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  1. graememck

    E32 735i vs E34 535i

    I owned a 1993 e32 740iL for 6/7 seven years and absolutely loved it. So much so that I bought a 2001 e38 740i Sport which I have had for a few years now and also absolutely love. Despite all the concerns that people often raised about being expensive to repair, etc., I never had any real troubles. I spent some money on the e32, but nothing too expensive. The only real problem was the after-market wheels that the previous owner had put on that caused the dreaded 55mp/h shimmy—due to not centring properly on the hubs. I loved the size of the 7 series over the 5 series, especially with 3 kids, and I personally think that the e32/e38 are wonderfully proportioned. The other great thing about the 7 series is that they offer great bang-for-the-buck compared to the 5 series. The V8s are fantastic and driving the e38 always puts a smile on my face. Just my 2c worth.
  2. graememck


    I had this problem (trans failsafe prog), intermittently, with my e38 and replaced the battery. Doing the simple battery test available via the car diagnostics it was reading only 11.5V. Also, the battery was 7-8 years old so I figured I would be up for a replacement battery some time soon anyway. Haven't had any problems since then but it has only been a month or so.
  3. I have purchased a BM23 radio module to replace my Japanese radio. I read somewhere that you can unplug the useless Japanese navigation computer and run using the TV tuner. Is this right and what will I lose, if anything? (I am running a Dice media bridge in place of the CD changer). If so, what is the procedure? Graeme
  4. graememck

    AppleTV integration with E39 BMW

    This sounds like something that I could go for! Well done. Just a couple of questions: • Did you do do the installation yourself? If so, what was the difficulty? • Am I allowed to know how much it cost you? Myself, I am not so concerned about the video, even though getting output via the Apple TV1 is quite a find! I have a Japanese navigation system so any (OEM) solution involving the 16:9 screen I have will be big money. I am tossing up whether to do something similar or just waiting out for a whole new touch-screen system to to replace what I have. I am a Mac-head so your solution certainly appeals to me. Graeme
  5. Has anyone tried using a wireless router to stream music from iPod/iPhone and Apple laptops through their stereo systems via exposing some RCA leads in the trunk? I suggest an Apple Airport Express because: it is compact; can use airplay to stream music from iPhones, etc.; uses wireless N. Pros: No need for wires for connections; multiple devices can be connected; could be expanded to provide a fully fledged media server Cons: Need an inverter; doesn't charge iPhones, etc., relatively expensive. Any thoughts/comments?
  6. graememck

    2001 e38 740i M-Sport

    Hi, You can import a late model 2000 or 2001 (GH-GG44) up until the end of the year then regulations change again to make it impossible. The funny thing is that the engines in the 1999 and 2000 are exactly the same as the 2001 model, as far as I can understand at least, but weren’t officially certified by BMW as meeting the new (at the time) emissions standard. Graeme
  7. Recently picked this car up: imported from Japan (thanks carwebs) with less than 43000km on the clock. I had been looking, and bidding, for a good example for the last two years so it was a relief to get such a good (so far) example. Genuine M-Sport with low-ratio diff, M-Pars wheels, vavona redwood trim, anthracite headlining, etc. Previously I enjoyed a 1993 e32 740iL for six years (205000km). It gave me such great service (and with no major issues) that I felt emboldened to “trade up.†I looked at a 540i but I have a wife and three teenage kids so the 7 series is a bit more practical. Also, thanks to other people taking such a huge depreciation hit, they represent really good value for money. Regards, Graeme
  8. graememck

    Error in uploading pictures

    Thanks everyone for your help. I had resampled the images to 1024 pixels wides but I will resample and try again. I couldn’t find any information about this in the Help. If it isn’t there (I may have missed it) might I suggest adding it to make it easier for people like me. Regards, Graeme
  9. Hi, I have registered, sent and received a PM, but cannot add images to my posts. (I want to upload pictures of my new car). I have tried saving out of Photoshop CS3 in various JPEG formats but it doesn’t work. "The image you tried to upload appears to be an invalid image." I am not a noob when it comes to computers so I can assure you that I am trying to upload valid JPEG files. I have also tried making a gallery but suffer the same fate when it comes to uploading images. I am using a Mac and have tried two different browsers (Safari and Firefox) to make sure it is not an issue with your forum software and a particular browser. Finally, I get an error when trying to email the administrators (hence this post)! ("No such person at this address") Thanks Graeme