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  1. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    So the soft close on the tailgate decided not to work properly, and I noticed this morning that the windows don't go down automatically when you hit the button, you have to hold it, so I suspect the GM is now packing a sad and needs repairing / replacing. I'm pretty sure I have a spare but its probably the wrong one....
  2. I had a similar issue with my E61 M5, insurance valued it at the same price as a sedan, but I had 2 valuations and neither were significantly more, including one from Continental BMW. They don't seem to take rarity into account. I am probably going to change insurer to someone like classic cover but that may not work for you.
  3. No need, there's a big sprinkler!!
  4. Washed it so it looks pretty on the skid pan at the BMW festival tomorrow, for about 2 minutes....
  5. Does this allow bluetooth music streaming??
  6. Give the current an alternative path, earth the radiator properly so it doesn't need to travel through your coolant and take the radiator with it, really easy to do and run the tests again.
  7. Wouldn't FULL retard mean attaching your still to the side of it?? 😉
  8. I'm on the shore, if you can get them to me I can probably sort them out. PM me for contact details.
  9. Can probably help, where are you located?
  10. my lawnmower will be 10 years old this year so I decided to give it a birthday, usual annual oil, spark plug and air filter change, plus removed the handle and had it sandblasted and zinc sprayed, then powdercoated, also replaced all the bolts with stainless ones. Then decided to fit a rev counter / hour meter, made an aluminium bracket and fitted it, wire just wraps around the spark plug lead and it has a battery in it, set the service interval at 50 hours and tested it...because why not...
  11. Have you talked to your insurance company?
  12. Put new wiper blades on the M5, the last set have been on there as long as I have owned the car so $155 for the pair is actually pretty good value IMO.
  13. There have been at least 2 meets this big... 😉
  14. Pulled into BP Bombay in the M5 wagon and saw this rare beast.... 😉
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