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  1. I went round in circles for ages. There was some quirk with their website i eventually figured out, but I forget what it was. Never heard from them.
  2. It looks like a personal message?? gofaster > scottharvey
  3. UK import. Twice the price of the other one been listed for months. Yes it's a manual but still 4k at retail would change that. Hmmm
  4. I don't have Facebook and even with a link cannot see the vehicles without setting one up. I suspect they are limiting their market this way.
  5. Maybe only driven on nice days then? Just joking
  6. Blackie

    BMW 316i Compact

    Hi, It's 1999. According to car jam arrived in NZ late 2000. Rear section of exhaust needs completing. I have the section but the donor rear muffler is damaged. Rego on hold. Clutch sorted. Cheers
  7. Blackie

    BMW 316i Compact

    Now has good used clutch and flywheel from an M52. Front/centre exhaust section fitted. Running and driving. $3.5k new price
  8. How's it any different to here? 😆
  9. Not saying it's not a good car understand. I quite like it too
  10. I've seen a few go around 8.5. The front guards on this one are more pumped that the rear which looks a little odd imo.
  11. I quite like that too, but seems a little steep to me.
  12. I've driven half a dozen different ones of these while working for Ford. They were around 20k in the late 90's. Interesting cars but the asking prices well exceed the experience in my opinion. Cool story, the sales team wouldn't let people test drive them in the wet after a couple of incidents! 😆
  13. Two of them are dead links anyway and could just be removed.
  14. I'm a trade qualified panelbeater and painter but not sure how that's relevant to the thread considering no one has inspected the work or even viewed the car??
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