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  1. Check through some of my posts, I've had a few!!
  2. I have some M54B30 manifolds in Kapiti if any use?
  3. A 'bidding war' between two bidders when it doesn't close for 21 days... I personally find that a tad suspicious.
  4. Been a couple since this post. Keep an eye on trademe...
  5. Boot was never used that I know of. Just kept the factory mats in there!
  6. I sold mine a few weeks back for $11K. Very similar to yours in terms of servicing, also mine was lemans, manual, etc but with 18" wheels and 128km. I'd say you're pretty much on the money as far as value goes but they're a bit of a niche car so you will need to be paitent.
  7. Having done a few E36 manual swaps I'd be recommending you find a decent factory manual or one already coverted with everything feeling solid and sorted. The costs can run quite high for the swap and parts are getting harder to find. The 'manual kits' I see on trademe typically run around 2k for an unknown milage four cylinder setup, but are just a starting point really (you'll still need to invest to get them up to standard). I usually budget around 4k for a manual swap (more if it's a known low milage ZF) which is probably money better spent towards a nicer car.
  8. Is it the passenger side trim that's cracked?
  9. Hi, Looking for a short shifter for an E36. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  10. That's a bit sh*t. It's a wanted ad but I thought i'd made it clear that I was happy to hear any suggestions etc for what to get and from where. I thought that was the point of the forum?
  11. La la, la la la la ....
  12. First rule of S85 is that we do not talk about fuel economy Second rule of S85 is... we do not talk about fuel economy!!!
  13. Thanks - I wasn't aware of that outfit. I should have also mentioned I don't want to look like Ken Block. Perhaps a bit over-engineered for what I'm after. Lots of designs similar to this have popped up on Aliexpress lately. Dubious quality, with a few reported breakages but for $30 you get what you pay for. I assume some purchasers have been pretty hard on them too (drifting, etc). A threaded gearknob would be a big plus!
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