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Found 120 results

  1. Hi, Looking to purchase a BMW E36, must have the following: - wof & rego - Motorsport model - will consider coupe or sedan -located in Auckland Not fussed on engine size, will consider anything from 318is- 328i Looking to buy something within the next few days. Cheers
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my project car that I've essentially lost interest in. Funny thing - when doing the 'hard' work, I'm always dreaming of how nice it will be to be doing those finishing touches. Then once the hard stuff is finally done, I get bored and lose interest! That and I am always surfing tardme and so getting distracted by all manner of other cool stuff. Currently that is ranging anywhere from mid 80's Toyota FXGTs to Z3's to fixer-upper van engine Porsches, so I may be interested in swaps for potentially anything! So, the BMW - it's an unfinished project - don't expect to drive it away or you will be sorely disappointed. Bring a trailer. BODY - 1999 Ex UK car. Imported to NZ in late 2000 so not rock salt rusty. 150,783 miles / 242,660 kms - driver only airbag model - non-aircon model (removed pump, etc from swap engine) - 328i front swaybar - 328i front brakes - new clutch master and slave cylinder (Bilstein/Febi metal ones) - clutch kit is good used 318ti non-dual mass M52 dual mass (minimal play in FW) - original getrag gearbox (factory manual car) - good condition mtech front seats (m rain) - new gearknob and gaitor (China) - lowered on 17" wheels with a bit of kerbing (not me) - good condition (but cheap) Dayton tyres (new on front) - car handles really well, i find it much more responsive than e36 coupe or sedan Engine - M52B28 stock engine from 328i (will confirm kms - nothing high) 169,500 kms - starts and runs starts, runs and drives - ECU re-flashed with EWS delete (still requires chip in key) and manual tune - 328i gauge cluster (currently speedo and rpm not working - flat battery?) - 328i radiator and new slim electric fan (needs wire and/or clutch fan) - new flexi bellows to inlet manifold and U hose with USA parts - new metal thermostat housing and new thermostat - short throw shifter - old 4 cyl brakets removed (coil pack, etc. - looks ugly when people don't do this) - 328i exhaust supplied but not fitted front exhaust section fitted with new gaskets - rear needs modified to fit Bad bits - in addition to some in ^ - sunroof leaks - roof liner has been removed - sunroof switch secured with cable ties - grills missing and wiper panel broke too - shallow dents in body and some scratches and scuffs (previous owner worked for NZTA on roads) - clutch needs bleeding (being a PITA, still attempting to solve) - battery in boot needs secure - I wasn't comfortable with level of rust eating into vents in one of the front disc rotors (budget to replace - $140) - front shocks need replace (advisory on last WOF) - airbag light not going out fail for last warrant (haven't looked into - reason failed last WOF) - needs cert for road use of course So in summary, i reckon for a grand you could realistically be close to running. The cheapest 328ti currently forsale is $6,500 so you could come in 2k under that. Or you could race prep, drift into a wall, use for parts, whatever. I will edit ad as I am sure I have missed some good stuff and add more photos at the weekend. Car is located on the Kapiti Coast and comes with all of my E36 spares if wanted. Still chipping away at the car so if it doesn't sell it will be finshed and price adjusted. Asking $3,500 027 758 7857
  3. Hello there, I am currently on the hunt for a cheap daily. I am looking for something with current WOF and REGO ans something that won’t be needing a lot of work to maybe be a little nice. obviously needs to be running and driving. I am located in Auckland but anywhere in the north island shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately I am on a pretty low budget of around $3000, not really expecting something perfect at that price range so not pretty fussed about the condition as long as it meets my requirements stated above and is in dailiable condition. Looking forward to seeing what out there. Cheers, Stay safe.
  4. So for the past 18 months I’ve had a 1988 E30 coupe project to replicate a Alpina B3 2.7 and have thought for a while I should create a plog.. but maybe the horse has bolted.. maybe I’ll get around to it.. But with buying my long held ambition and first M3 along with some inspirational plogs particularly by KwS and M3AN I could/should/would. So picking up the baton, in this case KwS’s old E36 M3 and with thanks to mzhu031 for selling it. So this was taken the day I brought it 4th April You know I’ve never had a white car and would’ve liked a racing white M3 but not for $38k lol. I have had silver and imho easy to keep looking clean. I like that it’s on 8.5’s all round but not convinced with the polished style 24s tbh maybe they’ll grow on me. I had it checked by a local Indie which highlighted a few issues all fixable Mechanically it’s in good shape and my early stage plan is to fix the above and tidy up the exterior and interior plus a few other enhancements in no particular order - Mount front lip - Replace rear shock mounts including reinforcement plates DONE - Replace rear shock absorbers with Bilstein B6’s (Bilstein B6 struts front, stock springs all round tbc) - Replace front tyres with Yokohama AD08Rs (matching new rears) - Screws for front valance - Front subframe reinforce and repair - Clean engine bay and detail - Service fluids engine, gearbox, lsd diff - Source 2nd hand front bumper support brackets, highbeam covers - Repair LH door card - Replace steering wheel with 3 spoke DONE - Clean interior including steam clean carpet and seats - Re-trim front seats - M3 floor mats - Check spark plugs, distributor & rotor - Respray boot lid and front valance - Replace brake rotors and pads - Replace exhaust back box Have completed a few of these in a burst of enthusiasm and posted under “what I did today” forum.
  5. Aftering a set of M3 bodykit and side mirror for E36 two door coupe. Must be genuine. Thank you.
  6. I'm attempting to build a E36 compact into a budget gravel rally car. I had an AW11 Mr2 'sort-of' track-car previously, but it was hardly used due to track day costs and I thought it was time to move on to something a bit different. I've never rallied before, I've always wanted to, I just didn't think i have the balls to. Time to find out! The plan is to start by doing grasskhanas and autocrosses, and once I get a cage in start doing gravel sprints. Car will mostly be stock (at the start at least) to get the hang of things and grow confidence in a slow car. Picked up an automatic 1999 318Ti for under $1k, and all it needed for a WoF was some tyres, a few bulbs, and to clear the ABS light. About a week after I got it, it was already time to try it out on grass, by doing the HCMC grasskhana in Massey. The ABS light came back on just before the event (looks like pump motor/electronics), so conveniently the ASC and ABS were disabled during the event. Even though it was still auto with a single spinner, I had a blast throwing it around the dirt. Looks like the project is a go.
  7. Wondering if anyone knows why my tonneau cover motor is doing this? Fully automatic convertible top. Was working fine before and now it just does this and doesn't work. The video is after trying to re-sync the motors, happens straight away when I press the convertible top button. 20200701_090752.mp4
  8. E36 M3 pair of front brake rotors New = approx 28.07mm Min for WOF = 26.4mm These are nominal 27.11mm $100 ono for the pair pick up only, Auckland
  9. 1997 e36 MSport Convertible NZ New rare Black hardtop black leather interior. Colour is techno violet, looks beaut in the sunshine! Overall really shows up well aside from minor scratches. Although bonnet paint is average, and rear bumper clear coat is peeling. ZF 5 speed auto sounds good with a M3 muffler. soft top in excellent condition. Window is pretty good. 154k , will get WOF before sale. This car is a lot of fun, thought this would be a keeper but have bought something else on my Wishlist. Car is based in Royal Oak, Auckland. $8500 ono 02102924907
  10. Anyone have a E36 front lip and M3 mirrors for sale to fit E36 convertible? Also looking for lowering springs or adjustables
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/2429235706 Long time lurker here. Thought this might be of interest to others keen on a rare E36 M3 saloon. Apparently only one NZ new in this colour. Quite a nice example.
  12. Selling on behalf of my sister who has owned for the last 2 years. This is her 1998 328i coupe in Montreal Blue. Full factory M-Sport package with partial leather seats. Currently at 142Km. This car has only had enthusiasts as owners, shown by the massive folder full of service history and it's overall condition. Door cards and headliner recovered in the last 2 years. The only non factory extras include an alarm with immobiliser, a bluetooth headunit and tinted windows. Even has factory PDC! Plate will be included in the sale, current WOF and Registration. 5,500.00 ono PM me if you are interested.
  13. Please help, looking for the air hose that goes from idle control valve to air boot? Part number 1341 1738 186 I have already tried trademe, pickapart, zebra, fb market place aswell as part places around nz, with no luck. Not keen on buying from Amazon or Ebay.
  14. Before I order a new one online, does anyone have a E36 steering wheel hub they want to sell? Preferably Momo, hub for airbag models but will take a non airbag one as well. Part number either 2008 or 2011 if Momo. I'm in Auckland but don't mind paying for shipping.
  15. richard

    $5 parts

    Garage clear out all parts are off an e36 apart from the alternator ,fuel pump, window wiper motor their from an e30. $5 each. If there's something you want and can swap for a bonnet emblem to fit a e36,cool I need one. Everything goes in the jumbo bin at the end of the week.
  16. Hi all, looking to buy a B12 Pro Kit for a 95 m3 3.0. Prices are a real mixed bag out there and can’t seem to land for less than $1500, and that’s defore duty if they get stopped. Anyone had any success sourcing these for cheaper, or can recommend a better combo? cheers
  17. E46 Clubsport 2005 (Facelift) Velvet Blue (BMW individual) Steptronic Napa Black leather interior Cubic silver trim 210kms Slightly higher rev limit to other e46's (ZHP) with an extra 5-10hp I've heard due to the exhaust cam having larger lobes, feels peppier than other 330s also. Airbags replaced already as per recall etc. Stickers in boot for those. Have replaced most things in the past two years of owning to bring it back up to a nice standard. Sitting with BC coilovers brand new, months old (with BMW reinforcement plates on all 4 towers) no cert currently. New radiator, thermostats, vac lines, intake boots, steering rack replaced, front disks, rocker gasket, trans gasket/filter and new fluids for everything even washer fluid 😜, diff oil, disa valve, brand new coils, spark plugs (NGK), fuel pump & filter and a bunch more items bushes etc. Rear bumper repainted (recent chip 😕), front still needs to be done and mirrors clearcoat. Spent 5k on OEM parts so hard to recall without looking at the receipts now, not including BC coils and carbon boot. Happy to sell the car with or without the BCs and carbon boot. Has carbon strut brace also(not pictured). Previous owner tinted windows 35% Did water pump and couple other items I recall. Have all receipts for every item. Has the 6disc changer in boot also have wired in an aux and have a Bluetooth DAC connected to that in the glovebox for wireless audio. Aux/Bluetooth Works while playing blank CDs perfectly. There are chips and a couple small dents as age and KMs. Ask me questions happy to answer. Looking for $11k with the BCs and carbon boot. With just stock items looking for $8,5k hit me up happy to chat. Taken my personal details off since sold. Have two sets of rims so can choose OEM or silver unknown brand if like. Or both if price right. In no rush as I have a second car and looking for the most I can reasonably get to fund new dream. photos are with stock suspension except 4,5th
  18. Hi all - as per title. Pls pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Julian
  19. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1768936256.htm?rsqid=5b8705e0686e4a528cee30606d769d48 Was cheap last I saw
  20. Hey guys, My 1992 E36 325i doesn't appear to have an asc button or anything to let me turn off the traction control. BUT, there is a traction control warning light on my dash which teases me because I can't get it to turn on. Does anybody know how to disable traction control even though theres no button? Or is this not possible?
  21. Lucan

    Wheels FS Thread

    Making some space so selling some stock: Style 37 (DS2) 17x7.5 Set $500 Style 66 17x8/9 (Tyres to suit fitting an E36) $450 Style 18 17" Set (Staggered) Widths TBC $300 PM/Reply below for more details if genuinely interested in anything and will slowly list on Trademe as a last resort.
  22. Hey guys I'm looking at selling or possibly swapping my E36. She's done 300ks due to Grand touring around the country and has never let me down. Currently wearing Nankang shoes with semi slick tread 225/45/17. Grips well and corners like it's on rails. Chipped ECU inside summoning the forbidden horsepower out of it haha I have always used 95 or above petrol. Never think about 91 haha and has had 328i injectors placed in her. Gas bonnet struts have been replaced recently due to the oem ones bugging out and developing an erectile disfunction lol. It has had the toolkit molested but it will come with my personal little set of tools as it is handy. First aid kit, spare wheel, bottle of anti freeze, oil, crc is all included too. Seats are in good condition with no rips to my knowledge and minimal fading. Fully adjustable. Aftermarket exhaust, generally quiet but really opens up past 2.5-3k rpms Automatic transmission with the whole sport,snow and eco modes Sunroof as well. Works when it wants to but it's there and most commonly goes. Only plays up like once a couple of weeks as if shes on her monthly Sad to let her go as she was my first car but all things come and go. 02108665314 for more details and viewing info Open to all offers Cheers
  23. Hey guys, I have a 328i with a blown motor, and sourced a very low km m50b25 non vanos engine, will the x20 from the m50b25nv engine have the same pin out as the later model x20? and if so is it a matter of installing the new motor and plug and play. or will EWS play up?
  24. So, after a long time of thinking, I've come to the decision of saving up for a JDM till the end of this year, but a part of me still wants to get a BMW. I've been scouring Trade Me and the Facebook Marketplace for cars, and I came across a 1998 318ti E36 that's selling for $1200 in the same city as me, and has been driving it from Hamilton to Tauranga for a bit. It has 206xxx km's and according to the seller, the only problems are that it has a "rough idle" and that the power steering will need to be sorted out in the near future. I also asked the guy and this E36 has an M42. He's selling it because he doesn't want an extra car lying around, as much as he was planning to keep it. Do you think it would be worthwhile buying a good cheap E36 with a small engine as a first car? Also, how much would it cost to fix the power steering of Another plus is the fact that a bunch of BMW enthusiasts live 2 blocks away, and we have family friends that can work with cars, one owns an auto shop. Any advice on this?
  25. I am trying to get an M44 transplant running using an EWS emulator on the original M44 DME. Unfortunately the original EWS module and keys that were paired with the DME are in a donor car that is long gone, which is why i need an emulator. INPA can read the ISN off the the DME without problems and all communications using INPA work perfectly so there is not likely to be any problem with my cables etc. However, when I switch to the emulator software to try and write the ISN to the EWS emulator chip I cannot communicate with it. Everything seems to operate fine, it tries for a while, then returns a message "No echo from k-line". Has anyone successfully done this and got any ideas? The basic approach I am taking is described in the link below, although I got the identical looking emulator chips from Aliexpress... https://www.ecutool.com/bmw-ews2-ews32-emulator_7875.html
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