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  1. Removed front and rear bumpers and drivers side sill cover from the M5 in preparation for its trip to the panelbeaters on Monday, looks a bit naked now....
  2. I lined my Total span garage from new, 12mm ply , I also insulated it with sound deadening insulation, building paper between the framing and cladding (easy when doing from new) and painted it. Mine is 3M hip height but I only lined up to 2.4 to use less ply, the main issue you might have is the spacing of the framing probably doesn't work nicely with 1.2 x 2.4 sheets so you may have to install extra framing or waste some ply cutting it to size. I wouldn't go thinner than 12mm, it will bow and warp, also 12mm is great for hanging things off, and if there is any chance that water will get into the garage then leave a gap at the bottom of the sheets 15-20 mm to stop the water wicking up the walls. It might be a good idea to think about power points at this stage, if you want more ( you do!) then now is the time to run the wiring. I painted my floor with a water based 2 pack floor paint with grit in it, makes it nice and easy to clean up spills etc, but it is a mission to do.
  3. M badge plastered on the dash trim, must be an M3, right?
  4. https://milland.co.nz/ In Dunedin but close enough....
  5. Go to pick a part and grab another one, shouldn't be hard to find, you can repair the display but I have never done it so can't comment on difficulty.
  6. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Replacement GM coded now, thanks to @BreakMyWindow, tailgate soft close mechanism pulled apart and adjusted, so tailgate and glass open and close as they should!! Battery secured thanks to battery bracket from pick a part, a good run up and down the motorway shows transmission is better but still showing signs of age, I don't have anything to really compare to but motor seems very healthy and pulls really well. Time to order new subframe bushes and diff seals with a view to dropping the rear subframe and refreshing it, I have a brand new driveshaft flex joint that might as well go in at the same time.
  7. I used to daily drive a 94 318is 2 door manual and that was a great little car, cheap-ish to run, cheap to work on / fix, fun enough to drive and just a great handling car with a bit of potential for other mods if you feel like throwing some money at it. I would recommend one of those over a manual swapped 320i every day of the week and you will be spending less than half your budget for a decent one. If you are after something a bit more substantial then I would hold out for a tidy 328i and do a conversion on that if you need to, no more effort than the 320i but a much more desirable end result!
  8. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    New filter and second fluid change has greatly improved the driving experience, the trans engages a lot quicker when moving away and I got it to break traction!! Now I will have to tackle the ugly patches of rust/ missing bog / spray can touch ups on the body work....
  9. I also have this one, brilliant, cheaper from Machinery house https://www.machineryhouse.co.nz/J040A
  10. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Completed the second fluid change in the transmission, new filter and pan gasket this time, while it was running up to temp for the final fill something in the aircon let go and all the refrigerant and horrible green dye escaped!! Not sure where from yet, possibly the compressor, at first I thought a coolant hose had let go but it smelt wrong and wasn't making a puddle!!
  11. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Up on axle stands at the moment, trans filter and fuid change, turbo is a bit whistley and the trans is showing its age but it still hauls bloody well. I have sorted out the towball now so it will be taking over trailer lugging duties from the M5! I suspect the injectors could possibly use some love, but not urgently. Rear subframe bushes are the next big thing....
  12. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Replaced the passengers door mirror with a pick a part item in the correct colour, old one had had the cover glued on at some stage and it fell off at the last meet, new one has scratches and stone chips pre - installed so fits right in!!
  13. Can you do it in a pre OBD car?
  14. Mine did this, was a blocked sunroof drain, had to take headliner part way out to unblock them, but hasn't happened since. Short term I knocked a bung out of the boot floor so the water would drain out instead of flooding the modules, the M5 has them in the spare wheel well in front of the battery so it filled right up and drowned the whole lot. Can also be tail light seals but I haven't done them.
  15. No, I haven't dived in that deeply yet, I have managed to find one with identical part number on ebay, so will try that first. If it doesn't work I will do some more investigationing.
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