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Cabin fan noise while driving

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Wonder if some could tell my why the fan makes a noise while driving and seems get worse when  accelerating. 

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Does the noise change with the fan speed? It's kind of hard to tell in the video but I think it does?  If it is, an easy first thing to look at would be the blower motor.  It's #1 on this diagram, access is from the passengers foot well and it's relatively easy to remove.  https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=UN73-USA-07-2013-E88-BMW-135i&diagId=64_1453  .  Just a call out in case you get parts from overseas - this part is different on left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles.

If there's nothing obvious  during a visual inspection maybe you can test it out of it's housing to see if the noise still occurs in the car when it's removed? 

Another line of thought is does the noise happen when the a/c is turned off?  if not you might want to get an a/c person to look at the a/c side.  An easy first step would be checking the refrigerant level.

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