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  1. it even woke me from the dead .. have done a bit of deleting and deleting the bot accounts. keep the request coming in if you see them
  2. James is going to perform some updates.
  3. Famous around the world for the car that appeared and used in our music video for Antiform - Crash. Big thanks to HellBM for that!
  4. For those of you who knew Atta. His family are truly doing it tough right now as one could imagine with Atta the the primary income for his family. Every little bit helps. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-atta-elayyans-family
  5. Some more photos of his 340 e30. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/48919-attas-aka-crazyarabs-e340i I remember when you took use for ride around christchurch in it and how much punch it had out of the gate, we were all giggling like little girls and it didnt grow old. Still remember that smile on your face.
  6. Thanks Mark, RIP Atta, Ill re-post what I wrote on facebook, Brother I can't even fathom this.I will eat some of my own advice in my hazy tears.. And remember the good times.Learning today your passing in this terrible terrible incident.I remember how OCD you were and we use to joke about our problem when modifying E30s of how it needed to be perfect or why try.How wheels where everything to make the look of a car, how the way a car looked is also how it should perform.When I would travel to Christchurch to perform in Antiform and make sure we caught up between flights and sound check with Cliff. My thoughts are with you, your wife and little one in these dark times.You won't be forgotten brother. New Zealand stands with you and the Muslim community.If anything this will insight community lead world change.RIP Brother... RIP Josh
  7. hybrid

    e46 v8 wagon

    Keep going, and enjoy it when youve finished. Take pride in what youre doing. Im 10 years on and still love mucking around with mine.
  8. Off the back off the code they should have told you the cylinder, number of times it happened. BMWs misfire detection is controlled via the ionic detection hardware installed in the ECU, this is what triggers the DTC in the fault memory. It is essentially is a hall effect clamp which analyses the current and its shape on each spark event. Done right a shop can tell if it is a spark plug or a coil issue.
  9. Drivers Review - 140i War Hammer Last week I pick up the phone at work to Ray on the other end for our once a month catch-up. He enthusiastically said 'waddya doing this weekend'. My reply, not tons planned but bout time for a visit. He said, good cause I have something for you to try out. The 140i is on the road. Not batting and eye lid I said good ill be there with bells on. Roll on Saturday and a 45min commute from green lane up to silver dale. We arrive and sitting in the driveway was a stout little 1 series. Only hint of what is going on is the quad exhaust sneaking through the rear valance. After some chit chat .. He handed me the keys, the missus and I jumped into the car and prepared the usual check mirrors / belts / anything loose that would end up on the floor etc. Fired the little thing into life, which soon made me realise with the s65 shoe horned under the hood and modified pipes that this aint no 1 series any more. I locked the DCT transmission into reverse and eased the car back onto the road. Checking all the normal stuff I popped it into first and moved away ... with a quick pop of the paddles I was in second and gave it a medium sqeeze on the throttle, immediately we were both pushed back into our seats and I realized we were over the speed limit with the car showing small hint it was tapping at the tranction control. Giving the car a bit of a warm up I took it easy up to the open road and drove it down to my favourite testing ground run .. the sprint to stillwater. I pulled over to let the car finish its warm up of the oil and water to operational temp. Looking down I pushed the 'Power' button and changed the DTC settings to '6'. Now lets stop here for a second to look at its spec. Here we have a 120i Motorsport shell with e92 m3 sub frame components, DTC 7 speed gear box, e92 M3 diff and suspension, Mperformance brakes, newly refreshed s65, free flow stainless exhaust, Tuned MSS60 ECU and m3 GTS software loaded onto the gearbox computer and Mdynamics DSC traction and stability control. Back to the drive, I stomped on the loud pedal and plucked 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th redlining all the way. The sound was ammmmmmazing. But what trumped that was the amount of time it took me to break the legal and beyond. I see our first corner coming up at a great rate of knots. Look down and see a 2 with a couple of zeros .. hit the picks and dive into the first corner. It just soaked up the corner and the bumps. Accelerating out of the corner I pop the paddles and within a blink of an eye im through some more gears. The GTS gearbox software has come a long was since the SMGII days. Dual clutch transmission are the playstation generation. You cant get it wrong and it just builds confidence as the car isn't un-settled between gear changes. Up comes the next corner which is the start of a set of s bends. Complete with Rodney Council's finest b road bumps can throw at me. The car didn't flinch. I hit the down change and in comes the rev matching and throttle blips. holy crap I say that sounds awesome. At this stage Im giggling like a little girl while punching it out of the corners ... traction control is letting me know that its keeping the rear end in check. We get down to Still Water and take pause to figure out what the combination is and how something so potent can be so solid on the road with this power to weight combination. I jump out and the missus jumps in. She gives it the potatoes on the way back and reminds me I dont make a good passenger. We get to the open highway, and I jump back in the seat. And do the airfield run. I get a real chance to open it up. Pulling a big over taking manoeuvre past a local tourist. Up pops the stop sign to local highway .. The speedo is well past what would be considered sane. In come some braking performance .. bang bang bang down through the gears .. it pulls up with a face ripping gforce to the local highway. I get a honk honk and thumbs up from the tourist haha .. We complete our cool down run and return to HellBM. I get out of the car and walk up to ray, Ray: 'Whaddya think" Josh "Well that wasn't sh*t" Its given me the big hurry up on my plans for my next car. I own a e30 s50b32. I take on a car that was to put great power into something that I though needed it, at the time it was ground breaking.' This 1 series hatch with the s65b40 and DTC just brings into perspective what the new level is in badassness. This hatch is king. I have driven a lot of builds, with power and handling. Including some amazing factory cars. This takes the cake on all of it. Its really that good. Well done HellBM, this is the future of modding and its bright.
  10. hybrid

    1M Clone Build

    Nice work on the build! Just a friendly note on your soldering. You need to use a proper flux based solder and clean up those pads carefully. Because you don't have the mosfet pads filleted properly they will eventually fail. You need to use a flux pen when adding solder to avoid it globbing on the mosfet foot itself and not the pad. Use a solder sucker and wick to properly clean the pad up before removing to not damage the copper.
  11. $17,750.00 ... next level Tech1 pricing. Bought mine for $5,500 11 years a go
  12. I had a fully speced kiwi new 540i A SE which was a motorsport and came with m5 mirrors and wheels. This is why it got the SE tag.
  13. Hi guys, I'm after a 18x8.5 5x120 or could do a 8 inch alloy wheel. This is for a spare wheel for the e30 which has had a 5 lug conversion done. Ideally: Don't need the tyre so not worried about good tread. I have a tyre that will go on it with the right profile etc. 18x8.5 or 8inch around et38 offset 5x120 something like a BBS RK would be sweet (light weight ) but anything considered. If someone has an single wheel from a crashed car that wont make up a set etc .. cheers fellas
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