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  1. And plastic, they have a good one welding cranks on 4 pot lada engines end to end as well, think it got up to a straight 12
  2. Garage54 is great! The which way will pistons fly out of lada engine at 10k rpm video is scienceAF
  3. Less than 100k apparently, its had the rocker gasket done in the past with some sorta of goop (reminds me of hylomar) though and the goop that was on the inside went kinda brittle and flaky, I suspect that the globs are the remains of that combined with BMW scheduled oil changes. This is a bad one
  4. Has anyone looked into or familiar with DME tuning? Ive done a bit of hunting etc but got nowhere on tweaking MSV70s.. Im half tempted to try clone my DME and then screw with it... whats the worst that could happen . There are services like https://www.bimmerlabs.com/ but they seem dead, Ive sent them a few emails but got nothing back. Which kind of leaves the only tuning options I have being https://stagefp.com/
  5. Bit of progress, new bosch coils (took a bit of hunting to get the fully rubber booted ones, and the replacement connectors to update cars loom to suit), and a new rocker cover, new orings and seals on everything from vanos filters to camshaft triggers. Not too far off from being ready to swap in. Rocker cover replacements actually a nice job when its not in the car
  6. Id try an easy out, the snap on ones seem to work best. At least ali is easy to drill out.
  7. My 330s the same colour, it is a cool colour, not that it gets cleaned much but when it is the purple in it really stands out.
  8. ^ LCI / Blacktop - different sump
  9. Damn, fully aliexpress tuned as well. Those vents really subtle and don't jar at all with the rest of the interior, the seller is obviously a man of taste.
  10. Jacko

    WOF and Rego extension

    I think you'd have better odds of Auckland dropping to level 2 this arvo.
  11. Dont reaaaally need another engine... but for curiosities sake how much are you after?
  12. None of those bits sorry, well I have the binnacle lid buts its got a dent in it. Replacing it with the tray option is better anyway, fits a cellphone well (+wireless charging option)
  13. Flick me some pics of what your after and Ill have a looksee
  14. Anyone got any use for Pre-LCI black/silver alu Msport interior trim pieces, door cards/lowerdash/glove box etc. My pile of BMW bits is getting too big, if anyone wants them yell out and freebies, or they'll get spring cleaned. Probably worth $2000 in 10 years time when 130s Msports become the new E30 325s 😛
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