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  1. White auto LCI with bent chassis rail on faceballs for $1k at moment, looks like a decent parts car
  2. Done a lot of reading about the modern Caddys... lots of DSG failures and turbos going pop...
  3. Pondered around a few car yards today, whenever I do Im always amazed at the terrible condition of cars a few years old and with odos with 5 digits on the clock. $50,000 cars that need a respray to fix... Didnt find a VW caddy, but found a shed load of Ractises (Racti?), the first generation has MUCH more cargo space than the newer ones. Seems pretty much on point with what I want, now I just need to find a white one (for sign writing) in 1.5l with flappy paddle gearbox (S trim... sporty!).. will keep looking into Caddys too.
  4. Off to bunch of dealers today to sample the market of small shitboxes to move strangely shaped boxes.
  5. Im running cheap ones of amazon, have been for about 3 years work sweeet as Cost like $40 for both or something silly. D1S 8000k is all that written on the generic white box.
  6. What are VW Caddys like, the 1.2 Tsi things?
  7. The 90s definitely were peak for fun cars... wonder if In 20 years will be saying the same thing about 130s for 6k I sold my very tidy shiney and straight R32 Type M manual coupe for 6k in 2001.... Was curious as to what they are worth now... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/nissan/skyline/listing/2826175107?bof=XDmkazNd
  8. Id code SPBR and see the difference, the actual volume of the caliper is probably similar to the 6 piston caliper bmwp ones.
  9. Ractis looks to fit the bill too, probably cant go wrong with vitz running gear 😕
  10. Heya, Im after a company work hack. Ideally a small van or panel van or even a ghastly little mpv thing, deisel would be nice if solid engine and not garbage. Auto/Manual dont care. Doesn't have to be huge, but the stuff I haul around for work is quite tall so doesn't fit into your average ute with a canopy etc. Things Ive been looking at include Daihatsu Materias/Toyota Bb/Cubes/Suzuki Carryall APVS (even a Nissan Scargo would work...) etc etc.. I hate myself but need to find something... Suzuki APV currently appeals the most, but I know nothing about them. Anyone had any experience with small hacks like this? (or willing to admit to it?)
  11. Jacko

    E61 Wagon Project

    OIl cooler seals?
  12. More people joining the cool kids club, pics or it didnt happen.
  13. Bastards putting boxes on it my bonnet and watching them slide off....
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