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  1. When I pulled mine they were spotless. How many kms are you at?
  2. Some users get (multiple) warnings and are up for days with no price. I report them and nothing happens. Others are removed without explanation even when borderline. Guess you're not in the cool club? I just list everything on TM now.
  3. Looks like scrap to me. 325i with a body kit?
  4. Blackie

    Quick rant thread.

    Turns out when I took my 130i off so the finance Co could check money owing they removed all my vehicles. Opt out would have saved me otherwise they've confirmed. Bit of a glitch in their process if you ask me.
  5. I just didn't find the 130i that impressive. It was an okay car but not memorable.
  6. Blackie

    328 CI

    I don't want to clutter your thread, but happy to drop some pics during my ownership and from the ad when I bought it, if you're interested?
  7. Blackie

    E46 M3

    Love this shot. Who does your hedges?
  8. It's literally a five minute job to modify it - doesn't even need to be done nicely as the plate hides any F ups
  9. I've not watched it, but like anything mechanical it's not that difficult. I've built around half a dozen engines over the years - mostly rotaries but I digress. What you really want to get right though is the clearancing. If everything is within the correct tolerance then you will have an engine that lasts.
  10. I'm in my mid 40s. Sold my 130i to get back into an E36
  11. I wonder if the older mirrors could be retrofitted? I'm not bothered about other features as I won't use them but those cricket bats are something of a show stopper. 🤔
  12. Has anyone else noticed that around 2010 the 130i and 135i changed to hideous oversized door mirrors?
  13. The guy off trademe that makes the merc and bmw v8 ones?
  14. Mild steel, thick wall. Check results then consider more exotic options. Have you considered cut n shut of 4cyl headers as a starting point?
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