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  1. It was uploaded as a full res screen capture but maybe bimmersport compressed it? I think the IQ limits are probably too high to be a dump from a higher power software version? It looks like the MAF scale on smoke limiter has been extended? If there is anything real weird it could be my map locations or scale offsets could be wrong too. Im only learning it as I go as a hobby / out of interest.
  2. How much are you hoping to tweak it by? The fuel pump has a pressure control valve inside it that is controlled by the computer, thats how it controls rail pressure. The standard injectors are limiting in the fact that they cant inject enough fuel fast enough when you start getting into the higher quantitys, and you end up injecting fuel well ATDC which creates a lot of heat. I have a CP3 R90 pump here, I was going to stick it on mine, but Ill probably never get around to it.
  3. Went back and loaded up some winols projects from awhile back, I spent considerable time awhile ago researching tuning the M57 and finding maps. Comparing my standard map and one that I paid for from a well known tuner. As you can see boost has not been increased by much, I suspect the standard turbo isnt good for much more? Seems to be a popular upgrade to fit the turbo from the later model M57TU and then turn the boost up further. Smoke limits increased, standard maps probably pretty conservative to meet emissions, and drivers wish limits increased. Smoke and drivers wish limits / maps are in mm^3 of fuel. SOI maps left standard. EGR disabled (as i removed it). Few other things changed as well but not too much of interest. Tune was left conservative to be easy on the auto gearbox (known weak point). Car drives well and doesn't smoke, other than a slight haze when you boot it. Car has done about 80,000km since been remapped, and towing loaded car trailers over the kaimais etc no problems.
  4. Only the later m57 engines use piezo injectors. The early ones such as in the e39 and e53 are solenoid type.
  5. Not googling answers to try and one up anybody, was really only asking questions. As usual most things on this forum turn into a sh*t show, no wonder its slowly dieing.
  6. So really it's not a multi injection event but rather continuous from what it describes there.
  7. I cant find any reference to multistage injection for early m57 / edc15.
  8. So what other maps need to be looked at on a diesel that does multiple injection cycles? Not sure if the early m57 does multiple injections per cycle? What's the affect of multiple injections per cycle? Is that how they get them to run so quietly compared to a regular diesel? Obviously there is other safety maps that need to be changed as well. Smoke / maf limiter, boost limiter, torque limiter, rail limiter, injection quantity limiter.
  9. What else other than fuel quantity, timing (SOI, EOI) , and boost is there? Other than watching egt for safety ?
  10. Haven't delved into it too much but even the e53 / early m57 is a lot more complex than your regular petrol engine tuning.
  11. Makes me think I shouldn't of chopped my e30 up so much.
  12. Remove the fan, get your cert and then put it back on if your in a rush.
  13. I reflashed mine with regular usb odb2 cable and a modified version of galletto. I got someone else to write the tune for it. But there is some info online regarding map locations if you want to compare my tuned map vs standard map in winols.
  14. polley

    E46 330i Touring

    Seems good in what way? What change did you notice
  15. Well depends on the leak really, maybe it doesn't leak until under decent pressure. I usually pressure test mine to check for leaks when ever I've had any of the turbo / intercooler / pipes apart.
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