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  1. Haha, ah cool don't remember sorry. I live in New Plymouth now but car still up in Auckland..need to figure out what I'm doing with it It got a wof, reg and clean for the first time in 4 years the other day so that's a first step..
  2. Oops, accident, added
  3. @TriniGT revive from the dead.. It's 'around', just sitting in a garage collecting dust Coils are Mitsi evo coils running wasted spark Dizzy block off plate is just a DIY from some ACM board, heaps of nice aftermarket alloy ones of those around now though also with cam position sensor flanges etc
  4. E21 chrome rear bumper + one spare left corner I would say they are all MINT, just need a polish and look perfect. Very straight. Hard to find these days.. $400 Message me if you are interested 02108522232 Cheers, Scott
  5. musccoo

    E30 bonnet

    Straight has a few small dings (maybe 2) Nothing a bit of bog won’t fix pickup greenlane $50
  6. musccoo

    E30 side skirts

    Actually found TWO sets, c'mon peeps, those nasty sills want some eye candy
  7. musccoo

    Wtb: m20b25

    Probably a long shot, but any healthy compression m20 2.5's about?
  8. musccoo

    E30 side skirts

    Bump - still got one set
  9. I am looking for a healthy compression M20B25 to put in my e30 while I fix up my turbo motor. I would like the complete motor sump to head + exhaust manifold (without the following: loom, intake and connected bits, ac, powersteering, alternator). Cheers Scott
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