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abs controller fault error code 5DF5

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Hello everyone,

I am owning a mini cooper 2002 and few days ago got three (abs, pressure brake) lights on my dashboard. Upon scanning I received the error code 5DF5 and recommendation of replacement of abs control unit which costs $ 2300. This is totally out of my budget and I want some cheaper options to get rid of these lights.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you


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5DF5- Control unit internal error.  Yep, time for another ABS module.

I haven't had to work on a Mini yet, but know that INPA talks to them as does my Foxwell NT530 with BMW software.  So, the process of changing the ABS unit should be the same as for a BMW.

1) Take the part numbers off your existing ABS unit and go shopping for a second hand unit.  Only get one with the same part numbers.

2) Install the ABS unit.  For some BMW's you only need to swap the electronic box.  This means you can leave all of the brake pipes alone and avoid having to bleed the car.  Don't know if that's the case for the Mini?  It will depend on access and the type of ABS module used.

3) Code the ABS module to the car.  NSCExpert is the software tool to use.  It comes as part of the INPA software pack, which is free from various places on the interweb.  Load INPA onto a Windows laptop.  You need the Special USB-OBD2 cable which is cheap.  Here is one source  https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2184573-The-Z3-Diagnostics-Thread-Instructions-Experiences-Discussions-Experimentation

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