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  1. My E53 is the original 4.4i with the ZF 5HP24... slipping in 3rd & 4th and I'm having it transported back to Zane who did the rebuild end of next week .See what happens I suppose ๐Ÿ˜• You can drop a lot(!) on a decent rebuild and it can still fail - but not many 2nd hand transmissions around as far as I can see.
  2. While the X5 is laid up, I have acquired a new beasty that will replace both my F30 335i and the E53 X5... 2017 G01 X3 M40i!
  3. My rebuilt 5HP24 in my 2001 E53 4.4i now slips in 3rd and 4th (after 5 years/25000KMs ๐Ÿ˜•) and maybe it is a better idea to chuck another used one in rather than dropping $$$$ fixing this one again...
  4. X5 Driscolls let me know that it is slipping in 3rd and 4th. They talked to Zane who did the rebuild who didn't have any advice ... it would need to be cracked open and who knows what the story will be ๐Ÿ˜• I've asked them to cast around for a 2nd hand 5HP24 as a practical alternative - but no joy jet. @hqstu must have cornered the market! M5 Aircon was blowing cold, then warm on the way home. Driscolls have re-gassed it and noted that the heater tap is slow to close - I did have issues some time ago with the aircon pumping out hot air so this is likely the cause. Believe it is a pain to get to. Anyway - aircon is cold now!
  5. The rebuild by Zane was *comprehensive* and def included pressure ...regulator. Haven't heard back re prognosis on the X5 or M5 so no real new news, other than that the X5 needed a charge before the diags could be run ๐Ÿค”. I'm hopeful there is a battery-related issue rather than actual trans failure -battery/power issue can lead to the transmission setting itself into limp mode according to Les at Driscolls. Recently I had to jumpstart the X5 ... so we'll see!
  6. The beautiful E38 has found a new home on the Mainland! Super pleased it has gone to a genuine enthusiast ๐Ÿ™ One less sensible vehicle... In other news... M5 (in the garage) has a completely flat tyre - bought a very neat Ryobi 18V inflator tool from Bunnings but it appears the valve is stuffed as all the air came straight back out ๐Ÿ’จ Tow truck and tyre repair/replace ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ X5 had some slip on a gear change when driving into work - then boom 'Trans fail safe prog' ๐Ÿ™„ limped back the ~1km to Driscoll Motors and we'll see what the story is. This had a full trans rebuild December 2018 - and I've done 25,000KMs since then... so not thrilled.
  7. Sold to a like-minded enthusiast in our awesome Club. I am incredibly pleased it has gone to such a good home.
  8. Here's my 'Sensible vehicles' thread - I've just added details of everything I've had done. Living with sensible(?) vehicles - E53 V8 and E60 M5... - Page 6 - Showroom - bimmersport.co.nz
  9. Here's the summary of what I've had done on the E38 and by whom. I have now listed the vehicle on TradeMe ... as I want to focus on my E60 M5 as weekend car. 2022 Begley Motor Worx: Transmission/diff service Clean, sandblast and paint all four brake calipers Replace ABS module (remanufactured) Brake pressure pump LF suspension spring and tie rod Cabin, air and fuel filters Both batteries Front and rear brake pads and rotors Brake hoses Right front suspension spring Cooling system inc water pump but not the radiator (that came later!) Spark plugs Sump plug Alternator (reconditioned) LF door central locking PM module (2nd hand) 2 tyres Glass in both wing mirrors Left indicator Badges Driver's door Harbour Capital Auto Electrical: Resolve current draw - disconnected voice control module Repaired light control module wiring Replace hydraulic fluid in boot struts Spectrum Panel & Paint: Respray of whole car inc replacement driver's door Replace mouldings for windscreen and rear screen Novus: Refit windscreen properly to address wind noise Barry's Garage: Thorough polish, clean and groom Fibrenew: Leather clean and minor recolour where required 2023 Driscoll Motors Replace left rear window regulator (specials one of course for double glazed windows) Replace grill inserts Replace right front window regulator Rustkill and under seal on underside of vehicle Replaced radiator So yes, have done a fair bit of stuff to this one!
  10. Have listed this on Trademe now. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/4344521242 Asking $22K but happy to take $20K. I have, of course, spent plenty more than this. ๐Ÿคจ If you're a BMW enthusiast and a fan of the E38 7 series - this will appeal. A rare facelift (2001, Sept 2000 build) short wheelbase 750i that started life in NZ with the registration 'BMWNZ1' and has just 13x,000KMs on the clock - with 4 private owners including me. I bought this from an old business associate to save it after it was no longer being driven, and as a proper BMW enthusiast does, poured money into it to get it back in good shape. Now that I've saved it, I'm just not driving it enough and it should be somebody's pride and joy and stored in a garage. Came off the production line in September 2000 Orient Blue paint with oyster leather interior and M-parallel wheels (hard to beat this combo) 5.4l M73TU V12 engine with Steptronic transmission and hydro-servo steering DSC, SLS (Self-Levelling Suspension) with EDC (Electronic Dampener Control) Rear side airbags PDC Double-glazed windows (yes, really) Front and rear seat heating Rear adjustable powered seats with tray tables Car phone and TV - period decorations but maybe not that useful Hi-fi with DSP Hydraulic powered boot PDC I've got receipts for all the work I've had done along the way, including the significant mechanical recommissioning done by a specialist BMW mechanic and a full (but not bare shell) respray. It is a beautiful vehicle that's come up very well, but with its age, it will still benefit from some further cosmetic care. headlining sagging a big in the rear one(?) of the rear speakers is stuffed (these have a bunch of woofers under the rear seat apparently) missing right rear quarter blind If you want a stunning E38 where most of the work has been done already, then I'd love to hear from you. Lowball offers won't be entertained - I've spent too much on this and want it to go to a loving home
  11. E38 750i (and an Audi) update Yes, I did buy it and have spent *a lot* sorting it out. I will post up some stuff on what's been done... Latest with the E38 750i - had to top up the coolant a couple of times - ~300ml each time ... and boom - new radiator required, sorted by Driscoll Motors. At least it was simpler than an intermittent issue on the wife's Audi Q3 - engine check light turned out to be due to a sticking element on the PCV valve assembly. Lots of troubleshooting/fault-finding time before identifying this. ๐Ÿ˜• MBI will at least cover some of it. She was using the V8 X5 while this was being sorted "this uses a lot of gas, doesn't it?" Um, yep - compared to a much more modern 4cyl
  12. Great car! Love the turbo sixes
  13. Welcome @Murray2023 and congrats on the 130i!
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