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  1. It's in a Jap import in the center console - looking for some sort of aux adapter, but have never seen a connection like this - 2009 Model
  2. Ok thanks I will give it a go! I don't think it's pitting, as its mainly on the front alloys.. seems like previous owners let some road residue/tar sit there too long if that makes sense
  3. Hi all, testing my luck here... Does anyone know of a tried and trusted fix to get fid of these little black tar buildup bumps on my alloys? They are definitely too stuck in there to scrub off with a sponge and soap... I have also tried to scratch them off but they end up damaging the alloy itself, please see pic for reference Thanks
  4. Hi all, looking for a second hand BMS or AFE intake for my N55. These seem to be notoriously expensive to purchase new and can take weeks to get, so want to try my luck here and see if anyone has or knows where to get one? Pics attached for correct model Thanks all
  5. Hi does anyone have a MHD Wireless Adapter they want to sell? Thanks
  6. BMW.KMY

    N55 Intake

    Yes similar, but the one I need goes on the other side of the engine, hoping someone has one they want to sell locally, as I can only find them online shipped from USA
  7. BMW.KMY

    N55 Intake

    Bump, Anyone have/know where to get?
  8. BMW.KMY

    N55 Intake

    Hi looking for an aftermarket intake for N55 BMS or similar brand, does anyone have one they need to sell or know where to source? Open to other options if anyone has experience with a different one, photo below: Thanks
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