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  1. Yup - have applied the RainX sealant from after doing the PlastX...
  2. Have to say I'm a fan of Meguiars PlastX - super fast, easy headlight restoration job. Very little work compared to the Rain-X kit and makes a real difference. In fact, I'm always looking at peoples' headlights and thinking 'give me 10 minutes and those can look great'! 🙄 Used this on the M5 and X5... Meguiar's PlastX Plastic Cleaner & Polish 296ml - G12310 - Meguiars | Repco New Zealand
  3. Welcome Josh - +1 on check out the Club - which is affiliated with the RDS...
  4. I'd love to Alan, but after reviewing my E53 expenditure(!) since 2016, I need to stick with it and enjoy it...
  5. Nice example and GLWS... agree with @qube ...
  6. Damn! Loved seeing this at events when @BozzaFC owned it...
  7. Average showing 16.7l/100km at the mo after being away at the BMW Club National Meet near Taupo 335i DD is showing 10.9 average and the X5 4.4i sits around 15.6 - both urban use figures. Bearings - done ; Vanos line - done! In no way shape or form does adding X5 M really make sense - but ... life is short so fun matters!
  8. Hmmm... could be tempted It would need to be my daily driver I suppose - I'd have to then let go of my E53 and 335i... I will think on this!
  9. Nice example in a bunch of ways but yes $20k is something of a stretch.
  10. Congrats! What was the motivation for the change? Quite different beasties I suppose
  11. M5 update All going well ... Got Tony from Wheel Magician Welly to tidy up the two right wheels - much nicer and I can stop grimacing when looking at them. No before pics as sorting these was a 'might as well do it now' decision 335i 1 rim tidied up - never got around to this after buying the car back in 2019... X5 Have had the brake light trifecta pop up randomly when cruising along - then on next restart, cleared. Jon read the codes and it was reporting 'brakes hot'??? and pressure sensor error So it has been in for a thorough service... replace faulty viscous fan hub checked diff oil levels, replace transfer case oil as it was dark brake bleed install new ABS pump - to cover the pressure sensor error, and I've had the new ABS pump sitting idle since it came with the new ECU installed some time ago replace leaking washer motor fix puncture in spare wheel I do like the X5 but it hasn't exactly been... hassle free!
  12. Such a handsome vehicle with MPars and in silver 👌
  13. Stunning example @Camberley .... @Breaker was this your one?
  14. Nice example! GLWS...
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