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  1. Yeah, spending a bit of time on the wheels, still a few mechanical bits to sort out, but it is quite usable now so have slowed the pace a bit on the spending.
  2. One cylinder malfunctioning.?.. I imagine this is in a similar state to what my 530d wagon was when I got it, and needs a few grand thrown at it to make it nice again.
  3. 2.5 star fuel economy, but you knew that already!
  4. Are you turning an E30 into a ute?
  5. https://www.bunnings.co.nz/morgan-45l-bullet-bin-black_p0028091 One of these, some tin snips and a hot air gun??
  6. I am definitely not a psychopath, and I will stab anyone who says I am!
  7. Who replaces a wing mirror without bothering to match the paint? They are so easy to paint off the car and such a ball ache to remove to do it later!!
  8. I use Gough, they have a branch just around the road from work but all the testing is done in Christchurch I believe, you buy the kit from them and drop it back to them, they send it to the lab and email the results.
  9. I did a set for my e39 540i touring in coal dust, it is an old colour now but I chose it because the brake dust doesn't show up on it!! We really only do our own product but it is a mix of galv steel and aluminium, and we have the pre treatment tanks for both, so I would be lying if I said I hadn't seen a few sets of wheels going through I usually dip strip or sand blast (depending on the finish of the wheels) then run them through the pre treatment process, I am currently doing a set of style 66s for the 530d but I am going to wet paint them as I couldn't find the exact right colour in powder coat.
  10. I think you mean SAFETY scheme!!
  11. is it just a gloss black? Seems odd that a powder coating place wouldn't have gloss black! As with painting, prep is the key to good results, the only other step I would recommend is a chemical treatment to coat the bare alloy before powder coating, if the place you use does a lot of aluminium they should be able to do it for you, we have tanks that we dip everything in to pre treat.
  12. I always use the Castrol 10w60 supercar, but only because I wanted consistency for used oil analysis results, if you take it to BMW they will stick Shell in it, and any other 10w60 is probably going to be fine. I doubt the Warehouse have a no name 10w60! The only advice I would offer is to not wait 25k between changes, which is what the CBS will start with after a reset.
  13. I would suggest that given that line up 10 is the right number to make sure you always have one that is drivable!!
  14. Cheap nasty paint touch up work when it arrived from Japan plus ultraviolet light plus neglect....
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