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  1. Thanks all for the replies, I've sent through a couple of DM's. Cheers!
  2. As above, looking for carpet in good nick. Not really fussed about colour. Let me know, Cheers, A.
  3. Hello team! It's been sometime. My E30 is currently experiencing what I call it's 'Lazarus' phase... I'm in the market for some BBS RS 16". Now I don't have in excess of $6000 just to spend on wheels, so I am looking for replicas. Anyone have any lying around? Or, anyone know of who's currently selling / importing them? Any info is appreciated. Cheers! A.
  4. Hey all, Looking to swap some good condition interior for a more door E30 for some equally good condition 2-door leather. I'm after seats mainly and if door cards aren't around, no problem. Overall, the seats are in great shape but are in need of a good clean. They have been in storage for the last year. The drivers seat has a small rough patch on the left bolster (not torn or rubbed through etc) which could do with some cream to soften it up and recondition it a bit, otherwise their in great shape. I don't wan't to sell it. If you don't have anything to swap, buy some Coupe interior, then trade that. My only condition is that I CANNOT handle grey! I'll even deal with blue as long as it fits in the coupe. If anyones got any questions, get in touch here (via PM) or preferably, call or text me on 021 818 909. Additionally, I have a Facelift LIP and Ellipsoid lights up for grabs at $1 res on trademe. Ellipsoids: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=398018896 FL LIP: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=398019434 Just to clarify my confusing post. I'm AFTER coupe interior, this is FOUR door interior in the photo. Cheers all, Alex. Edit : A whole bunch of stuff.
  5. Hey all, I've been quiet around here for a while, BUT... I have a couple of parts that I need that if possible, I'd love to trade for. Failing this, I'm also happy to sell and simply buy. Basically, I need facelift fog lights, I have a really good set of pre-facelift fogs, that I'm keen to swap for some facelift ones. If there's no possiblity of that happening, then their for sale at $150 (Average price of FL fogs on trademe.) I also have a facelift lip (thin plastic one) for sale. If someone would rather swap this (or part thereof) for the fogs that's ok too. Otherwise $80 for the lip. Ellipsoid headlights, no back plugs (wiring) or if I find them I can't promise the plugs conditions. Lights in really good shape. Probably a long shot, but worth a try. Cheers all, A.
  6. Cheers Dave, Andy, Ryan and Ethan!
  7. Cheers Glenn, A catch up should definitely be in the works sometime soon!!!!!
  8. Photos look good Chris! This WE was great indeed.
  9. No one has anything? Atlantis blue seems to be the most common colour floating around at the moment? Edit: If push comes to shove, I will buy, however I really don't want to start loading up doubles of everything, already have tonnes of crap floating around!
  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day! Alex.
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