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  1. I know where to source one but it won't be cheap.
  2. Wouldn't be a BMW ad, if there wasn't a photo where it's parked on yellow lines! 🤣 Very nice car and if I were in the money, I'd save the $89K too.
  3. Lucky he couldn't drive it. Honest car salesman - iconic kiwi scene
  4. A couple more pics. I can include the push in coil loom if you need to convert.
  5. I don't 100% trust this to follow me to the UK in one piece so thought I would guage any interest here. Owes me $530. Beautiful piece, only test fitted. Push in coil type. Probably fits M52TU aswell.
  6. Might be the pic, but rear camber looks odd?
  7. Non Ms don't have the power to damage the subframe through normal driving in my experience (autos particularly - I can't even break traction in my auto 325i let alone break something). I repaired a few back when I was in panels but they were all M3 SMG. 200k is a low km M54, barely ran in, and you can't get a much more simpler engine to work on imho. Great cars (coming from an ex E36 only guy). Good luck with your hunt.
  8. Have you thought of buying an auto for 6 or 7k and manual converting it yourself? You'd come out with some change from 15k for sure.
  9. Are you taking the pee? 😂
  10. Bump. Going for scrap next week if no takers.
  11. Blackie

    Scum alert

    black BMW sedan, registration CTC411
  12. Blackie


    Tough times around the world. At least we have our health. Most Wellington CBD workers seem to have flexible working options since COVID, so like me are spending their lunch money elsewhere 2-3 days a week. Part of this has to come down to promotion. Being in the BMW scene for around 15 years, I've not come across MillAnd. If I had stumbled upon their website, I would probably not bother as it appears to lack the ability to see their stock and therefore compare prices. Then again, the owner might have just retired or there may be other reasons non-financial for the closure.
  13. My son bought a cheap B19 engine for the sump and we are parting out the rest. He also has a M43B18 sump (oopsie). All parts need to be collected due to weight. Engine mounts $20 Cam and associated parts $50 Head $50 Pistons and associated parts $50 Crankshaft and associated parts $50 Block $50 Headers $50
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