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  1. If that’s worth $9k. What’s this worth. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1488434636.htm
  2. Olly

    Very nice E36 318is for sale in Welly

    I owned the Fiji green one above for about a year. It was awesome. I looked at a lot of e36s before I bought it, it was underpowered but the interior and options plus the fact it was manual made the decision easy. I would own another over an auto 325/328 Motorsport any day The blue one is amazing... tempted
  3. Olly

    Importing E34

    Sorry I should have stated. Im after something that can be easily converted to manual and I've heard a 540i isn't that easy with the V8??? Also that 540i came up as an e36 when I checked the vin. In terms of project I just want to build an OEM+ type e34 but want a super clean base. More or less trying to find out costs to land a car here and register it. E34 prices in Japan seem to be very reasonable.
  4. Olly

    Importing E34

    Has anyone looked to import an older BMW through an agent and register them for NZ roads? I only ask as I've been looking for a low km, good condition base to start a longterm project car and NZ has pretty slim pickings. http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/BMW/5_SERIES/700020635230170531004/index.html I was looking at this but there is something off about it. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1341407058.htm
  5. Olly

    97 318is MSII

    Few photos from Dion.. wheel arch gap is killing me at the moment haha.
  6. Olly

    97 318is MSII

    I noticed that. Would a place like ECS sell them?
  7. Olly

    97 318is MSII

    Thanks. 18" on these does seem to help with speedbumps and driveways!
  8. Olly

    97 318is MSII

    Hi guys, Was told to log in and say hi. Name's Olly and I just bought Dion/Dan's old Fiji Green E36. I had been looking to buy a cheap E36 project car for a while but most of them were in terrible condition.. I had a few wants - Motorsport, 4 Door, Sunroof, Rare colour, Low KM. At one point I almost grabbed a Caypsorot 318i sedan from a dealer in Hamilton.. the main attraction that it had only done 110km and was a motorsport.. but it was in terrible condition on inspection.. which soon became the usual story, most of these cars are in horrible condition nowadays which is a real shaem. After viewing Dions car... it had 80% of what I wanted to do and was absolutely immaculate, both Dan and Dion have done fantastic job restoring it. After having it for a week, it really brings back memories of my first car, which was an old Mazda Infini.. just fun to drive, regardless of lack of power.. first manual car for 2 years or so as well. I haven't taken any photos of the car yet, however here is a terrible photoshop of how I want it to sit height wise.. nothing crazy. So I'll grab some coilovers over Christmas and get to work.. The wheels are 18x8+20, tyres are 225/40 all round, the rear rub's somewhere with 3+ people in the car, but i haven't investigated where yet.. I'm hoping I can get enough camber adjustment out of the stock arms to solve this. In terms of coilovers... Probably just BC's? Any other recommendations? I'm keen on an LTW rear wing as well, I prefer the way they look on the low mounts.. hopefully I can find a nice copy in NZ.. Finally some sort of more aggressive front lip to match the wing.. which I haven't had much luck finding in NZ, again if you have any recommendations.. yell out. I've never really been into fast cars... so the motor I'm not bothered about unless it gives me a headache.. then I'll probably do a 2.8 swap with exhaust and M50 mod.. the only thing I've read about recently that intrigues me is a Z4 shifter? What are the benefits of swapping this? I'm hoping I can have this car 100% how I want it all up for $10k. I think that's about it. here's a few of my old cars.. the 180 I was going to keep forever, I had it for 5 years or so and it got stolen one night from my apartment in Victoria Park.. I do laugh at the thought of the moron car thief realising it was only an SR20DE. He did get caught and put back in jail which was fantastic.. but still.. I would rather have it (even now). And my JZX110 which I sold just before my son was born.. probably the fastest car I've owned (not that I've owned a huge list of cars) but it was fun. So that's about it.. hopefully I can get an update in here before the end of the year!
  9. Olly

    Frothing over this E34

    Is it possible to talk to the previous owner who carried out the manual conversion? or is there a thread here on the car at all? Interested in buying.