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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3061820931.htm Overall good nick, did notice some corrosion on the alu bits in the engine bay so would def need a closer look underneath, and a check over of usual anti rust coating areas.. Looking at 2017+ cx-5 and 2015+ outbacks, maybe the xv and Forrester too. Can’t say there’s alot of enthusiasm towards Audi, VW or Kia, Hyaundai etc. Not in a huge rush so willing to hunt around seeming as there’s f uck all else to do atm 😅
  2. Test drove a 35i x3 and an f48 x1 25i. X3 is a nicer car compared to the x1. Feels more bmw like and the n55 is a decent unit. X1 to me felt more hatch back like but the b48 engine is awesome. Tempted to pull the trigger on x3 but will look at a few non bmw suv’s in our price range to compare.
  3. Yeah the silver one. Not too fussed about m sport on the x1 tbh. F25 definitely looks better with msport bits.
  4. There’s a 2015 x1 25i for about 3k more than the x3 35i we’re going to look at. I guess the b48 is still to new to reveal any secrets. Which is a good thing in my case haha.
  5. A friend has one and has a good run. He mentioned the dealer he bought it from did the “blue” delete and got more “performance” iirc they’re basically a 40d with the adBlue emissions crap?
  6. It’s mainly for wife but i’ll be using it a fair bit. We’re also considering the f48 x1 with the 25i b48 lump.
  7. In the market for one. Leaning towards an N55 equipped model. Aside from usual maintenance and oil leaks are these generally pretty good?
  8. Gave it a good clean and a coat of paint sealant.
  9. bmw underbody rust inhibitors aka fluid leaks are pretty common. If you smell raw fuel that is not good and shouldn’t be driven. Best take it to a mechanic.
  10. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Ah that sucks! Does it look repairable?
  11. AA’s classic cover is good. No kms restrictions.
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