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  1. I am looking for a healthy compression M20B25 to put in my e30 while I fix up my turbo motor. I would like the complete motor sump to head + exhaust manifold (without the following: loom, intake and connected bits, ac, powersteering, alternator). Cheers Scott
  2. musccoo

    E30 bonnet

    E30 bonnet straight has a few small dents nothing a bit of bog won’t fix. pickup greenlane text 02101464084 $50
  3. musccoo

    E30 side skirts

    Do as MacGyver would... Drive up on a kerb, take the sideskirt off with a 10mm and 3 bolts, not hard.. But taking a spare is just preparing to fail 😛. Floor jack fits under fine btw
  4. musccoo

    E30 side skirts

    Have a couple sets of these to sell - pictures of my set on my car (excuse how dirty it is) Had them designed by a mate cause BMW ones are a rip and personally I think they look just as good as BMW ones Laser cut from sheet aluminium then professionally folded on a CNC press brake machine. They bolt on to the sills (drill 3 holes) and powder coated black, match well with the IS lip. Fit coupe/sedan $250 Located Auckland - text me 02102464084
  5. Set of rally/track wheels all in good condition. Come with Federal FZ-201 225/45 semi slicks all decent tread. 4x100 with 57.1mm Center bore (bmw e30) 17x7.5 with et13 offset No longer needed so up for sale $1000 Pickup Auckland - text me 02102464084
  6. Have a set of e30 basketweaves 15x7 including all center caps and 205/55 tyres with heaps of tread. Held onto these for ages but figure someone else probably wants them. I put BBS center logos in because I liked the different look $1000 Pickup Auckland - text me 02102464084
  7. Lol didn't know this thread came back up. Just for interests sake I bought a red46 one some time ago and its pretty decent. Ain't no rally sump plate but protects most scenarios for street car - If you welded a bar in chassis rail to chassis rail and bolted to that then it would be solid af rally spec haha. But yeah if someone wants to replicate it can borrow it, don't mind
  8. I have a Lincoln Powercraft 210 mig + dc lift tig, does everything I need for mig, and allowed me to learn tig on steel. Since then I've also bought a BOC Smootharc 185 ac/dc tig with foot pedal which is proving to be sweet as for steel and alloy. Nothing bad to say about either brand
  9. musccoo

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    looks mint bro, shaved bays for all
  10. Getrag 245 5 speed been sitting around as a spare, not needed. Unsure of k’s I have been told that this only fits the m20 engine, it has one bushing mount tab so only for older bodies as far as I know (not for e30) Includes clutch slave, fork and throw out bearing which feels nice and smooth Would need new seals as it leaked fluid out the bellhousing and output flange Pickup auckland preferred but can help arrange shipping if needed $500
  11. So I think I'm actually 'done' with my car, as weird as it feels, I've nothing left on my todo list haha. Pretty stoked how its turned out and just enjoying driving the thing. Few photos Saturday night by @leebske
  12. musccoo

    E46 M3 project

    Where'd you get the rear bar from? Looks like a nice bit of kit
  13. musccoo

    E28 535E M30B35 Swap

    Maybe, I didn't find it bad, just hack the plastic shroud thingy til it sits nice and drill some misc holes, heres pic from my 21 Make sure to test it at the yard tho, cause they can often not work..
  14. musccoo

    E28 535E M30B35 Swap

    +1 for an e38 fan. Have one in my turbo e30 keeps things under control nicely, also put one in my e21 for the short time I had it and was mint. Like 20 bucks at zebra haha
  15. Haha needle in a haystack. Good luck..
  16. Finally someone who actually seems to know whats wrong with it, so much yay-say about this car. Good luck with the fix up
  17. Ehhhm what you've pictured is the cradle with the fuel level sender. If you only need a pump you can reuse all that stuff. Post a pic of the actual pump
  18. Do you need the whole cradle? Which is what you've pictured, or just the pump? I have a used facelift pump that was working fine, only took out to upgrade to higher flow
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