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  1. A while ago I had my alternator and drive belt replaced by a workshop in Christchurch, after a couple of months my drive belt snapped. I took it back to the mechanic that replaced it and apparently the alternator they put on had the wrong size pulley, so they machined a new one and replaced it under warranty. Fast forward 6 months, and when I’m pulling out of a parking space my high pressure power steering hose ruptures. This was caused by the new alternator pulley rubbing up against the power steering hose (pics below), and again this was replaced under warranty by the mechanic. Now nearly a year later, the exact same thing has happened again. I was pulling out of my parking space and the ground was covered in power steering fluid, and again it’s coming from a hole that was ground into the hose by the alternator pulley. It sounds like they are going to replace the power steering hose under warranty again for the second time in under 12 months. So I really have two questions: 1) If anyone here has an e46 320D, how close does the OEM high pressure power steering hose run to the alternator pulley? The one that they installed on mine sits probably less than 1cm away so when the hose flexes or the engine moves they touch each other. Also are there any clamps or ties that are supposed to hold the power steering hose clear of the alternator pulley? 2) Just in general, does anyone have any tips for when I go in tomorrow to make sure that they deal with the problem properly?
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