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  1. We pray for you. You’ll be ok ❤️
  2. Doesn’t have the m62tu engine…. Odd…
  3. I remember reading about a fatal crash involving a model s. Took iirc several olympic swimming pools worth of water to put the batt fire out. You’d think there’d be some training on common ev’s and how to disable HV for fire fighters…
  4. Extracted an m62 and trans for a mates project.
  5. I’m sure that’s just one “hope” that the business has in its plans. I certainly hope they do keep supplying parts for all ICE models in years to come…
  6. BreakMyWindow

    Project E39

    Yep that kit will work, the same one i used to fit to the spare trans i had for my old 530i touring. Penrite do a fluid that’s approved by zf for this trans. Can be found at repco. Torque converter rebuild will be knocking on the door soon i think. Common problem with these ones.
  7. Similar Alpina albeit suv for well under half the price - https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3371808824.htm
  8. Wof time. Replaced all 6 brake hoses and did a fluid flush with some fancy motul stuff. Good piece of mind replacing the hoses that are down near the exhaust headers.
  9. Improved fuel economy to me is a bit of a false economy at the beginning until the novelty of a heavy jandal making you feel the performance increase wears off.
  10. Yeah that’s a typical buyer strategy for a house up for auction. Agents on the oher hand are great at economising on the truth!
  11. Does the kit include new diaphragm spring plates? Ones from the s62 are supposed to be an upgrade and do help keep the vanos unit much quieter- certainly the case on s62 engine. ShopLife TV in YouTube has a good how to for vanos on the s54.
  12. Yep, a shame the facebook marketplace behavior has shifted across.
  13. Maybe not an outright ban, i reckon a cost prohibitive conditioning exercise...
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