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  1. Welcome Elias and +1 on silver E91 Msports 👍
  2. Welcome Brian and congrats on the new vehicle! Looks great
  3. Welcome @DonB123 and congrats on the M4! Hardly ever see M4s around Welly - my old mate Darren had one until he switched to an R8... That said, there is a M4 GTS here in the Club
  4. Thanks for sharing your journey with this Adrian- especially your fantastic photography!
  5. FYI @martyyyn on the Kapiti coast has a 535is ... awesome car! @XSDUP hope you can make it along to some local events. https://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/26-wellington/
  6. Nice example and congrats Kevin! Drove a 535is last year and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  7. @martyyyn... I think you're thinking of European Leather Care in Petone - they do replace sections of leather where required. Andrew at Fibrenew does great work - he's sorted my X5 seats etc, a couple of steering wheels etc ... https://www.fibrenew.co.nz/wellington/
  8. TermiPeteNZ

    BMW 130i E87

    Nice example! GLWS Hayden...
  9. Lovely example and only *1* owner - impressive. The Style 38 wheels are rare too...
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwcarclubnz/ and https://www.bmwclub.org.nz/ to find out more...
  11. Just be fully aware of having ZERO cover if your vehicle is at home but not in the garage. On the drive at home = no cover, on the side of the street by home = no cover. Was really keen to use these guys until I read (and verified on the phone) this aspect of their policies. 😕
  12. Welcome Sam - new car looks great! There is a number of BMW Car Club members up North - and there is in fact an event up there very soon. Some of our Welly are heading up for it!
  13. Epic!!! Look forward to seeing it John
  14. Well - it's back!!! Just feels so different after the driving the F30 and X5 for so long... got snarled up in blimmin traffic driving it through town and on the motorway - meh. just love the engine sound and I do think it is a great-looking vehicle not fussed about not having super dark windows - and my left wing mirror works properly - bit of a novelty there's a bit of a resonance when stopped/going slowly - theory is this may be the new hard engine mounts Jon noted a bit of a tick in the steering - found a bit of minor corrosion on the rack and has cleaned it down thoroughly and used a super-thick grease. Check this out - my gift-boxed bearings as evidence it has been done! Nice touch indeed
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