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  1. It's my old baby!! You've done one hell of a great job here Ray!! I'd buy her back in a heart beat if I wasn't leaving!
  2. Sounds like he's aiming his question at someone that may own the same car he's after and hoping to hear from their experience.
  3. Hi Guys, Check out the following Youtube video I've made on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3jqkbqU-vI&feature=youtu.be Car broke down last weekend - dumped a whole heap of coolant. 2 weeks prior I had a brand new radiator installed. Not sure what would cause this. A mechanic friend of mine seems to think the engine has seized and blown head gasket but I'm not quite sure on that... Any info is greatly appreciated if she is repairable ( without putting a new engine in )...
  4. Hi Guys, Well it sucks to say that I'm pretty sure my engine has seized on me yesterday. Had a friend of mine that's a BMW mechanic look at it and seems like head gasket is done and engine won't turn over at all which is an utter shame! The funny thing is, brand new radiator was installed 2 weeks prior along with major service. So... To sell as rolling body? Car has 149kms, Wof'd till 2016 and reg till end of this year. I personally would love to throw a new engine in her but that won't make sense as I'm leaving NZ in 2 months for the UK. I'll be getting a detailed breakdown of the issue tomorrow. Any idea how much a rolling body would fetch? She's a 2002 Silver E39 Motorsport 530i. So gutted about this!!!
  5. Love how they call the back of the car a lounge...
  6. Filth

    FS: E92 M3 Manual

    Out of interest - what do you do? 23 and to own a 50k car - you know something most don't!
  7. Filth

    FS: E92 M3 Manual

    Tidy M3 dude! What are you buying next?
  8. Thanks dude - I'm in the city unfortunately but really appreciate the offer!
  9. Here is an updated Video - The sound seems to have gone ( for now ) but engine light remains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ezbd361e0&feature=youtu.be
  10. Thanks Hybrid! I think you could be bang on with this because over the past month I've notice the throttle not being as responsive as what it was. I'll post another video shortly.
  11. Hi Guys, So this morning I turn my car on and a weird sound is coming from the engine. Never heard it before and she's not sounding healthy, engine light has come on - I checked the water and it was running quite low. Decided to top it up and I've discovered a crack in my radiator ( joy ) so that's no biggie but I'm quite concerned about this sound. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is my engine bung?? Here is a short video on the issue: https://youtu.be/uveUX3B62CU
  12. Cheers for the info Hyde! Might catch you in the UK next year :-)
  13. The thing is re the 1.6k excess is I've spoken to my insurance company - I may have to pay two excess $800ea as the damage happened at different times... don't think there's a way to get around that otherwise I'd happily pay the $800 to have her all shiny again
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