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  1. Your right I didn't mark them and reconnected them on the basis of where the wires sit naturally. I'll try that though. Thanks.
  2. Awesome, I'm in Browns Bay. I have messaged you. Thanks.
  3. So the Creator C310+ looks to be around $90 and 2 weeks away from Amazon or $170 from Trademe! Others on Trademe seem to be very cheap which probably means they are crap. Is there anything sub $100 available locally that will get me past the immediate concerns, in other words I'm not worried about using this long term for other things.
  4. Thanks M3AN, I'll spend some time on the car tomorrow, I decided not to put all the covers over the engine and under the car until I had it running, so my goal tomorrow is to get it to a drivable state. Then I'll take it out and see if I'm confident I can get over the bridge. I'll be in touch again after that. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the welcome qube and for taking time to reply. I am frustrated but not ready to walk away as yet, hence the question to the forum. If anyone has some suggestions as to the next step and an affordable OBD2 reader, or can recommend an Auckland service agent to take the car to I'll be happy to receive your comments.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for some help with the above car. I bought the car for my daughter just before she had a baby, that was three months ago now. Within 3 weeks I replaced the AC unit at $1300, then the car started making more noises and Low oil warning kept popping up. Took the car to North Shore BMW who said the timing chain needs replacing and the valve stem seals need replacing. Just under $6K quoted, so this would make it a $14K car! So I paid the diagnostic fee and took the car home. So in desperation I looked up the repairs on Youtube, bought the locking tools, engine support, and the BimmerZen valve spring compressor 3D printing files (printed by a local guy) plus all the parts.http://bimmerzen.com/store/product/4/BMW-N42N46-VSCT-3D-model-STL-files Timing chain kit (guide and chain) Valve stem seal set VANOS solenoid o-rings: 11367546379, 11367506178 2 x VANOS bolts: 11367500574, Crankshaft front radial seal: 11117511395, Oil Drain Gasket ring; 07119963151 Sump Gasket;: 11137511224, I crankshaft bolt: 11237503107 oil pickup tube o-ring: 11417507756 Oil filter housing gasket GE 7411 5W-30 Synthetic oil Oil Filter Antifreeze After a few very long nights and a lot of double checking, I was about to refill the water when I spotted that I'd snapped the breather on the top radiator hose. After taking the google advice to apply WD40 and having 3 goes (walking away to calm the farm) at getting the top hose off, I use the remaining google advice to used brut force. Nec minit, snapped the radiator pipe off. Now the new radiator and top hose was added to the list of parts. Finally I start the engine, its running like a pig and I see the yellow check engine light, half yellow is on. It seems the engine is in basically limp mode. I note that there seems to be a fair bit of pressure in the rocker cover but I cant figure out if that's "normal" or not. I expect the next step is a UBD2 scanner! I'm now at the end of my run with this car, I'm reading every night and falling into black holes. My wife says get rid of it as is, but I feel I'm close. Any advice from this group please? and please remember my sense of humor is at rock bottom... It would be good to have the car running before my grandson can walk! Steve.
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