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  1. Thats had an LCI lower dash swap like mine, dont recognise the headunit. Could be an android like mine, or just a generic double DIN in suitable fascia.
  2. Normally cant hear it over the wastegate rattle.
  3. This is what you need + the little arm for the headlight levelling sensor (cant remember p/n sorry) it'll be on realoem as M3 part. Hollah if you cant find it and Ill dig it up. Just normal spanners/rathcets etc to bolt on
  4. Ive played with some of the expensive/exotic stuff.... $200 a jar wax nonsense... and honestly... save your money The low/mid range stuff is as good. Some of the Turtle wax cheap stuff is properly legit too, their spray ceramic wax stuff beads for ageeees and look good on ya average daily. The meguiars spray on hose off thing works ok on white cars, but leaves weird streaks on black cars. Cleaned the 130 in the weekend, and tried the turtle wax ceramic spray for black cars, and other than having to do 2 coats as it doesn't want to go on very evenly.. its properly gleaming at the moment. If paste wax's (in this case they perform like legit Si02 stuff) are your thing, the Soft99 King of Gloss and Fusso coat are realllly legit, and not expensive (there is an NZ supplier now). All the soft99 stuff is legit - https://www.oakey.co.nz/car-waxes-ceramic-coats . Ill put Fusso back on the cars for winter.
  5. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Hunt down the TRW part numbers for the M3 LCAs and look it up on amazon. They're cheap.
  6. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Not unless you're building a racecar or something as a toy for the weekends.
  7. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Control arm comes with bushings and the ball joint on the other end installed. If you want an upgrade, upgrading them to the M3 part is the way to go.
  8. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Easiest just to replace all the complete control arm, if that ones flogged the other will be too.
  9. I have one of these and its pretty legit - https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/toolpro-toolpro-low-profile-garage-jack-3000kg/563849.html and looks like the same thing as Sammos but in racing red.
  10. The 330s climate control is going a bit sideways recently. Aircon is not particularly cold when set to cold initially, then cranks up to full cold after a few minutes. Now the heater appears to come on when not told to. Scanned it a few months ago, and has a fault for the external air quality sensor (AUC), but if that could cause the interior temp controls to go weird Im not sure. No other fault codes. Anyone seen this before? Will do a bit more digging tonight when have the car back.
  11. Yeah shipping at the moment is screwed, Ive had a package sitting at Frankfurt airport since November, at least yours moved
  12. Not much point selling it for less than $500, Ill just convert it into media box to replace Pi running Kodi or something.
  13. Whats the internet say about the pricing of this - https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/computers/desktops/no-monitor/listing/2932056600 ? Its cheaper than the others on there, but I think the other listings are dreaming. Just relisted it with 13 watchers and no bids.
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