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  1. After market wheels that are missing hubcentric rings?
  2. But what would I use to hold my sammich then! (they got taped over right after pic )
  3. About the only things left to change on the 330 before it good for another 100,000km... First up oil cooler seal leaking all over sepentine belt then soaking all the waterpump area, then new starter... getting the intake manifold off on these things is about the worst job on whole car.
  4. The release data on the rx6000s looks legit, and the smart access memory stuff with Zen3 looks like a no brainer for new systems. Intel must be shitting emselves.
  5. Crazy low volts! Mines at 1.28v for 4.8, 1.32 for 4.9... starts to get warm though even with a 360mm AIO and not delidded. Its been running at 1.28v since new, happily. I amazed 4790ks can still hang with the big dogs (kind of!), on things like FS2020 at 4k its very much GPU bound still with a 2070 super.
  6. Im over here still rocking my 4790k@4.9Ghz like a boss 5 years on Zen 3 and a big navi are probably in my future next year, once the rush is over and pricing settles down.
  7. Toyota make so many small shitboxes with terrible names, Ractis is something like Recreation Active Sports... I dunno about the Toyota Isis... Was looking at a later model S ractis as well, which come with orange stitched sports seats and get rear wheel disk brakes, but the interior space on the later ones has nothing on the earlier generation so common sense won on the day..
  8. Ractis done, just got to sort out sign writing now. 1st gen racti, stupid large cargo area (thing is like a tardis) with fold flat rear seats. 1.5 big block, flappy paddle 7 speed gearbox, TRD exhaust and Koni sports struts and springs, and a couple of JDMAF subs under the front seats
  9. White auto LCI with bent chassis rail on faceballs for $1k at moment, looks like a decent parts car
  10. Done a lot of reading about the modern Caddys... lots of DSG failures and turbos going pop...
  11. Pondered around a few car yards today, whenever I do Im always amazed at the terrible condition of cars a few years old and with odos with 5 digits on the clock. $50,000 cars that need a respray to fix... Didnt find a VW caddy, but found a shed load of Ractises (Racti?), the first generation has MUCH more cargo space than the newer ones. Seems pretty much on point with what I want, now I just need to find a white one (for sign writing) in 1.5l with flappy paddle gearbox (S trim... sporty!).. will keep looking into Caddys too.
  12. Off to bunch of dealers today to sample the market of small shitboxes to move strangely shaped boxes.
  13. Im running cheap ones of amazon, have been for about 3 years work sweeet as Cost like $40 for both or something silly. D1S 8000k is all that written on the generic white box.
  14. What are VW Caddys like, the 1.2 Tsi things?
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