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  1. Yes, deactivated the cold checks in the trailer module.
  2. I had my 540i touring converted by Hell BM a few years back and originally went with a light single mass flywheel, but it was a PITA and I only kept it a year or so before swapping it for a genuine DMF and clutch, both of which I got from BMW as they were only very slightly more expensive than buying and shipping a kit myself and I wanted all the parts to be correct. The light flywheel just didn't suit the car, it was OK if you wanted to drag race someone at the traffic lights but if you just wanted to cruise around it was shuddery and horrible and almost impossible to take off smoothly. I also do quite a bit of towing and it was no good for that either. Mine also had quite bad rev hang but I ended up selling it before I managed to solve that so I can't help there.
  3. I have used By Accident in Birkenhead several times for minor repairs on the M5, bumpers, side skirts etc, and can't fault their work. Bit of a pain for you to get to but might be worth it if you can't find anyone closer?
  4. Sorted, big thanks to the guys at Hellbm, trailer has a shiny new WOF now!
  5. Mine lives on the centre line unless I give it some jandal and it swings a few mm to the hot side, my thermostat and alternator voltage regulator have both been done and I am running the BMW shell oil. Usually only takes about 10 minutes to get to temp, and I have never seen it dip below the centre line while running.
  6. I didn't realize "luxurious feel of a bygone era" was code for "has cloth seats".
  7. So, my trailer failed its WOF today because the LED lights are flickering when the wagon does its light checks, it has been the same for 10 years but today the VTNZ guy actually checked it with his eyes open and decided its a fail! After i told him what it was he suggested bringing the trailer back with a different car....🙄 After looking at a few aftermarket "work around" solutions i think the best option is to just turn off the trailer light checks in the coding, but i don't have the technology, so looking for someone who can do it for me? Happy to throw some cash someones way if they can sort this for me. Based on the shore but have some gas in the tank so can travel...
  8. Hit so hard one of the cylinders fell off! 😁 Cylinders: 5 cylinder
  9. Not sure if this has the gearbox you want but I'm ready to start parting it out if it does. There should be pics in my original thread from when I did trans oil and filter change.
  10. aja540i

    Battery charger

    I bought a "genuine BMW" charger from Continental, had a euro plug on it and it died after about 18 months, have had a Bosch one for about 2 years now and still going strong, the M5 seems to need about 5 amps to stay healthy between runs, usually once a week. From memory the Bosch one was about $160 - 170 on Trademe.
  11. My M5 and my Leaf both show about 7 kph low when compared to Gooble maps GPS speed reading, you could try getting a Police issuecalibrated cluster but I don't like your chances, some of the programming software also shows the correction value for the speed displayed and lets you adjust it.
  12. I think I am on my third battery in the M5, but definately worth paying more for the correct size, these cars do a heap of stuff that requires battery power aside from starting the engine! I got my first one at BMW but when it needed the second one the prices had all gone a bit crazy so I got that somewhere else and had it coded, I also upgraded the bms cable at the same time, not sure it has made any difference.
  13. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    I was wondering when they were going to do something to make the grilles more noticeable..... 🤣🤣
  14. No, i think you would need 3 to be safe...
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