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  1. Thanks Qube. I appreciate you taking the time to have a look and giving me that feedback. The joys of buying a second hand car I guess - difficult to know if any problems will arise.
  2. https://www.eurocars.co.nz/vehicle/2013-BMW-320D/3331?s=1
  3. So, I'm looking at 2013 320D M-Sport. Imported from Japan with N47 with about 95k on the clock. I haven't seen the service history yet and I'm not sure the dealer will have it. Do you think I'm risking expensive repairs with that car? I'm planning on getting a pre-purchase inspection done at Auckland City BMW. Are they likely to be able to give an indications whether the timing chain is likely to cause issues or is there no real way of knowing?
  4. Thanks for all the replies to my question. It has been very helpful. I'm now leaning towards the auto and have driven 2013 models of both an Edition 30 and an M-Sport. Quite liked the M-Sport but not sure whether I'm committing myself to high ongoing service costs based on some of the comments above. Thanks again for your advice.
  5. Hi, I'm new on this site and just looking to buy my first BMW and would appreciate feedback. I'm looking at 2012 - 2013 320d. One option is a 2012 6 speed manual imported when new from the UK. It is very tidy but only basic specs. The other option is a 2013 auto NZ new 30th Edition. This has 30k less on the clock, about $4k more expensive and higher specs. I'm really keen to buy a manual (I like to drive rather than be driven) but wonder if flappy paddles and the higher specs would be a better buy. Any thoughts? Thanks
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