x18 et49 235/40 18

Thinking of getting a set of 4 wheels that are 9,5x19 et35 would also need a recommendation on tyre setup aswell as if i would need to run spacers etc.




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19x9.5 will definitely rub at the front, likely inner and outer at et35, it'll probably hit the LCAs at full lock as well. The rear would rub on the outer edge.

For reference, I run 19x8.5 et 43, and 235/35 tyres (RE003s), its a smidge lower than "msport" height. If I run Eagle F1s the shape of the shoulder will rub at 235 width on the front, over bumps, so only fits 225 in an F1. Its that tight (and thats with the camber pin mod, and M3 LCAs, so roughly 1.5-2 degrees more camber than stock)

The rear has maybe 5mm clearance to the outer guard at ET43.

Avoid spacers, get wheels that fit :)


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Yeah I think I might run some wheels that'll fit better than these. My problem is that they're similar to BBS LMS ( off brand ) and are pretty cheap too, but I dont think itll be worth the hassle to deal with it.

Thanks for your insight.

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