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  1. Hey there all.I am half way through replacing the rear cover to my intake manifold.The car began to bellow smoke at start up randomly,so i thought this would be a great place to start. 1.Does anyone know what the plastic pipe running through the inside of the intake manifold- connecting to a plate at the rear does??Mine is just floating around!I have searched and discovered that it should have an O-ring. -I am hoping not to have to remove the throttle body etc. -Do you need this,and could i just get rid of it??? 2.The oil seperator pipe that runs to the back plate also(spring loaded) again was just pissing in the wind.It slides back in,but I donnot know the state of the O-ring and if it will seal etc. Any help or info would be much appreciated.
  2. As per,your info is gold Brent.Cheers heaps man.
  3. I am about to retro fit an after market head unit,and have to by pass the factory amp to do so.Are there any tricks to avoid breaking my door cards??thanks
  4. Hey there,I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to upload pics.It keeps telling me that they are too big.I minimised to 160x160 and it still wont let me!!Help please
  5. Thanks again mate,am about to go and check that out now.Is that your 850/840 in the pic??There is very little online about m6s online,so i really value your input.Cheers Adam
  6. All good mate, cant upload here sorry. Havent got one of the m6 and the Porsche yet...have some neat ones of the 540i Schnitzer and the 911.Just got back from Stuttgart and the Porsche Museum which was the driver to pull away from Japanese vehicles all together lol.Pics of the 540 on trade me at the mo mate,and cheers
  7. Just listed on trade me. Thanks
  8. Hey there,trying to resize...fingers crossed.What BS,tried changed to 160x 160(minimum) and still wont let me upload.
  9. This would have to be one of the best looking e39s in the country.I know that i am biased but truely has to be seen to be believed.The description is as follows: BMW 540i individual AC SCHNITZER package -NZ new -190kms -BMW service history -All Schnitzer extras -Lowered on Eibach springs(not too low) -20x10/8.5" Bayern chrome mesh wheels,with Michelin pilot sport 255/35 tyres ($8k package) -Black angel eye headlights -Blaupunkt Aftemarket stereo -BMC custom intake -Black leather with wood kit -35%tinted windows with blacked out window surrounds -All usual 2000 facelift extras. This is a tastefully done and very well looked after BMW 540i(not your average).It would make an ideal promotional vehicle or the likes of,as it attracts a lot of attention.The Schnitzer individual has another 15kw over standard,and with the intake who knows??If serious punters would like photos,I can PM them as my settings wont allow me to post on here. Offers over $15k. Thanks
  10. Thats a bit of a worry,considering this is an 86 model!Hmmm,no i have imported the vehicle privately.It appears to be in great shape,and fingers crossed it is all that when it arrives!!Thanks again for your advice regarding these vehicles.If i am going to get any sort of return on the vehicle,it looks like it will be going back offshore though .Ahh well,will enjoy it for a bit while it is here me thinks!Thanks again. Adam
  11. Yes sir!! ,have got one of them nose to nose..but need to modify my settings on here to allow me to upload.If somehow doubting my owning them though,i simply cant be bothered for your piece of mind.Thanks
  12. Lol pic is up...I think a 318tourer is a bit more of a porker
  13. Hey Brent,nup I just brought it..And it is a genuine M6 with 88000 kms(not miles) on it.Will bring it out to say gidday,when it arrives.Thanks again
  14. Thankyou so much for this very informative info.This is a lot less than what I was hoping to hear,and a hell of a lot less then what they are fetching up in Europe.I will endeavour post a lot of pics when it arrives.Thanks again. Adam
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