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  1. There is a black 118i around here somewhere with those on em, its certainly... different.
  2. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Installed, works flawlessly, all the plastics etc are as good as OEM. Interesting its not a ripoff of the OEM part, theyve designed it from scratch... cant really complain at all.
  3. Actually pretty easy to find the plastic black top rocker covers, they're available cheaper than this too - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-valve-cover-3-0-l6-11127552281 The magnesium ones for the silver tops are stupid expensive...
  4. You definitely do not need to remove the radiator to do the waterpump and thermostat.
  5. https://www.bmw.co.nz/en/all-models/x-series/x7/2018/bmw-x7-inspire.html?
  6. ^ As above, totally not worth it on a 320 unless it was dirttt cheap and you had some sorta sentimental connection to the car in particular, regardless of km (which mean next to nothing on a 26 year old car, unless its been serviced regularly every single rubber or plastic part on the engine will be toast)
  7. Just ordered one of these too see, so cheap. Should be here in a few days. Its bizarre the price spread of them.
  8. Jacko

    E91 325i

    Best buy it back.. might be a steal
  9. Im assuming youve checked all plugs/pins/wiring for dickyness?
  10. Looks like a damn nice 130, I dont think thats actually too silly overpriced. Its overpriced, yeah, but.. maybe by a couple of grand Edit... singapore import...
  11. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Passengers rear door lock actuator has totally failed on the E91, it might be from the hit it took, but cant assed screwing with getting it sorted under insurance. The internal posts have snapped clean off, gears and levers flapping everywhere Out of curiosity has any tried any of the chinese replacement actuators? Theyre dirt cheap, but Im dubious... https://www.banggood.com/Rear-Left-Driver-Power-Door-Lock-Motor-Electric-Latch-Actuator-For-BMW-p-1366292.html?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_organic&gmcCountry=NZ&utm_content=minha&utm_campaign=minha-nz-en-pc&currency=NZD&cur_warehouse=CN&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgs&utm_content=haosen&utm_campaign=haosen-ssc-nz-en-backup-all-0115&ad_id=491700170368&gclid=Cj0KCQiA962BBhCzARIsAIpWEL090-mdfSwz8Ef-pq7OSea2h33o5fjfzXEHDqp0kiTcTKjPtkFuT1MaAh9UEALw_wcB
  12. Ahh, so I must be fourth owner? Did you put the ACS Type IVs on it? There are a few pictures of it floating around Hamilton car meets a few years before I bought it. Its definitely been looked after its whole life, I don't see myself selling it anytime soon. Its sister (A red manual NZ new 130, couple of s/n off of this one) was on trademe a couple of years ago, regret not buying it , but other than that not many of the Kiwi cars pop up at all.
  13. Haha kick ass Were you the first or second owner? I bought it off a family in Hamilton (160000 km ago )
  14. Could be a bunch of things wrong with it, from a stuck tappet to a blown rod end. Sounds like it popped when doing skids... I dunno if id bother when you can get working looked after e90 325s for peanuts.
  15. Its odd how BMW did so many different intake versions for making different noises, 330 has nothing, 130 has a little diaphragm and tuned snorkle that isnt plumbed into anywhere, and Z3 they plumbed it into cabin. Ive never heard a Z3.0 n52 in full angry mode, but the 130 certainly makes more a howl stock than 330 does.
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