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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/4801069665?bof=WHyKqQMP 😶
  2. 17s are always going to be a bit touch and go with 130 brakes, I suspect more dont fit than do.
  3. Smashed some B roads today in the eastern BOP, its so easy to forget how f**king good these cars are. Ive done 50,000km in the Skoda to 2000km in the 130. 130 is hands down a better car to drive hard, its in a different league. Skoda is a better car to sit in traffic with.
  4. Who bought the one in Chch on trademe? I was eyeing it up for parts... had some interesting bits on it.
  5. Fridges available in colours other than white and stainless, interesting.
  6. Sounds like DMF is in bits. Its not normal.
  7. LCI ones do, its garbage though, it just applies the brake to the spinning wheel.
  8. Equal length headers are soooo 1995, its all about those equal angles now. 90 degree ones.
  9. Some headers for sale on facebook if anyones keen.
  10. James has ChatGPT
  11. I "think" this is a car a looked at a few years ago for someone on here, at the time it had a bird sh*t welded 120 back box on it, dead clutch throwout bearing, and the rear arches were chewed out and cracked paint from poor fitment. Trying to find pics I took to confirm rego.
  12. Rear tweeters! Dude doesnt know he has Got to be the rarest 130 option, next to probably comfort access. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/4715309764?bof=awug6fto
  13. I dont know why they exist personally, looks fast, but is slower than a 1st gen nissan leaf, whilst using the same amount of gas as what should be the base model, the 325.... and on top of that the engine is a complete lemon. So you really got to ask yourself - Why?
  14. DMF's normally fail before the clutch, you'd be silly not to replace it at the same time.
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