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  1. I quite like this colour on a big coupe. It seems the 2021 90's classic car appreciation multiplier hasn't hit this one.
  2. I don’t think lying through her teeth is possible.
  3. Slow progress getting it back on road. All parts arrived to be able to fully re-assemble, but noticed that there was evidence of leaking from one of the plenum oil return hoses. Being that all 3 were original 1999 date coded parts along with the radiator, hoses and fan clutch I decided to renew all of these given their age and reluctance to have to re-visit working on this engine any time soon. So another week or 2 and those parts should arrive. In the mean time i’ve fitted all new idler pulleys, new gen bmw alternator, replaced the ac pulley clutch bearing and re-installed the bank 1 upper chain cover.
  4. One’s faster and one handles better. E46 will probably be cheaper to maintain.
  5. Time for some maintenance in the engine bay. Leaking valve cover gaskets and a good attempt to sort an intermittent engine rattle that comes and goes and has been there since owning the car. Thought the timing might be slightly off but it was perfect, but did notice the main chain sprocket on the b1 intake came was off by 1 tooth compared to b2. Vanos should compensate for this easily, but it just meant that the intake cam couldn’t reach its full range of travel on advancement. Certainly didn’t feel down on power but good to correct this while it’s apart. Suspect po’s engine builder got this wrong and i did not notice way back when I refurbished the vanos units. The secondary air pump line bracket on b1 was loose due to the threads in the upper chain cover being stripped out. I think that may have caused the rattling but will have to see when it’s back on the road. 4 new cps’s to go in and a set of fresh plugs and filters. I forgot how much of a c u n t changing cps’s out on the s62. Ordered a new alternator too as the lights were flickering at idle and bearings starting to get grumbly. New belts and idler pulleys to boot also. Good to see after nearly 6 years of ownership it’s still very clean inside and the chain guides are mint.
  6. Defeated in honest combat.. 😂😅🤣 Oh lordy. Certified punisher ^^^
  7. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Can ya feel any play in the rear wheels ? Loose feeling in the rear is usually the lower rear swing arm balljoints. Good idea to replace these along with the upper arms/guide links in one hit.
  8. At that price there’s got to be some hidden wallet smashers in the engine bay... And by absolute credit to the owner do they mean an absolute liability? 😅
  9. I wonder what cbs logic comes up with for oil changes on dedicated track cars. I.e Nordeschleife ring taxi cars 🤷‍♂️
  10. Cheers @hunter for filming the potato digging. No potatoes, just potato driving.
  11. I think you can apply for siv. I know of at least one that’s been brought in that way.
  12. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Those are some tasty wheels! Well done!
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