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  1. Blackie

    M43 ICV

    I have these but thought they were supposed to clunk when shaken? They were removed from running cars but have sat for years.
  2. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Looks like I may have the loom in my stock?
  3. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Yes, people have reported them being available now aftermarket.
  4. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Okay, I guess I'll just walk. 😂 The M56 seems to do a much better job of keeping everything hot by doing the separating in the cam cover and not sending the left overs to the oil. It also has the added benefit that it is aluminum so not as prone to warping and the CCV is super accessible for replacements. I'd really like to track one down to give it a try.
  5. Sounds like it's been well serviced. Deceased estate, so they're probably not too well versed in the M3 market.
  6. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Sweet, cheers for that.
  7. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Thanks, I'm not having any of those issues. I'm more concerned that it's a yogurt maker for my engine.
  8. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Yes, seen that one too thanks. That one is going to require gaskets and wiring loom which I'm sure people will be unprepared to split from other 'kits'. I spent 3 hours last night trying to find if any made their way to wreckers in Canada because my brother is based there, but all the wrecking sites seems to reference the same database which didn't appear to work properly.
  9. Blackie

    M56 cam cover

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, they're stupidly expensive and never ship to NZ. I tried 50skid on YouTube but he doesn't have them either. I really want one. Such an elegant solution to a number of issues. Will have a look at the aftermarket ones you have linked and a further think. 🤔
  10. I really dislike the ccv system. When watching various videos on catch cans I discovered the M56 cam cover which seems like a great alternative. Unfortunately they're expensive new and used ones need to come from Cali. Has anyone here imported one before or have any leads on one? Thanks
  11. I always thought the staggered big rear rubber was part of the character and appeal of the 130. A non-staggered setup (square makes me cringe) just looks like any other car on the road.
  12. Hi Geoff, I have a Touring. I'd consider a gearbox stand-alone or a 'conversion kit'. It just depends what's available. I have a separate lead on pedals, etc if say someone only has the gearbox. I already have a solid flywheel and clutch from a past life and in my experience when a dual mass comes out of a car that has seen any sort of action - it's toast. That was an attempt at humor, apologies. 😥
  13. This has just come up. Looks okay. 2010, white, manual, N54, red seats and interior details. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/135i/listing/3657439631
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