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  1. Rego : LSH524 Hey team. Im needing to replace all my front bushings, my right side needs it most but I may as well replace all left and right. Could 1 simply quote the part numbers for each individual bushing for my model car as I am unsure about this and want to be confident when completing the purchase. And also to answer why is Lemforder bushings cheaper than the Genuine BMW? I thought Lemforder manufactured the OE bushings? BMW bushings charge $77 and Lemforder $23 (USD via FCPEURO) any answers to this would clear up my curiosity. I’ll keep my stock arms for the time being as I know M3 arms are a decent upgrade. But I’m focused on the maintenance first. Help is much appreciated.
  2. If I was to replace my CCC unit for another I understand the procedure to re-code it to my car . But to understand to buy the right unit as I’m buying from a dude with 2 units from 1 being 320d 07 and 2nd being 08 335i which I assume is part with lci.
  3. Hey guys could I have some assistance one finding the part number for my ccc unit. Rego is LSH524
  4. Thanks mate, Ill do some looking this coming Saturday and Sunday. I’ll keep you in mind. Appreciate the help.
  5. Can someone please assist on maintenance steps to execute this problem, I will drop below a reading via Carly. help is much appreciated!
  6. I’m not looking to spend large amounts on new M3 arms, just decent bushings for a weekend drive.
  7. Would u recommend poly bushings also?
  8. Would u recommend poly bushings also?
  9. Control arms themselves or all bushings within the arms?
  10. Needing advice!! Would anyone know the exact bushing for this arm. RH bushing. Needing to replace ASAP as it has worn out, just by physically moving it with my hand shows. The ride of this is not nice atm, rocks when entering reverse etc. What other bushings should I be looking at replacing if the RH bushing needs replacing ?
  11. DreDurk

    Loss of power

    Cheers for the info man, appreciate it and I’ll keep you updated via this thread. Also, could the type of fuel company im using effect this? I mainly use waitomo, 91, I’ve heard these places use 10% ethanol blend? Which could be why it’s so dirt cheap most times?
  12. DreDurk

    Loss of power

    This has all happened within the 10th of July this year. Sutherland Performance wellington scanned my car and nothing came up. No check engine light until I got halfway on my trip up north. (Which was a fright) only maintenance some was install new battery...n check my suspension n came back with my RH control arm bush is worn.
  13. DreDurk

    Loss of power

    No ABS light, but vividly remember it popping up a couple times a few months ago. But that was when I had my old battery which had a bad battery cell. I was removing it from my car to trickle charge it every 2-3 days. Could my IBS be it? There are other faults too (as of today’s date) but 99% of these faults are electrical issues.
  14. DreDurk

    Loss of power

    I got this scan back with my own. Both right n left front speed sensors have triggered too.
  15. I’ve pulled out what I can. I’m not an auto electrician expert so I assume it’s best to get it professionally pulled out before I get my head unit changed into an aftermarket one. When installing an aftermarket Unit does the original CCC get pulled out or does the aftermarket need CCC to function?
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