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Keeping my Grand father’s E46 alive

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Hello everyone,

I’m Thomas and I live in Paris. Ooooh outrage.. Yeah sorry, I wish  I lived in NZ but that’s what it is. I actually live on the west side of Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt, just next to the seine river and the Forest of St-Cloud. (You really can’t make that sh*t up)

Long story short, my grand father was big on cars (used to work in those Peugeot and Renault car manufacturing plants) and his last two cars were Bmw’s. He was very proud of owning a BMW in the late 90’s and early 2000´s. Fast forward 20 years, when I came back from New York and settled back in Paris in 2021, I inherited the E46 316ti Compact which had at this time something like a 280k mileage.

Today It just passed 300k and I would like to maintain it so it goes another 100k, 200k, maybe another 300k on the same N42 engine.

I’ll share a few pictures of my loyal bimmer with you guys.

I recently read a post by another user named Alan who had issues with his E46 N42B20 and I saved a full post response going through the details of the issues I had on my E46 N42B18.

I’ll look on the forum and see if I can find it again.

Cheers to all and good shifting ;)





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