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  1. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Can ya feel any play in the rear wheels ? Loose feeling in the rear is usually the lower rear swing arm balljoints. Good idea to replace these along with the upper arms/guide links in one hit.
  2. At that price there’s got to be some hidden wallet smashers in the engine bay... And by absolute credit to the owner do they mean an absolute liability? 😅
  3. I wonder what cbs logic comes up with for oil changes on dedicated track cars. I.e Nordeschleife ring taxi cars 🤷‍♂️
  4. Cheers @hunter for filming the potato digging. No potatoes, just potato driving.
  5. I think you can apply for siv. I know of at least one that’s been brought in that way.
  6. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Those are some tasty wheels! Well done!
  7. Make sure the drain under that DME box is clear, looks like condensation or moisture got the best of those plugs.
  8. As in via the round plug connector in the engine bay? If so yep.
  9. If you have inpa you can check the maf’s performance in terms of how many kg’s of air is registered by it being drawn in to the cylinders. I have no clue how much that is for a b20tu engine. If the maf is bad I would think you’d get some noticeable symptoms and not just slight fuel enrichment. The engine would run better with the MAF unplugged than it were plugged in if it’s bad as well.
  10. afaik they are plug and play but do need programming to suit the particular car, I have the software to do that if needed.
  11. The subframe itself isn’t the problem on e46. It’s the flawed design of the chassis the subframe bolts to.
  12. It would keep the car still on a decent hill if you yanked on the handle. Probably 8-10 clicks. After “re-bedding” in the shoes I can now get the same effect pulling the handle up 6 clicks. In hindsight I should have probably fitted new shoes but the existing looked fine, just covered in rusty brake dust.
  13. Yes, followed the official bmw adjustment procedure. I managed to get a bit of an improvement by driving for about 400m with the handbrake on at about 40km/h.
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