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  1. d.p.n.s

    FS 1993 e34 520IA touring $3000 CHCH

    Flick me a text mate... Hard to hear my phone at work. 0212140427 Cheers Dan
  2. hi all need to sell my much loved wagon. has just failed a WOF and i don't have the time to wait for parts and fix by sunday (when auction finishes) L/F swaybar link arm front drive shaft coupling (bought another but wrong size..) exhaust mount behind 2nd muffler (fixed) $3000 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1256291479
  3. d.p.n.s

    e34 FL non airbag steering wheel

    thanks mate but all sorted now. brent has sorted me a non airbag one. cheers
  4. d.p.n.s

    e34 FL non airbag steering wheel

    and that will fit a facelift e34...? i have 1 similar from a mate and the spline its self was to small for my steering shaft. if will fit how much posted to chch? and also how much for a non airbag e36 that will fit.....if you have 1 cheers
  5. d.p.n.s

    e34 steering wheel options

    hi all what other bmw steering wheels will fit a face lift e34? and what ones are airbag and non airbag. thanks for the help
  6. d.p.n.s

    e34 FL non airbag steering wheel

    That would be awesome.. Cheers Mate
  7. d.p.n.s

    e34 FL non airbag steering wheel

    unless someone has a 100% working factory 1 like this
  8. hi all im after a non airbag steering wheel fit e34 its a 1993 and FACELIFT. i tryed one off a 91 and the spline hole on the steering was tooooooooo small. so any non-airbag steering wheel that will fit a e34 facelift please cheers all
  9. d.p.n.s

    e34 touring

    I think so mate. Wouldn't want to go on with life if it wasn't in it..haha
  10. d.p.n.s

    e34 touring

    pretty much mate.. want to by a house this year so the cortina might be on hold for another year as well.. but the wagon isnt going anywhere and parking it up is better than the alternative. ....selling it and putting the money towards a deposit ....so parked up it is. and ill abuse the subaru for a year
  11. d.p.n.s

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    the insurance, disconnected the battery and covered it up.. and pushed it into the garage with the other toys
  12. d.p.n.s

    e34 touring

    and now 2017 battery disconnected , insurance canceled and all covered up in the garage with the other toys
  13. d.p.n.s

    e34 touring

    last euro meet i went to in november.
  14. d.p.n.s

    e34 transmission fluid level check

    cheers man ...perfect. and looking at the pics and spending some time under the car i would say i have a 5 HP 18 (A5S 310Z) ...thanks again
  15. d.p.n.s

    e34 transmission fluid level check

    nz new.i think its a m50b20 motor