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  1. It was up on tm when I bought my 540i 13 years ago. 🤣
  2. Yeah, nothing wrong with a 20 year old BMW... lol.... who is the seller trying to fool ? Some common statements in car ads and what I think they translate to. "gOeZ hArd 4 wAT it iZ" (Not only is it a basket case, it's a thrashed basket case) "timing chain, no cambelt" (Engine is lucky to have had an oil change in the last 20,000kms) "new tyres" (Yep new tyres from China... are they even made of rubber) ? "cheap on gas" (runs it on 91 when it should be 95 minimum)
  3. What’s your budget ? Well sorted ones go for 7k +. Projects typically float around 1500 - 5k depending on how much needs doing.
  4. It's unfortunate that the checkers are painted on as it may not suit everyone's taste, but aside from that it's an absolute weapon and I'd buy it in a heart beat if I won lotto.
  5. Any recent work done to the cooling system, or any done at all ? By now i'd expect it to have at least the expansion tank, water pump, radiator and the odd hose replaced. If you do end up buying the car, and keeping it for a while, plan to renew all of it if there's no evidence of recent parts replacement. The check message could be a faulty sensor, but I'm leaning more to the "get it checked out" likely conclusion you've drawn.
  6. Ordered a new gen bmw hvac panel with button set. There was a label warning to not use the panel, just use the individual buttons...lol... The old panel had broken plastic around the heating buttons, so even new ones wouldn’t stay in. All went pretty smoothly once I worked out how to snap in the circuit board without disturbing the fiddly little spring bushes. At the same time I vacuumed out all the dust around the air sampling fan.
  7. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Ah didn’t see your update. I just checked my spares and have 2 switches missing the damn contacts. I had issues with these contacts in the old wagon, i managed to find a used set out of an msport e39 wreck at zebra. I wonder though if the same contacts are found in more commonly found bimmer switches? The alcantara seats look 👌
  8. New tyres on and much better with basically no tramlining. Unfortunately the tyre shop scratched the rear wheels fitting the tyres so that’s getting sorted some time next week. They also torqued every wheel up gorilla FT. F’ing muppets 🤦‍♂️ Over sharp bumps the front wheels would squeak which was annoying, but not anymore after cleaning up the brake pad “ears” and their contact points on the calliper, and calliper retaining bracket. Then I applied some anti squeal paste to those areas. Another niggly but annoying thing ticked off the list.
  9. Down to the wear markers but still got me a wof. One has had a puncture repair but does hold air well enough. After a monthly pressure check the repaired one would consistently be 2-3psi less than the other. Some scalloping on the inner edges. Suitable for skids/drifting Mid-late 2016 date code. $50 for the pair. Pick up in Auckland.
  10. Some life left in them, not down to the wear markers yet, but some scalloping on the outer edges. Date codes are late 2015. Pick up in Auckland. $120 for the pair.
  11. Couldn’t really call it done without replacing all the steering linkages. New tyres all round tomorrow too. Current tyres seemed to have worn in a way that makes the car feel a bit nervous over ruts and bad patches of road, probably due to stuffed shocks.
  12. Gave it a Christmas clean and thrash.
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