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  1. Z4NZ

    Z4 E85 Driveshaft

    Took it to Mint Motors besides Russel’s driveshaft rebuild shop. They said driveshaft seems fine. The clunking/ rattling sound is coming from diff? Any suggestion who repairs differential?
  2. Hi Guys, My Z4 E85 got clunking noise coming from the driveshaft when going into reverse or drive. No noise while driving. Only when change the gear to R or D. Taken to BM workshop.They quoted for used or new driveshaft assembly, donut and hanger which is quite expensive. Is the driveshaft repairable or rebuildable? Can you please recommend a good solution? Thanks in advance!
  3. I’m not 100% sure. Is there any way to check that?
  4. Previous owner had H&R springs with stock suspensions. It was horrible! I have replaced all the shocks to Bilstein B6 with factory shocks. so far no major issues. But I can feel the bumps quite a lot due to low profile tyre.
  5. Good Morning, Hope everyone is having a good weekend. just came to say Hi! I own a Z4 E85. Looking forward to meet z4 owners at some point. cheers!
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