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  1. Hoping to get some help with coding a TMS for my LED adaptive lights, Got a new one, put it in and Esys noticed a new ECU installed. (showed two on the ECU tree, TMS 41 and 42) Had to update my eSYS and PZD files as it didnt work initailly. After that I was able to Detect CAf and then click code. Now the ECU tree only shows one TMS module, and ISTA shows no communication with STML and LHML_0x43 Did i do something wrong and brick the new TMS? Can it be revived? Read some mixed things about using tool32, and ISTA/p, but have not played with either
  2. Sigh good to see it working for others now too. Recently mine stopped working and says I need to purchase a subscription. Cant send destinations to the car anymore, no GPS tracking and no other remote services. I have read that overseas BMW are disconneting the old 3g cars (like mine) so may have impacted locally too.
  3. great ill try that, When i spoke to Auckland City BMW they gave me a firm no it cannot be done. Ended up just setting up a profile on the overseas connected drive site, and it works fine.
  4. Have read a little about connected drive. Have got a imported f11 that has this service that obviously is not working in New Zealand. Does anyone know if we can get any of its features enabled here? Namely the app to send navigation to the car, and to remote lock. I'm assuming I'll have to do this via the dealership? Or can it be coded? My understanding is that they use e-SIM so I can't just but a local sim card in. But not sure about this
  5. So checked codes again Got 2c57. Boost leak or faulty pressure sensor. Anyone had the same error on the n20. Google shows me alot of results wiht the n55. Could be I got coolant on the pressure sensor? Going to look on realoem now, but if someone can point me in the direction of the sensor that would be awesome.
  6. Then you should be able to change with the "m" button method. Give it a go, can take a couple of attempts to get it write. If Idrive, then would need to reprogram via OBD
  7. Will pull some codes tomorrow and see what I can come up with, Thanks
  8. Hi Denpin, Depends on your car, Idrive or normal radio?
  9. Hi guyshoping to get some pointers on what I should check.I have had a issue with oil in the coolant expansion tank, with suspect oil cooler.Yesterday I changed the Oil cooler, flushed coolant, changed expansion tank (old tank was too hard to clean and level sensor broken).At the same time I changed oil and filter.Looked fine, no leaks, all happy.Went for a drive to get oil level reading, and after warming up, gave it a bit of throttle. Got the ding engine malfunction reduced power. Car drives fine but feels like no more boost.After a cold start no errors until I reached the motorway (3km) at which point i had to accelerate more, got the ding at 75kmph.Have done a scan on INPA but engine error codes are in German.So looking for ideas on what It could be, before I take into dealer.Used a fully syn 5w/40 oil, could this do it?Or oil cooler not tight enough?Car is a 2012 x1 28i
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