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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m6/listing/4729731976 Might have already been posted - apologies if so. Someone went to a lot of effort here.
  2. Hi - anyone got a spare lying around ? Regards Julian
  3. PJB

    e24 OBC repair

    Hi anyone in Auckland who can bring the OBC in my M635 back to life? Getting to the end of the to do list .... Thanks. Julian.
  4. Yep, good thing was there was no rips or tears or saggy bits .... just discolouration from being closed up in the dark, back-of-his-garage for so long.
  5. Guido at BM Workshop City got it going, Ross Lamb at BM workshop has a few other things to do on it and thru him Gavin at Hivelocity for tuning. Once the works complete (which includes a good bit of new exhaust) it'll go back to Gavin I hope to tune accordingly.
  6. Hi a number of you may have seen this car for sale a couple of months back. It's been pretty much out of sight for some years but is known to a few people and once again is back on the road with me as its third owner. #328 was NZ new and has just clocked up 116k km. If I have this right in 1991-ish the ACS wheels and body kit were fitted and the engine was given a healthy dose of Dinan "love and attention" upping its performance ... Mileage at that time was approx 80k km. There is no evidence of repair or rust, it's very original and except for the OBC everything works. As I understand it the same guys (guru's) have serviced and looked after it all their lives, which I find particularly cool. That said it's needed a little recommissioning , new tires have transformed it, leather rejuvenation has made it look like new inside along with a few bits and pieces. The biggest ticket item being a NOS AC radiator. Next week it's booked in to spend sometime with a couple of the well known BMW guru's being dyno''d. I'll let you know how it goes. Regards Julian
  7. Thanks guys, long story short have sourced a NOS item from the US - which is where I am at present. Should be done by the time it warms up at home !
  8. Hi - mine leaks like a colander. Struggling to find a new-replacement part locally. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  9. I have, but actually wasn't sure it was still available. That said will probably stick with the ACS stuff. Agreed re the wheels. Can't say I like the style that much myself. Re height - I'm not sure, it does look a little low but that might just be the kit/wheels ? i'll be in touch !
  10. Hi sorry I don't know re PN. Given the servicing was at JC and I believe his business was in Auckland I wouldn't have thought it was the same car. I highly doubt the kit will becoming off - except perhaps the boot spoiler which is the one inauthentic part. It was made locally.
  11. Short answer is no. I had the same concern but after a long talk with Guido (and using it to lever the $ down a little) I thought what the hell. If they sent the block over then it might still be matching #'s , if they didn't its a Dinan block effectively and for some that's enough. Its value now is that it is a tuner modded car done by the professionals in the era so to speak. Mark believes he will find the docs, he is/has separated and things are being gone thru and divvied up but I'm not holding my breath ...
  12. Thanks for the welcome The car is in for a bit of love - it has been sitting unused for a long time so there's fluids to change, hoses and bushes etc to check, probably new tires - and a tune needed. The standard boot spoiler will probably replace whats on it. I've been looking for a while to add to my small collection and frankly didn't expect to stumble across a M6 so am pretty excited by it (and Mark agreed to a bit of a discount from what he was asking). Will get some pictures up ASAP and make contact SS. Thanks for the offer. Do I confess now that I used to have an X5M ??? Roast on
  13. Chaps I bought this car. It’s the real deal. As some one said a very private owner who has never been on trade me before. quiet unassuming and honest I respect that Rather 80s in appearance I agree. I wish I still was. I think with classics that’s part of the point Not too many NZ new( about 20), 2 owner, lowish mileage where the same person has essentially serviced it from new to choose from The buffalo leather just needs a little colouring. It’s otherwise perfect. Everything works as advertised. No dings no rust and only factory/Dinan hot rodding so what’s not to like? the body stuff and wheels are easily changed. And might be one day. The engine is part of its history. Fitted by one of BMW NZ agents. It also makes it rather faster than stock Im happy :)
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