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  1. Are you bringing it to the meet on Sunday? Will be a first having 2 of them there!!
  2. aja540i

    Z3 parts car

    How much for the small case lsd?
  3. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    WOF time, soooo, 2 new front bumps stops, 2 new washer fluid pumps, 1 new brake light bulb and a handbrake "adjustment" later... new WOF! Still driving it with MAF unplugged, research leads me to believe that there is a software update to suit the newer version of the MAF sensor, so will look into that a bit further.
  4. Just a heads up for the return trip, the M5 needs 98 octane and only has a 65 litre tank, so fill it every time you see a BP with blue nozzles at the pumps!!
  5. Finished putting the M5 back together!! New thermostat, radiator hoses, radiator drain bungs, new coolant, 1 new intake boot and clamp, new sway bar bushes and end links, headlights polished and clear coated, freshly painted front bumper fitted. Also took the opportunity to vacuum 14 years worth of dead bugs out of the oil cooler and radiator!! Quick test drive tonight shows oil gets up to temp a lot faster so thermostat was past its best.
  6. I think the only logical thing to do is take mine down a quarter mile and see if they are all shagged at this age or if that one is particularly sad!!
  7. I will be quite happy watching a 440i go past from the driver's seat of my M5, but I suspect that if the example in that video was in as new condition the gap would be a lot smaller, try it again when the 440i has 100k on the odometer!
  8. No, just 32amp single phase plugs for welders, ev charger, kiln for casting aluminium, powdercoating oven, hoist ( one day...) etc.
  9. 32 amp plug on the house wall there, we can both stay dry while I do all the work!!
  10. put the finishing touches on my 2 car carport today, it has taken about 3 years to get to this point but I finally have some protection for the cars and me when I need to work on them!!
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