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  1. Quaife, but the bearings are stock.
  2. Don't screw around with cheap rotors and pads, trust me, its not worth it. Biggest ball ache Ive ever had was constantly warped "brembo" rotors. Its worth paying for decent stuff. If its a stock car getting driven as per stock - ATE rotors and pads.
  3. Im running 75W140 (Royal Purple) as per KB recommendations, all works well and purple. Had run 75w90 for 250,000km previously before bearing damage.
  4. I dont want to change the odo, 300,000km unlocks extra street cred.
  5. LCI cluster into pre-LCI, its plug and play but coding it to suit my VO doesnt seem to work as servicing schedules havent transferred over (and its still reporting the old VIN on the kombi). Some sorta tamper proofing, odo reads correctly though. Oil temp is on the OBD2 feed on pre-lci cars, DME must use it, and has the sensor, but the PID for it is apparently topsecret so its unobtanium in Torque etc.
  6. Now with oil temp gauge thanks to Matt... few little errors still to solve but its working! @promo have you got the gear to clear the eeprom on a kombi?
  7. Oooo right in the 2006 model, Ill keep my magnesium rocker cover rather than costs saving plastics thankyou very much 😛
  8. If your wheel widths allow it go for a square setup on tyres, they're way more entertaining when driving with enthusiasm. Stagger just results in understeery.
  9. Definitely 6 pot, N52B30 is a peach - E91 330s E61 530s are the wagons. You'll get a nice one with that budget, and have spare for a stereo. I wouldnt consider a 530 sporty or fast, its a big car with an average sized engine, 330 is pretty fun to hustle though. If you want to go fast E91 335 with the N54 engine, but you'll be spending more in maintenance.
  10. Its happened, BMW are officially dead to me... the BMW ix50
  11. I keep seeing cars for sale on trademe that I only want bits of....
  12. Dripping in dealer silicon slime, but performance exhaust and bumper - https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/new-listing/3121995044?bof=Kpg39Gu3
  13. Looks very nice though, has the rocking horse sh*t rear tweeters too - https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/new-listing/3123463490?bof=Kpg39Gu3
  14. Thats pretty slick, todays BMW will never make it though.
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