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  1. In a moment of supreme idiocy (and 'I saw it on the internet') I muffler deleted my E60 545i and the drone almost made me physically ill. 🤮
  2. That's a beast for sure, but too nice to take off road
  3. Congrats on the M5! Have an E60 M5 myself and just had the rod bearings done - absolutely love it. I'm a sad sack and track the M5 market so have seen this one come up for sale a cople of times. Love the individual interior on your vehicle - piano black trim plus light leather and headlining - very unusual! Nice to hear you're bringing it back to stock....
  4. Welcome Mox! Glad you're enjoying the 325i Msport 👍 dunno about that 🤷‍♂️ best to order a key from your local dealer It is *possible* to retrofit newer BMW systems but *complex* and expensive; otherwise try aftermarket but will still cost some $$ so you only want to do this if keeping the car longer term... N7-E90 Pro navigation system, suitable for BMW 3 Series E90-E93 – Dynavin 3 & 4 - Series - BMW - GPS Multimedia (avinusa.com) Either stick to run flats - costly, more road noise use regular tyres and hope you are lucky throw a space saver in the boot buy some tyre goop for emergencies
  5. Hi all Helping a fellow BMW Car Club member sell their beautiful Z3M Roadster... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3133883715 ~146KMs on it, asking price is $40K. Very rare, and very fun! If you're interested, contact Raewyn on 0272750656.
  6. While I like keeping things original, this vehicle looks fantastic.
  7. Welcome Lance - those V8s are great
  8. Absolutely gorgeous Gary! We have one of these in the Welly club...
  9. Yup - have applied the RainX sealant from after doing the PlastX...
  10. Have to say I'm a fan of Meguiars PlastX - super fast, easy headlight restoration job. Very little work compared to the Rain-X kit and makes a real difference. In fact, I'm always looking at peoples' headlights and thinking 'give me 10 minutes and those can look great'! 🙄 Used this on the M5 and X5... Meguiar's PlastX Plastic Cleaner & Polish 296ml - G12310 - Meguiars | Repco New Zealand
  11. Welcome Josh - +1 on check out the Club - which is affiliated with the RDS...
  12. I'd love to Alan, but after reviewing my E53 expenditure(!) since 2016, I need to stick with it and enjoy it...
  13. Nice example and GLWS... agree with @qube ...
  14. Damn! Loved seeing this at events when @BozzaFC owned it...
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