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  1. I'm on the look out for a clear front left hand (driver's side) indicator for a 2004 E46 318. Any help gratefully appreciated! Cheers, M
  2. Hi all, Well time to sell the car in prep for an overseas jaunt! TM Link: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.as...321&ed=true
  3. Cool, does that include a washer? How do I get money to you? Cheers, M
  4. Hmmm ... Couldn't find much on the washer pump itself apart from PA6 GB.GF30 - but the part numbers are: WASH PUMP 61661380068 GASKET 61661365657 Many thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I'm after a window washer motor for my 96 E36, the dam thing has given up the ghost. Any one got one going? Cheers, M
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