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  1. Refer to my post January 23... Can anybody recommend me where to get my trunk door lock fixed...it doesn’t function by itself, I have to use the car key to open it every time...... thanks in advance
  2. Thanks your for advice Andrew! I've been to Ernst and his team at Bavarian before! Going to bring my car in next week! I think Ernst's has replaced his suspension on his own suspension to standard struts - might be a good long term option cause its been giving me lots of trouble!
  3. Hi folks, I own a 1992 525i (E34) Touring for 27 years. Recently it has been leaking a lot of oil from the rear self-leveling suspension. Can anyone recommend a good, honest, good priced place to get it fixed cause I am on a tight budget and can't go to a dealer! I also have a rear trunk door lock that no longer works would love to get that fixed too. I am based on the North Shore in Auckland. Thanks heaps and look forward to your advice and replies
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