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  1. Gearboxes are pretty rare, so it wouldnt be cheap. Not many cars (130s and Z4s) have the GS6-37 Clean/Manual/Nof**kery/low km/well serviced/nice (rare) wheels/prefacelift purity.... 15k is reasonable for the right buyer (and would be considered dirt cheap internationally)
  2. Nice. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3378674969
  3. One of each in right wheel drive, manual box, 6 cylinders.
  4. I use BMW coolant for The Purity.... and Penrite HPR5 because its the jam.
  5. Took it on an essential services run south of the border... feels like an achievement. strange days.
  6. Waterpumps fail at anywhere between 10,000 and 300,000km, they'll throw a check engine light though. Is it throwing a code?
  7. Wow, someone got an absolute bargain
  8. 130i registry has been started https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/134BvssGMK7jqiTlNn9AUErBILKyMdSpQY2enh6CRrEI/edit?usp=sharing Early days, will get updated and made less crude as it goes.
  9. Thats pretty cool, but 22k uncerted.... You'd be better off just getting a 135? Id guess 15ish...
  10. Are they the same mirror covers as yours? Got a link?, I had a search awhile back but couldnt find them.
  11. Yeah, its horse for courses though. The longterm tyre review online for them says 20,000km with a couple of track days (tuned sti wrx). Does it make sense on A-B transport, no. Does it make sense for a toy... arguably
  12. Jacko

    M235i LSD

    ^ This, its night and day even when mildly driving hard. I spent nearly half what I paid for the Birds B1 package on the 130, including the quaife. Was it worth it? Financially no it makes no sense, but would I do it again - Yes. One could make the same argument about any performance leaning car though. If you want to make wise financial decisions, buy a leaf.
  13. Couple of weeks on these tyres, the grip levels are epic, the front end rails around anything you throw at it at legal speeds. Definitely recommended for a cheapish performance tyre. No idea on how they are in the wet, or how well they wear, but goddamn grip conquers all Ordered a new radiator and a few more little bits left to swap engines, about all thats left is doing it.
  14. Jacko

    M235i LSD

    Get a quaife from birds
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