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  1. Had the sohc version of this and 2x ZR-4’s. Great cars.
  2. Suzuki super carry. They’re rwd i think.
  3. Yep you only have to search on youtube for Arthur Tussik to see how repairs are done overseas on rails... Pull the rail out, cut a window where the kink remains and straighten that piece further using a hammer. take the piece cut off and straighten on a bench then weld all back together and paint. An amazing guy but that approach wouldn't cut it over here when the engineer inspects.
  4. A belated 21st present has been ordered for the M5. - Clutch kit and at the same time a shifter rebuild using some new bits I have had stored away. -full suspension kit including shocks, all arms, ball joints, steering parts etc. Everything except subframe bushes and wheel bearings. diff bushes, diff seals, drive shaft cv, centre bearing and flex coupling were replaced in late 2018. -valve cover seals, air filters, cabin filters and fuel filter. Oil change to be done at same time. Be a good opp to also fit 4 new CPS's i've had in storage too. Planning to take it down to the end of the south island next year and will be looking forward to driving it on all the fresh parts.
  5. Yep I broke a few of the tabs removing that cover. Pain in the ass! Have a bit of a google, i think it might need to slide down and then off once the top tabs come loose. Can’t quite remember but good luck!
  6. Not too sure if any company would let you hire the use of a hoist because of safety reasons. I looked in to setting up a hire a hoist a few years back.
  7. I had an issue with the rear centre seatbelt where it'd lock when you put the seat back down and not unlock preventing the seat back from going back up. Had to unbolt the rear lower seat base and unbolt the seat belt anchor off its bracket, that got old quick. To fix I removed the rear panel off of the seat back and removed the mechanism that does the seatbelt lock, it's some tricky ball and cup thing. It doesn't affect the seatbelt however from locking when you yank on it though. No issues with getting a wof.
  8. The headlight washers are more like bonnet and bumper sprayers that leave water marks all over them. Pick up some e60 washer jets, a good upgrade over e39 ones.
  9. I’ve found genuine bmw parts are cheaper on Schmiedmann vs fcp euro. But for good aftermarket fcp euro is better.
  10. Use something like bmwfans.info to see if the 98’ ones part number matches the 03’ car.
  11. The other alternative is to get a mate who vapes.
  12. Had a nosey at the drains under the ebox and brake booster bulkheads?
  13. The repairs don’t last long. Ok if you’re planning to keep for a short while otherwise just buy new from fcp euro. No coding needed for the asc modules on m5x powered e39’s iirc.
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