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  1. You can't see grit, but if you've driven on clear roads, then they've been done. The gritting trucks used to wake me up during winter at 4am in London as I lived on the South Circular lol
  2. I use one of the Bluetooth senders. Was $10 and you have a miriad of software choices through different phone apps.
  3. Cheap but too far for me unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ช
  4. Naa unfortantely. It sounds like the rear muffler has been gutted or replaced with something inapproriate (it drones like crazy)
  5. For a coupe. The nearer Wellington the better thanks. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  6. Someone got a good deal. Nice๐Ÿ‘
  7. I appreciate that, but you made up the 5% figure no?
  8. I would be asking more for that personally...
  9. Well, in this case the winning bidder turned out to be someone who had asked a question so perhaps things aren't always the way they seem?
  10. Thats getting up. Same year and km as my manual one asking 11k.
  11. I think you've made this rant before? It sounds familiar.. I'm pretty much the opposite. I prefer to ask questions and get a feel for the sellers attitude and honesty before physically viewing. Often i don't bother pursuing if the response is "phone me", etc. or sarcastic, dishonest, combative, etc. Sometimes i don't view until after I've bought depending on the circumstances (so questions can be quite important). I've bought and sold many on trademe and various forums over the years and find this approach works equally well for me. Different strokes for different folks.
  12. Got one on the way from China $16
  13. I'm at work, so this is rushed and a brain dump, but.... I think 'asks' certainly contribute. People look to trademe to see what their vehicle is commanding before listing. I've watched the E36 M3 'ask' pattern going up and up and that impacts what they sell for eventually. You can guarantee the next one doesn't come on at 20k (probably a realstic value for these cars imo) when others are on there for 40. In that respect 'asks' do contribute to setting prices. Also, the purple vert sold to Rose City... it must have changed hand around 35 (sure someone can look it up) but that doesn't appear to have 'reset / raised' it's value.
  14. Bump, anyone interested in a cheap project? Listing updated to refelect current state - a few more things crossed off the list since first listed. Will consider ono. If anyone is on the E36 Facebook pages and would be kind enough to copy it across that would be appreciated.
  15. If it's had waterpump, plugs, coils, battery, tyres (runflats are awful) and all of the gaskets addressed (rocker cover, sump and oil filter housing in particular) otherwise you're bound to be up for those costs.
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