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  1. The starter motors must be beefed up to cope with all the extra work, I haven’t really heard much at all on early failures in bimmers with stop/start tech.
  2. Echoing @Olaf ‘s comments. Loving the F25 30d. We average 8.6l/100km and a tank lasts about 2-2.5 weeks. Ours is msport nz-new but with standard suspension. It is a tad harsh over sharp bumps with the RFT’s but it’s not a deal breaker. The 20d is a little lack lustre, you’d struggle overtaking up a hill easily, which is my benchmark for performance. The 35i is nice but I could see us having to fill up once a week. Compared to the 30d the 35i is quicker from 100km/h onwards when i was test driving.
  3. I've been trying to chase an annoying rattle coming from the engine bay when giving it some jandal since I bought this car in 2015. I had literally been through everything I could think of including opening up the engine, checking timing, bleeding lifters, compression test etc etc. It turn out the rattle was coming from loose exhaust manifold nuts FFS. lol. Of the 4 nuts i could access on bank 1, 2 were quite loose, and one wasn't even finger tight. I still need to check the other 4 nuts but for now the rattle has completely gone. This is a very good example of troubleshooting from the most complex and expensive part first and working your way back to the easiest and cheapest, which is very wrong. I feel like a F*cking plonker, but at the same time I'm very happy!
  4. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t software out there that can be used to overcome 20 year old bmw security systems. Thieves overseas are stealing later model BMW’s and European cars. Sounds like NZ’s scum are starting to catchup.
  5. Unfortunately it will just keep growing back until a cure is found…
  6. Name one Western country that doesn’t have organised crime. NZ is just a piss in the ocean compared to other countries. John Dee your posts just reek of a ‘stamp it out’ approach towards it. The outcomes of organised crime are disgusting, something that I think we’ll never get rid of.
  7. Put it on a hoist and inspect everything underneath, then balance what needs/should be done against your budget.
  8. Hit me up if you want to code the lcm
  9. Gave the X3 a much needed clean on the inside and out.
  10. There’s nothing more expensive than a cheap bimmer
  11. Could be the timing chain tensioner but more likely the vanos.
  12. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    I've had good luck getting e39 xenon units via ebay uk. They will more than likely need new adjusters and a good wetsand polishing session. I think the last pair i got for my old touring were $280 landed.
  13. Replaced the hedgehog in the M5 after the interior fan developed a mind of its own. Impressive that it’s the original one from 1999.
  14. In the interest of safety which governments around the world have a very big interest in. Anyway, nice lineup @HELLBM
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