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  1. 140.000 kms ish. New WOF everything works great, just had new oil change. Even the air con works. Exterior is very tidy for it's age, small scratches etc. interior is good , just some wear and tear on the seat and door cards $3200? 021 269 8650
  2. andyling

    E21 inteior bits

    mainly after the rubber on the chassi rail where meets the drivers door. also, seat belt cover ? probably few more bits but I will update them later. akl andy 021 2698650 thank you heaps
  3. andyling

    Trademe Scammers

    old story now, started about 5-7 years ago when i tryed to sell mine. get your address, name DOB, bank account number, etc to try to steal from your money.
  4. andyling

    02/e21/e30 factory centre caps

    they were brand new I think.
  5. andyling

    02/e21/e30 factory centre caps

    I am pretty sure I see them on trade me like 30 ish.
  6. andyling

    ChCh checking in

    going to chch soon, from akl, hopefully I won't get shaked.
  7. andyling

    anyone got the e21 13 inch factory rim

    thanks guys. I will keep in my mind for that. Yongxi got my old car, see if I get the rims from him. but I will let you guys know.
  8. andyling

    Yongxi's new little project

    post you few photos bro, was my car. Hope you enjoy it. miss it few bit.
  9. these rims, in the photo, anyone got them?? can paid cash, or swap you mint 14 inch e30s rim. akl based, but will be at chch, welling soon. so anywhere really. Andy 0212698650
  10. andyling

    FS e30 left side mirror.

    got e30 left hand side mirror only. all electrics work. good condition. I don't know what i want for it. so just let me know what your offer is. andy 021 269 8650
  11. andyling

    how to put chrome weather trim back?

    any advice?
  12. andyling

    how to put chrome weather trim back?

    Yeh Dam sorry, the e21, I used a screw driver to take it off , Now I can't put it back.
  13. I removed some rust from the rear side windows from my car E21. I took the Lower Chrome Trim out. Left the Ruber seal alone. And Now I can't put it back on. any ideas How?