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  1. sdotmac

    e39 M5 17" replica wheels & pirelli tyres

    Hi - keen. Give me a bell/text on 021 22 00096 - Cheers, Shane
  2. Brilliant - thanks Allan. I'd completely failed to find the bodge options in my search online. As a proud bodger this shames me greatly.
  3. Hi - Does anyone have an E39 Touring subframe-bush removal tool I can rent for cash/beers? My 1997 E39 rear subframe bushes are shot and the nice BMW man suggests it'll be around $1500 bucks to sort. I'm comfy with the DIY and from what I can make out the interweb can supply Lemforder replacements for a lot less than the $275+ per corner quoted. Also - looks like a simple job (like all eventual 8 week repair odyssey's) - has anyone done this & are there any gotcha's? Cheers, Shane PS- - first time posting - found then lost a tools thread. Please move this post/put me straight as necessary!