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F20 M135i

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Hi all

It seems now isn't the time to sell an M135i - so I'm not putting mine on Trade Me (or anywhere else) until the new year some time.

That said, I have no need for an extra car so if anyone here wants it, you can have it for $21k - and I'll chuck in a couple of bimmersport.co.nz stickers you may or may not want to put on the car (or elsewhere lol). I have a couple of people keen but unable to get the funds together immediately so if one of them does so then it'll be gone; will update this post when/if that happens.

Car has a decent BMW service history in iDrive and presents/drives well... especially for this kind of price. No, it's not the best one for sale - but looking at Trade Me it isn't the worst either. Get yourself a bargain.

Here's the spec details: https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/wba1b720x0j777037

m135i 1.jpeg

m135i 4.jpeg

m135i 6.jpeg

m135i 7.jpeg

m135i 8.jpeg

m135i 12.jpeg

m135i 11.jpeg

m135i 16.jpeg

m135i 14.jpeg

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Have relisted on Trade Me with an $18k start and no reserve... if someone wants to put me out of my misery and get themselves even more of a bargain - that'd be grand!


And no - it won't be relisted again, or offered at a lower price.


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