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  1. Alot of the guys use the advanti race wheel from DCH motorsport in Chrischurch. I think this wheel is imported by them specifically for the E30 race series cost from memory was approx $140+GST/wheel plus freight. DCH Motorsport cheers R
  2. KEY2

    Window Tinting

    Car is black. Cheers R
  3. KEY2

    Window Tinting

    Any recomendations as to who to use and are there any Bimmersport friendly operators based in the Auckland area? Comments/suggestions much appreciated. Cheers R
  4. Thanks for the link Dave. Apparently he has recently sold an M Roadster to a guy in Christchurch. For someone who is into Motorsport BMWs he doesn't seem to know much. Cheers
  5. Schnitzer M3 Thinking of this car as a daily driver then converting to open series race car. Can anyone share any info on these cars. Not sure if this is a full spec Schnitzer. It was imported from Japan and bought by this guy in 2001 from Jerry Clayton BMW. Claytons have done all the servicing. Are the Schnitzer mods any good especially relative to going racing and track days? Any comments appreciated including those on price. Cheers Russell
  6. KEY2

    E36 M3 3ltr

    Looking for one as a racecar project. Cheers Russell
  7. Yeah good opportunity but I have no where to store it. Cheers
  8. Thanks for all the offers of help. Parts all sorted now.
  9. Need these for a sad looking race car from last weekends race meet. Colour not an issue. PM me with availability and pricing. Many thanks. Russell
  10. Needs to be an original to comply with E30 race regs. Any colour fine as it will be painted. Cheers
  11. I was there also. Great to walk the track and yes it will be a fantastic facility for drivers and spectators. There is some serious rise and fall which will be interesting for those of us in low powered E30s. Still quite a bit to do though. Good to see they were still laying seal on a sunday whilst hundreds of people were on the track. Cheers
  12. KEY2

    FL E30 front

    Is this still available? Cheers R
  13. KEY2

    E30 Parts For Sale

    Are the rear lights all good and how much? Also the rear bumper? I am assuming its a facelift 318? Need parts for a not so good race meet in Taupo last weekend. Cheers R Cheers
  14. You mention airflow meters is there more than one for $70. I need a good one for a 318i M40 race engine? Cheers R
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