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  1. Booked mine maybe 2 years ago. Never heard back from them ( other than an automated email saying someone will get in contact with me). Just got another letter last week.. javent bothered trying to sort it.
  2. Just usb to odb2 inpa compatible cable. Can't remember the name of software i used to read / flash it.
  3. polley

    E39 oil burner

    That guage is probably gonna be pegged😂 I'm not sure what they run standard. But pretty sure I datalogged mine at 26 to 28 psi of boost.
  4. Cool cars. Have a 740i as a paddock basher. Has taken an absolute beating. A V8 one would be an awesome cruiser.
  5. Thanks for the dissection of article. Would not read again/10.
  6. They are just a bit lazy for what they are tbh. Been in a few 1uz powered vehicles and they were a bit boring.
  7. polley

    E39 oil burner

    Nah i just smashed them out of their existing housings and then put a self tapper in to block the hole where the shaft was.
  8. A bit under $300 if i remember correctly. Will depend on exchange rate.
  9. Had GKR performance in the UK do a map for me. He emailed it to me and I flashed it my self. Was really good (and probably cheaper than getting it done here)
  10. polley

    Going drifting

    Surely not for when you're going backwards ?
  11. polley

    E39 oil burner

    clean it up and remove the egr!
  12. Because they are cooler than an e46. I agree they should not be worth that much, but interest in them has really seem to have sky rocketed lately. Seem to be going the way of the e30s.
  13. I'm starting to think M3AN is an elaborate troll.
  14. polley

    E39 oil burner

    I checked my swirl flaps on my 3l after hearing so much crap about them and mine were perfectly fine, no play or anything. And that was at 200k. I did remove them however for piece of mind, lost a bit of low down punch as a result of it.
  15. polley

    E39 oil burner

    So people say. But my engines been remapped, done burnouts all through town, and use it for towing my drift car around on big heavy tandem trailers up and down the kaimais and it hasn't given a single ounce of trouble. How ever I'm not under the illusion it will last for ever either 😂
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