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  1. aliluya

    Good looking X5

    My other daily car is a 2.8Tonne beast already, 200KW engine. It getting about 14-15L/100km
  2. aliluya

    Good looking X5

    The car in question isn't about the normal 4.6/4.8is.... Its trying to establish whether there was a 4.4IS!
  3. aliluya

    Good looking X5

    According to the dealer: Hi Ali, Thank you for your quick response I have been told that this is one of three X5 IS models sold in New Zealand in 2002. I believe that the larger motors that you talk about where the newer model X5 IS's. Can some one have 100% proof to confirm or deny it?
  4. aliluya

    Good looking X5

    Petrol isn't an issue for me, all I wanted to know was whether it was a good price. And if not what sort of dollar value should it be around? I already roughly spend $150-200 on petrol a week.
  5. aliluya

    Good looking X5

    Does people think the asking price is reasonable ?
  6. aliluya

    E39 CD Changer

    Hey, i tried what Penry said, works like a charm is back to norman now.. Thanks guys
  7. aliluya

    E39 CD Changer

    But on the other hand, whats the cost of a MP3 CD changer?
  8. aliluya

    E39 CD Changer

    Do you have a rough cost of reparation?
  9. Hey Guys, my CD Changer has decided to jam up today, tried turning on/off etc. The changer wont eject and i can see one of the cd trays sticking out. Is this something that can be repaired on the cd changer or is it time for a new one? I get a CD ERROR on the display when i try to play CD's. If its time for a new one anyone know where i can get an direct swap MP3 6-disc CD Changer? Not at a really expensive price. Car is an 2001 E39 530i, with no DSP package.
  10. aliluya

    How many km do you travel in a week?

    Average 500-600kms
  11. aliluya

    New BMW Z4 owner

    Yeah, love the M Z4, taken one for test drive and it drives bloody well!
  12. aliluya

    Picked myself up a 540i E39

    our family has gone through 9 so far. lol...
  13. cannot view, as it says need to be a member.
  14. aliluya

    2000 E46 Coupe speakers size

    i just want to try out the Alpines 10" running thru 1500w amp and half capacity
  15. aliluya

    The new Audi pics

    Yeah NZ new, he brought it brand new at the time. i do have to say it does handle suprisingly well, if your in town before thursday i could take you for a quick blast around the block, providing its not wet.