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  1. Drove this a few times and all I can say is its got supercar like performance but all the manners off the gas. A true sleeper but with all the right bits on it.
  2. The problem is new vehicles and the LED (laser wavelength) headlights can set of false alerts. I just leave laser turned off as there isn't really a point of having it turned on anyways bacause the way a police laser gun works. It already has its fix on first alert. K and Ka bands with camera and fixed speed trap GPS is perfect for 95% of the time.
  3. Yeah its worth the extra you pay for the r8nz.. she's a bit pricey, but the way I looked at it after getting a speight of small tickets (post covid) over a 1 year period and one final large one were I got caught out thinking I was in a 100kph and in fact a 80kph (was an honest mistake) it left me quite poor on the demerits. So got serious about not letting that happen again over the next few years. Before any of this I hand not had a ticket in 15 years, my driving didn't change (I drive 99% of the time like anyone else) , something else definitely did.
  4. Highway radar will link to my R8NZ over bluetooth, link to waze crowd source data and display police reports, link to air traffic and display your position on a map. It uses all of this data to display alerts on screen with proximity. When you come across a detection from the radar it will display the band, strength, direction, radio frequency. It will then run the sound over bluetooth audio to your stereo (if you have bluetooth audio on your phone linked to your car audio) .. If you want it to it will read out the alerts in text to speech. which is amazing for not worrying about looking at your radar detector. Having Waze also running is handy in split screen mode if youre navigating. Both display speed, but Highway radar also display the speed limit and your actual speed right next to each other 100% of the time which is great to keep on top of Wata Katastrophies ever changing speed limits every 2 minutes.
  5. Dead keen to come have a look at it
  6. I ended up getting the Uniden R8NZ. With bluetooth support and linking into highway radar its amazing for notifications. Most of the time it will clock a Ka band from a stalker II around 2.5ks or at worst around 1.5ks. With the direction and signal strength it makes it quite easy to work out where they are and even more handy is it will track up to 3 different sources at the same time which is then displayed to my phone as active alerts. Using the R8NZ with highway radar and waze in split screen mode for open road driving is epic.
  7. Forgot to post the final outcome. While I was up getting some work done at HellBM I snapped these off.
  8. I do know of another for sale at the moment.
  9. Then it was onto the final primer. Super stoked how the panels turned out. It will be back out for another leveling sand of the final primer then over the next few weeks is final colour (Polaris-Metallic) then final finishing and re-assembly.
  10. For the '86 Tech 1 Motorsport / s50b32, a lot of work has been blocking the panels down to get them perfect.
  11. And next was the application of hard high build primer. After this phase it will sit for a week or so to harden up then it will be block sanded to get all panels perfectly straight. Then it will be into the booth again for primer then colour (stock Polaris-Metallic) then clear coats. The motorsport shadow line window trim is also being done.
  12. Time to resto the outside. The clearcoat gave up last year and didn't take to fondly to the amount of rain we have over summer and started to craze and peel. Not bad for 37 years. First round is a massive cut back of all sections to a good base removing all the old shmoo. The front Tech1 bumper was particularly difficult because of the hard-shell hammarite style paint, great for stone chips but not so great for removing. The shop took it back to raw surface which I was quite happy about. As a car person, it is always a fun time taking paint off a car, you never know what you're going to get. I guess I have been extremely fortunate in that the a lot of credit goes to the previous owners of this car where there is no accident damage or bodge-ups to be found. I have always kept the car in a garage, away from sunlight when garage and pretty diligent with cleaning and maintaining the car with the right products. Just few small bits of under paint surface rust on the top metal caps on the bumpers where water was now starting to soak through the clearcoat. But all in all the car is as straight as an arrow. Great base to start the resto from.
  13. hybrid

    E46 M3

    haha, after many years youll be glad to know the e30 will be getting a total repaint this year.
  14. hybrid

    E46 M3

    Looks amazing as usual, great to see you still have it.
  15. BBS LM 18x8.5 ET30, suspension is; Ground Control adjustable camber tops, e30 m3 front struts modified, ground control coilover set, koni shocks, eibach linear barrel springs 525f/700r pound. Ireland Engineering sway bars, treehouse racing offset eyeball castor arms. m-coupe rear trailing arms and axels. Wilwood 332mm brakes m-coupe 315mm rears. Ultra-racing strut braces.
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