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    '86 e30 m325i with s50b32
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    6 pot Wilwood BBK, S50b32, Koni shocks, Eibach Springs, Custom Race Exhaust, Datalogger / Display, 5Lug, M-Coupe Drive Train, 325hp

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  1. No worries, feel free to fire me a PM, happy to anwser and questions around the whole topic .. Ive spent a few iterations getting it right.
  2. E30 Blower fan and replaced the heater core and matrix that blow up last summer. Was a bit of a job but well worth it to have my blower back and heater system ... oh and a running car with no coolant leaking into the cabin was a bonus too.
  3. Some photos I took a while back.
  4. Finally complete my dash logger / display - alert system.
  5. Rocker cover gasket replacements and bolt rubber washers.
  6. Slave cylinder replacements.
  7. No unfortunately, like many when image hosters decided they where getting ad revenue because of facebook they just shut it all down and broke a lot of these sorts of threads. Anyways, thought I post a couple of things. I still have the car and its still going strong and fully maintained. It has its own facebook group where I tend to post updates these days.
  8. Will pop up for a look before Christmas.
  9. it even woke me from the dead .. have done a bit of deleting and deleting the bot accounts. keep the request coming in if you see them
  10. James is going to perform some updates.
  11. Famous around the world for the car that appeared and used in our music video for Antiform - Crash. Big thanks to HellBM for that!
  12. For those of you who knew Atta. His family are truly doing it tough right now as one could imagine with Atta the the primary income for his family. Every little bit helps. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-atta-elayyans-family
  13. Some more photos of his 340 e30. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/48919-attas-aka-crazyarabs-e340i I remember when you took use for ride around christchurch in it and how much punch it had out of the gate, we were all giggling like little girls and it didnt grow old. Still remember that smile on your face.
  14. Thanks Mark, RIP Atta, Ill re-post what I wrote on facebook, Brother I can't even fathom this.I will eat some of my own advice in my hazy tears.. And remember the good times.Learning today your passing in this terrible terrible incident.I remember how OCD you were and we use to joke about our problem when modifying E30s of how it needed to be perfect or why try.How wheels where everything to make the look of a car, how the way a car looked is also how it should perform.When I would travel to Christchurch to perform in Antiform and make sure we caught up between flights and sound check with Cliff. My thoughts are with you, your wife and little one in these dark times.You won't be forgotten brother. New Zealand stands with you and the Muslim community.If anything this will insight community lead world change.RIP Brother... RIP Josh
  15. hybrid

    e46 v8 wagon

    Keep going, and enjoy it when youve finished. Take pride in what youre doing. Im 10 years on and still love mucking around with mine.
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