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  1. driftfinatic

    E46 330i M73 V12 Manual Swap

    Looking at e46 sedan 330i. Definitely wants a 3 series with the msport interior etc
  2. driftfinatic

    E46 330i M73 V12 Manual Swap

    Hi guys long time no post. Ive been missing from the bmw world for a bit but Im back with a friend thats building the sedan. Here is the basic gst of whats going on and what we have going so far. BMW 330i sedan (looking to buy in next few weeks if any ones selling one hit me up) - M73 5.4 V12 - The super rare Getrag 560 6 speed, with the flywheel, clutch, and drive shaft (imported from the UK) - Link G4+ fury So now the fun begins. Basically its gotta be mounted up and thats going to take some work. My first question is, Does the 7 series cross member even pretend to fit the 3 series chassis? Any help and recommendations would be gladly accepted Cheers, Conrad
  3. driftfinatic

    M73 V12 manual gearbox?

    Hey guys, Ive got a m73 V12 and im looking at doing a manual swap into a 5 series. I cant seem to find anything in the search about manual conversions for this motor. I realize ecu etc make it difficult but I have a link G4 that hopefully is good enough to run it. My question is what gearbox fits or can be adapted to fit this motor? Its mainly going to be road use but some track days eventually also. Cheers, Conrad
  4. driftfinatic

    316i Alarm Install

    So ive been looking through these forums and through the electrical manual for e36 and it states that for installing an alarm there is a module behind the glove box, either in the form of the 12 pin plug or just the module. I recently opend mine up to install a simple unlock alarm and NONE of the modules or plugs exsit back there!!! All the manuals i have are for 318 and up. Has anyone come across a 316 sedan before with the same thinng?? Alternatively, can these modules be located else where?? It seems strange as the car has the bonnet sensor and siren already in the car but no alarm anywhere?? Alternatively can i install the unlock feature another way??
  5. driftfinatic

    1997 316i electrical problems

    Did anyone ever work out if the 1997 316i has a zke??? i am having similar issues except i am trying to install a aftermarket alarm and as per above. i removed the glove box compartment i was surprised to see no zke or any other modules
  6. driftfinatic

    ABS module problems

    I got the first one from a local euro specialist, and the other one ive got from ezy parts up in auckland
  7. driftfinatic

    ABS module problems

    Your telling me lol. Ive had it at Jeff Grey BMW and they tell me the same sh*t it is ridiculous
  8. driftfinatic

    ABS module problems

    The electrician told me that the codes needed to be cleared on the module in the original car for it to work in the car in was going into anyone know if this correct?
  9. driftfinatic

    ABS module problems

    I really dont know. these pricks are starting to really piss me off! I ring them and they tell me they dont know!! I think im gunna bring it home tommorow. If you think you could help you could try talking to them Broadway Auto electrician (Speak to brian) (06)357 2600
  10. driftfinatic

    ABS module problems

    So my beemas been in the local auto electrician for the past three weeks(going on four now) they have diagnosed it as a faulty abs module!!! So im on my 3rd replacement module now and still they are telling me my modules broken. Had it checked over by Jeff Grey BMW and they cant find the problem with the car either. They have told me they think the module in the car is the wrong one but when i asked them what module was suppose to be in there no one could help me??? WTF arnt they BMW specialists???? anyway, what i am wondering is, has anyone had a similar problem or maybe some insight for me(i have been told all wires are good, correct supply etc, dash is fine, relays are fine, wheel sensors are fine) also does anyone know the abs module for a 1997 E36 BMW 316i sedan?
  11. driftfinatic

    Another airbag question

    Ive had a closer look and i have realised that it is not the pretensioner wires that are unplugged its some other ones that come from inside the female end of the seat belt plug. my guess it they are actually nothing to do with the actual airbag system more of an seat belt warniing device.
  12. driftfinatic

    Another airbag question

    So my car failed its wof cause the air bag light didnt come on. On closer inspection it was found that the air bag light is always on and someone has pulled it out so it dosent look like its on during the day but it is on all the time at night!!! So i was poking around the car and I realised that neither of the seat belts are plugged in and the wires are just floating around. my problem is i cant find the wires to plug the seat belt plugs into. i dont no if this is ment to be like this or what but both sides are not plugged and just cable tied out of the way.. 1997 E36 316i Manual
  13. driftfinatic

    Heater Not Working

    Im having similar problems. but mine has a mind of its own. it has problems changing from say feet to windscreen. and the fan has a mind of its own. it wont blow on full and then i turn it down and itll go crazy. im so confused. also iv have got no heat either. grrrrrr
  14. driftfinatic

    wont accelerate

    Seriously what is the point. I came her to get help not her your opinion. I know it is a little engine but that isnt the problem here. If you want to talk about hp and cc go do it on your own time. Silly little comments arent going to help me or any others that have similar symptoms. this is obviously a big issue with cars of this age as they are getting along. I brought this car off an elderly lady who wouldnt know an exhaust from a air filter. So I knew the service history wasnt going to be great. But to save the younger people or people that cant afford to spend a handfull of cash on there cars i started this topic because lets face it these things are over looked. I mean look at my car for instance told it was all these sensors but it probly is just the spark plugs. about 600 bux later. so i hope this topic can help people and i would greatly appreciate it if the silly comments where placed some where else. Thanks Conrad. By the way, i havent had time to install my sensor yet just moving house so i will post it when its done thanks
  15. driftfinatic

    wont accelerate

    Yea i had it scanned by the local auto electrician and at the local bmw specilist. (jeff grey bmw). auto electrician brang it back with a faulty engine temp sensor(ecu) i replaced this and then it didnt go away. so i bit the bullet and took it to jeff greys and they came back with a faulty knock sensor. quoted me a sh*t load and told me i would have to wait three weeks to get a new one from germany. thankfully i got one through hellBM (thanks alot). so sometime this weekend ill fit it and then well see how it all goes. its running quite alot better at the moment, its very tempremental, so if this dont fix it ill chuck in some new plugs and leads and go from there. ill keep everyone updated.