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  1. Auction ended at $1400, which is good, as its what my mental limit was set to and the other guy backed off 1410 and he woulda had em....
  2. Pulled the tardme pin on these, look to have recaro mounting brackets etc from what I could see, dont look too out of place in an E87, plus air lumbar, heating, and ass cooling fans. Oddball JDM recaros, look to be aftermarket only - SP-JC. Cert to install them doesnt look too tricky, removing airbags being the main hurdle. Rest looks fairly legit. The car they are installed in is a bog standard poverty pack prelci 120 wreck.
  3. Bimmergeeks Protools, does everything ISTA does + more. OP - I honestly wouldnt waste time with any of the others, unless you want to look at ISTA/INPA etc go get the bimmergeeks bluetooth OBD2 doofa and the app, its easily worth the price. You'll do what I did and have 5 OBD2 doofas sitting on the shelf that never get used, as the bimmergeeks one just works and does more.
  4. Jacko

    Tin foil hat on

    1000 Monkeys with 1000 Typewriters. Page 10 - https://www.nti.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/NTI_Paper_BIO-TTX_Final.pdf TLDR; 2021 NTI Tabletop exercise in which biological threat, weaponised monkey pox, is accidentally released on 15th May 22.
  5. Jacko

    M4 CSL

    1651kg = Light weight...
  6. Wow, looks stunning! Other than the M badge. only 60,000km... poor neglected thing
  7. Nope, the 130i one is a GS6-37BZ - rated to 370Nm, the ratios and box are shared with early Z4 3.0Si (think the later ones are shorter geared). 320i is a GS6-17BG... presumably to 170Nm??... and is used in the 4 pots 1-5 series.
  8. Yup according to vin should have heated sports seats. Looks like its had some butchery done, trim panel covering centre console bolts missing etc as well. (Plus it just looks sticky! haha). Would be good buy if can get it cheap.
  9. @Sammos old E46 down the viaduct this morning, still looks stunner. New owner is looking after it
  10. That was Kevin Birds old car, the engines epic!
  11. Slowly creeping up the 300,000km point to put the fresh engine in, just because I want 300,000km on the OG engine when I pull it apart... for giggles (still runs fine). Ive also been struggling to find a clutch kit, the current clutch in it has 60,000km on it and is absolutely fine, but seems dumb to not throw a new plate at it when the box and engine are separate (box will be going to KB to freshen up) . Clutch service kit is a Valeo 828533 which is out of stock and backordered everywhere, I suspect the SMF conversion likely is using a clutch from another car with the same splines as BMW (or perhaps an early SMF BMW) , but no idea which, anyone have any ideas on how I could figure out what its from so I can look at other options rather than Valeo?
  12. Jacko

    Need help !!!

    Swapping in a 2.8 is going to be WAY cheaper than any supercharger... but as above. Just drive it and pay the bills.
  13. 200,000km is the break in period, not high ks Depends what service history is, my stock clutch lasted 230,000km etc. If hasnt had them done, you can expect at 230,000 - Sump gasket leak, rocker cover leaks, oil cooler leaks Waterpump (likely has been done by 230,000... mine was still going though) Suspension bushes shagged Guibos torn and centre hanger bearing sad Clutch and DMF Shifter bushes Diff bearings and seals Vanos solenoids dicky/coked up DISA valves rattly, particularly if - CCV failed and dumping oil into intake Nothing is particularly scary or expensive, and once done will go another 200,000+ km.
  14. But with mercs you see in traffic you dont have to dry heave, even if they are fairly generic they arent appalling. BMW have lost their way big time, not just in styling but in their brand ethos as a whole. I appreciate they also have to make money, but at what cost....
  15. Jacko

    Elias' 135i project

    I did a 5.4s 0-60 with 130, its definitely all about putting it down - LSD and decent tyres make all the difference.
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