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  1. So, As of yesterday my M52B28 powered BMW is running one of the Link G4X ECUs. It was dyno and road tuned and is currently running quite well. Plenty of torque in the low RPM range (pulls strong from 2000RPM) and a nice linear power delivery to redline. You might ask, "what do you want from us then?"... Well, take a look at the dyno printout below, specifically the comparison between the two curves, one curve is with VANOS engaged, one is with VANOS turned off. What we are looking at here is a significant reduction in power and torque with VANOS ON! I have my theories, please provide yours if you don't mind. - Could be that the intake cam is an aftermarket item? -Could it be that the intake cam has been set to be advanced even with VANOS off by previous owner? [Strange as I would expect to lose a great deal of low end torque if this is the case) FYI: VANOS unit was recently reconditioned and it is clearly engaging as we are seeing SOME sort of response on the dyno curve. Operation was also checked at time of reconditioning. The intake cam does not align with the cam lockout tool when the engine is at TDC.
  2. 'Dunkelblau' straight navy blue with no metallic or flake.
  3. Well... It looks very 'used ' in these photos. it is booked in for a full paint job though, so very soon it will be a real looker.
  4. A Chad

    Getrag 240

    I'm looking for a G240 gearbox only. I need a spare so that I can rebuild the one currently in my vehicle, so no other 'conversion' parts required, just the gearbox.
  5. Hi all, I've been kicking around NZ euro car clubs for over a decade, so many older members here might remember me. I'm not known for owning Beamers in particular, I've had almost everything else though, including a foray into american muscle. I did however meet my wife through a shared love of the blue and white oval (she was an e30 fan girl when we first met, I had an Opel), my present project is potentially going to become an heirloom for our son... If I build it right that is. So, on to the current project. It is a 93' e34 that I purchased originally as a pile of parts, since then it has become effectively a tractor, being the only vehicle in the fleet with a tow bar. It's been with us for over 6 years now and through sheer competence and exemplary reliability, the old girl has earned a place in the family. So.... it's time for some TLC, and this old e34 is going to need a birthday.
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