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  1. Amazon prime sometimes does really quick deliveries. If you are really hard up I have an aluminium mickeymouse one here, might be able to courier it to Qtown by the weekend.
  2. I had worn RE003s on the front of the VRS, still couple of mm of tread... thing is sketchy as sh*t in any rain (its also eating the fronts at an awesome rate). Aquaplanes all over the place on SH1. Just rotated them to try and kill a full set then will probably go to some Hankook Evo3s and hope they work better.
  3. Yeah N54 manifold is like 5bhp more at 7000rpm, but worse everywhere else. Id be keen for the velocity stack setup as well, dyno graph does look promising - gives a solid kick up top without making everything else poop.
  4. https://22rpd.com/blog/the-future-of-na-n52-no-throttle-body-bonus-beta-testing-sign-up Interesting, N52 becoming more of animal.
  5. One to keep an eye out for on tardme....
  6. One to keep an eye out for on tardme.... GA2AIhnGG_5V6D8DAPK4UlQVK_xbbmdjAAAF.mp4
  7. One to keep an eye out for on tardme.... GA2AIhnGG_5V6D8DAPK4UlQVK_xbbmdjAAAF.mp4
  8. One to keep an eye out for on tardme.... GA2AIhnGG_5V6D8DAPK4UlQVK_xbbmdjAAAF.mp4
  9. Jacko

    E87 door cards

    I have pre LCI ones you can have if you want, just sitting in the garage (and wont have the trim bits fall off... as there isnt any )
  10. Jacko

    135i big brakes

    Cheap as! FWIW the pistons are the same as a few porsche brembos, can get aluminium replacement ones for the weetbix ceramics for a few bucks each.
  11. Be worth is just in parts to be fair, looks like it needs a little TLC (and a wax)
  12. With 800Nm, just leave it in 5th...
  13. Just "drove" my route for 10km on google maps street view, only speed sign I saw was an open road speed sign laying in a ditch. Was one of roads that had their speed dropped in the gubments latest crackdown... its just no one remembered to put signs out it seems.
  14. Took the 130 for a very over due drive out to kaipara today, got pulled over on the way home... 100% police profiling 😕 Was in middle of queue of traffic doing exactly 100kmh, light truck in front of and behind me,... apparently the goat track out there is 80 (going to google maps street view it, because faffed if I saw any signs..)... I need to do some research into radar detectors.
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