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  1. Also, feel free to make nominations for anyone who is active on the forum that you think would be well suited. Sadly I’m a bit out of touch with the membership these days.
  2. Andy and I are not on here these days. I just jumped on today because someone emailed me. We’re keen to hand over the site to the right person to breath some love back into it. To build and manage a forum moderator team, sign up some sponsors and get some events happening. If you think you’re that person Email me ollie@bimmersport.co.nz or call me 027 544 8699 Would love to chat
  3. I should have done this a long time ago ... The resilience of Bimmersport to still be chugging along today, is a testament to our passionate members, the still dedicated admins, and a number of very important individuals. It really proves that there is value here for enthusiastic bmw owners and that this site deserves to have some life breathed back into it. There is an immense amount of information in the archives and there is still an active member base, although not as active as it once was. Unfortunately the current owners, Andrew and myself can't give bimmersport the attention that it deserves, and haven't been able to for some time. Therefore I'm interested to hear from anyone who is keen to take over the running of the site, or interested in buying it. It requires a leader who can dedicate time and effort into re-establishing bimmersport as the best online car community in New Zealand. Selecting and managing an admin team Maintaining the Website / Forum Building and managing Bimmersports social media and online presence Promoting and running great events Selling Advertising (online & offline) to fund the running of the site Nurturing and developing the bimmersport brand Managing Finances I'm open to working out a deal with the right person/s. If you're interested please email me ollie@bimmersport.co.nz with a bit of info about who you are, why you're interested, and in what capacity. I'll do my best to reply to emails within a reasonable timeframe, but please excuse me if I'm a bit slow, I'm travelling a lot. Cheers Ollie
  4. Hey all I'm after an e30 front cut or shell, it doesn't have to be perfect, there is only a particular part that I need. Doesn't matter if it's facelift or prefacelift but facelift would be better because is less likely to be rusty. Call me on 027 544 8699 if you can help. I'm keen to get get it this weekend if possible. Cheers
  5. Selling a set of Brand New Koni Adjustable Shock absorbers which are surplus to my requirements. They are an excellent choice for multi use cars (street, autocross, and track). They are the front control shocks used by the BMW E30 race series cars and of course they perform exceptionally well. These ones are the 45mm diameter inserts (mostly 318i & 320i have this size strut) Get a Bargain Deal !!! check out the Trade Me Auction
  6. Just sent out a bunch of stickers now. I got this under control guys.
  7. Hey Everyone. Sorry for being so slack with the stickers. It looks like there is quite a bit of demand for them. Ever since we changed to the new forum software I never updated the shop so you can order stickers online. I will look at sorting this out and will also include t-shirts and caps which we still have a bit of stock of. In the meantime please order stickers over email like so: Stickers are $8 each including postage. You can choose from white or silver. If you would like to order please email your order to sales@bimmersport.co.nz and transfer the money to our bank account as follows. Bimmersport Ltd, Westpac Albany: 03 1322 0085857 000 I will post the stickers as soon as the money is in the bank Once again sorry for my slackness.I promise to get the online ordering up and running again really soon. Also like josh said, please don't reproduce copies of the stickers, that's not cool, or legal.
  8. Looks pretty badass! reminds me of the days we used to play colin mcrae rally on PS1
  9. Hey everyone, we have hit $53,000 USD and are over half way there. Response has been encouraging but we still have a wee way to go to get to 100k in 13 days. We've announced a couple of extra features which we are having a lot of fun testing out at the moment. 1. Multiple Quebees can be synced together and controlled at once! - MINI ANGLE KITS and MULTI ANGLE KITS are now available. 2. Quebee supports Internet Streaming, connect quebee to local wifi and you can see what quebee sees from anywhere using your smartphone. 3. Sync your smartphone camera with Quebee to capture multi angle video with just one quebee, This is pretty cool, you can have one fixed and one moving camera. Check it out and support our project! let's make Quebee happen Check out these multi angle demo videos, we have a few more to come of autocross and stuff too. This post has been promoted to an article
  10. Quebee is now on Kickstarter, head along and support us by pledging or spreading the word. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON KICKSTARTER
  11. UPDATE! We have a set a launch date of Monday November 25. Stay tuned
  12. Haha cheers for the comments guys ... Looking forward to launching soon. Greg I totally know what you mean about lead times etc. We will be realistic, and more inportantly will keep backers informed all along the way. We already have a relationship with the manufacturer and the design is quite far through development so all going well we should be able to deliver in a decent timeframe.
  13. Good question Dan. Go pro and similar cameras are all geared towards the action market, they are designed to be moving and the user is generally behind the camera and not in front of the lens. Because of the use case of these cameras they are quite small and therefore battery life is not huge, they are also quite techy without much of a focus on usability. Quebee is designed for everyone. It's priced to make it accessible, it's easy to use with one button and cloud based video editing, and it has stunning battery life. It's a powerful consumer product with a friendly aesthetic, easy to use app and a fantastic user experience. Price and Spec details will all be revealed very soon but it will likely retail at around USD$199 (half go-pro) and battery life will be around 5 hours full HD recording (twice go-pro). Hopefully that answers your question okay, I haven't been media trained yet haha
  14. Here a few more teaser images to give you a bit more of an idea of who Quebee is ...
  15. Hey Bimmersporters I don't normally condone shameless advertising but I'm kinda allowed to... and anyway this is something really cool. For the last twelve months my company Blender Design has been working hard on a joint venture project with Teknique - an Auckland based camera technology company. Our mission is to "change the way personal video is captured and make it affordable and intuitive, for everyone" What we created is Quebee; a compact, stylish and robust portable video camera which you control with an app on your smartphone. Quebee is designed to enable everyone to capture and enjoy moments in life, without having to worry about holding a camera. Most of us have a smart phone or digital camera but the problem is that if we are holding the camera, we are not part of what is happening. Quebee solves this problem. We are excited to be launching Quebee very soon on crowdfunding website kickstarter.com. And we would love to have you all involved. This is a call for your support and help spreading the word - check out quebee.com and sign up to receive email updates as the project evolves or if you prefer go along and like the quebee facebook page or follow Quebee on Twitter or all of the above. Tell all your friends and help us build a following, we'll make sure you are the first to know when Quebee launches on kickstarter so you can snatch up the early bird specials. Your support and help spreading the word would be awesome! Thanks so much.
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