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  1. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    😀 I suspect this has what's left of its original " lifetime" fluid! There are no strange noises or vibrations, it just revs its nuts off (3k rpm) and doesn't move, its only when up on the ramps so fluid tide is probably out.
  2. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Flicked a coat of 2 pack primer on the front bumper, a few more small patches of putty and a sand then top coat this weekend, it won't be perfect but I'm not aiming for perfection on this one, its a workhorse not a show pony! The transmission service might be a bit more urgent than I thought, it wouldn't back the car off the ramps today until I rocked it back and forth a couple of times!!
  3. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Bought a staggered set of style 66 wheels, they look a little bit rough which will match the rest of the car perfectly!!
  4. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    right rear door card glued back together and re- installed, window works mint, rear speakers replaced, started filling and sanding smallish dents in front bumper, new plate holder ordered, put some diesel in it, rear seats back in and belts all working, heavy rubber floor mats water-blasted, rear window cleaned, stickers installed on rear window, fog lights removed from old bumper and opened up to let all the water out. A few quick squirts up and down the driveway suggests the trans needs a full service, it takes a few revs to get it moving, and the turbo is a bit louder than I am happy with but they can wait until its road legal.
  5. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Rear door window mechanism replaced, semi- pro tip : the instructions in the Bentley manual are WRONG!! you DO need to remove the glass to get the mechanism out, top bolt is behind the glass, and it needs to come out. New cheap Chinese lifter is not as nice as the original, but it is also not 22 years old and broken, so should be an improvement. Makes me laugh when the Chinese copy stuff like this and try to make it cheaper but they don't quite get it, original was a steel runner with pressed aluminum brackets top and bottom, which were riveted on, nasty copy has pressed steel brackets top and bottom to save money, but instead of just spot welding them on to the steel runner they have punched holes and riveted them on.
  6. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Seat back / rear seat center belt all sorted, bit of a blonde moment, turns out the car having the front wheels up on ramps was enough angle to engage the locking mechanism of the seat belt, tilting the seat forward a fraction released it!! Rear window lifter mechanism arrived so tomorrows job is replace that and hopefully paint the bumper. Then WOF time....
  7. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    I'm in the process of dismantling the rear seat back now, can't seem to get the back cover off though, if I pull it any harder something is going to snap!
  8. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    The plumbing for the headlight washers has been mucked around with, so I might leave them for now. Updated list of what needs to be done: Rear center seat belt not pulling out- fixed Right rear window lifter needs replacing - fixed Boot floor panel handle needs replacing, new part ordered, Bumper repaired, painted and fitted Front number plate fitted Towbar wiring plug needs replacing Front control arms need replacing Hang air freshener on mirror
  9. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Tailgate struts replaced with new genuine items, bit annoying to do but worth the effort, don't know if the spring broke while I was removing it or some time previously, most expensive job so far!
  10. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Intercooler pipe powder coated, chrome of course, intercooler back in, handbrake all adjusted and tested, boost gauge plumbed in ( gets to 15 psi in the driveway), trying to decide whether to re-use the headlight washers, means hacking holes in a very good front bumper skin, but it means it will have headlight washers, also need to source the center bumper trim / plate holder to fit NZ plates as neither of my bumpers have one at all, stereo tested speakers all work and don't sound completely destroyed but will probably get upgraded anyway (priorities right)....
  11. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Yeah, everything is getting a good scrub, inlet manifold was cleaned while it was out, not too keen to get elbows deep in the engine before its road legal, but given how it drives I suspect there's nothing major wrong with it, only smoked excessively while it was cold so turbo oil seals are probably old and worn but not terminal yet. Bumper test fitted, stereo adaptor harness arrived so that is working, steering wheel controls work as they should, intercooler pipe modified for boost gauge piping, starting to look a bit Pimp my Tractor...
  12. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Replacement front bumper thanks to Zebra Manukau, wrong color and one small dent , otherwise very good condition, a bit of fixing and throw some paint at it and its good to go...
  13. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Intercooler and plumbing out, have to modify pipe to attach boost gauge, and it needs a bloody good cleaning, quite a bit of oil in the bottom of the intercooler, quite a lot of crud on the outside of everything. Pollen filter housings back in with new filters, discovered the center rear seat belt doesn't retract properly so will have to dismantle the seat and have a look at that, plugged in a few bits in the engine bay that had been unplugged, a few steps closer to being a decent car again.
  14. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Not 100 percent sure, I used an Auto thane 2 pack clear that is for automotive 2k use so it should last ok, not sure how much, if any, effect it will have on stopping the headlights yellowing, but I had it in the spray gun to do the interior trim anyway so that's what I used. I have used a proper headlight sealant in the past and within 12 months it was peeling off and useless so I won't use it again.
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